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 [Closed] Maybe Hawaii

[Closed] Maybe Hawaii

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[Closed] Maybe Hawaii

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Mon Jul 25, 2016 7:20 am

The place was dead. Not that I expected anything else. But it stung, not seeing Ozra behind the bar ready to give me sound advice. I guess it didn't matter. I had already made my bed, and at two A.M. I'd be laying in it. I just needed a drink. I needed something to loosen me up, because meeting with Noelle was never easy. Not to mention, she wouldn't be alone. I would, and if I didn't play this right, I would be at the mercy of her, her maker, and that fanger bitch Ursula.

I glanced over at my usual spot as I moved behind the bar to switch on some music and pour a drink, Marzia emerging from the back room just as I was making my way to my seat. ''Have you seen Jim? If I don't get my paycheck by Friday I'm not gonna make my bills. That prick didn't even pay me last week. And where the hell is everyone? It's eerie in here without the usual rowdies.'' I didn't reply, just took a sip and lit up a smoke before finding the right words. I'll getcher paycheck. Just switch on the open sign. I muttered into my glass. ''It's nine, no one showed up, I figured we were clo-'' - Just do it.

An hour had passed and with each passing minute my stomach felt tighter and tighter. My head was feeling better, but the nervousness was beginning to set in. Was I doing the right thing? Was this the wrong choice? I was questioning myself, which said nothing for that minor [nearly insignificant, really] spike of confidence I had earlier at the cabin. I wanted to run. I wanted to bail. And I had convinced myself that after a few more drinks that was exactly what I was going to do. Maybe Hawaii, somewhere bright and warm. An island, where people go to seek isolation. Where I wouldn't be alone simply because of that fact.

I nodded my head, as if I had already decided that was what I was going to do. As if I had convinced myself, despite not feeling completely certain. I used to be so welcoming of change. I lived where I wanted when I wanted. I got by. I had friends everywhere, maybe not close, but people I could count on. It seemed like the second I couldn't rely on that anymore I retreated into my own little box. Pushing away any opportunity to replace those I'd lost. Maybe it was that fear of losing anyone else. Or maybe I'd played the fucking victim for so long, I was actually starting to believe it.

I turned, looking around the bar only to realize I wasn't alone anymore. It wasn't packed, but there were a decent amount of humans around. Talking, playing pool, drinking alone, drinking with their friends. I didn't even remember the sound of that bell above the door chiming whenever someone new would enter. Something that became more obvious as the night progressed as a part of me hoped someone other than humans would walk through the door. But after several comers and goers, it became apparent that hope was all I had. And that hope quickly disappeared when I finally accepted that I was the only one left. Practically fucking immortal and left in my own misery.

One more Marzia. I pushed my glass forward, trying to find a way I could get the most out of my last drink at One Shot. As shitty as a lot of my experiences had been in this bar, I'd had good ones too. But it seemed all of the good memories were now weighed down by the truth of the present. The fact that most of my good memories here involved people that were either dead, stolen away, or bailed on me in my time of need didn't really do much for morale. In fact, it only made me more enthusiastic towards the freshly filled glass that was placed in front of my face. As if I wanted to use this last drink to wash away every memory, good and bad, and leave it all behind with the rest of the hellish memories of this town.

I stared at my glass. Nothing more than a few more drinks left sitting at the bottom of it. The bar had remained consistent in it's activity. Even now, between eleven and midnight, and it was just as moderately active as it was an hour ago, even though several new faces had replaced the old ones. And here I was, so eager to leave this place behind, but still dragging out these last few sips so I didn't have to go.

I spun my glass around, elbow propped on the bar and head resting on my hand as my other hand slowly turned the glass around in circles on it's coaster. Another chime came from the entrance, but it didn't immediately catch my attention. I'd lost interest in that hope a couple drinks ago. But something was different this time... Something... I took in a deep breath, immediately recognizing the familiar scent of wolf. But not a familiar, not a pack mate... Someone else? I still hadn't looked. I frowned at my glass, taking in another deep breath and beginning to feel light-headed from my desperate attempt to identify the scent through smell alone.

Another chime came through, and this time another wolf followed. A pair. Not warlords... Not spiritual leaders... Not even alphas, but I was still at a disadvantage considering the hours I'd spent self loathing and the general mental disconnection I'd forced away from my wolf. I couldn't help but feel threatened, but for once I wasn't confrontational. Which boiled down to one simple fact, I just didn't have the energy anymore. There was nothing to fight for anymore. I had no pack to defend against other invading forces. I had no pack to claim this land for anymore. So was an opposing set of wolves really a threat?

I sighed, still unwilling to look anywhere but my glass. And just like that, I let it go. Any care I had for who they were or what they wanted was gone. And this feeling was rooted the second I took another sip, realizing I was more focused on the taste of that sip than I was on the two strange wolves that just entered the bar. I even felt like smiling, almost relieved at the way I'd dodged the stress bullet this time. Relieved at my general disinterest.

And then I felt a hand on my shoulder...

I slowly turned my head upwards, staring at the figure above me. She looked in pain. She looked, sad? Angry? Terrified? It was a combination of negative feelings, all of which were written all over her face. ''It's going to be okay.'' she whispered. But the weirdest part was my inclination to actually believe what she was saying. I believed every single word, and I couldn't remember the last time I'd put so much faith into something. The sincerity, or... I shoved her hand away and stumbled off my stool. You're a fuckin' empath. I spoke sharply, staring at her for a moment before pushing past her and heading straight for the door.

I was pissed when I stepped outside. Mostly because I wanted to storm the fuck off somewhere but I immediately realized I had nowhere to fucking go. So I just paced. Starting towards my truck before again, quickly realizing I had no where to go so I'd head in the opposite direction, then back again, and back the other way again. I tried to get a cigarette from my pack but I was so fucking angry I couldn't even do that right so I just chucked it across the parking lot and gripped the hair on both sides of my head. Fuck everyone. I whispered, the air forced, causing the words to come out sharp and piercing.

''Calm down.'' The voice of a man this time, and he reached for my shoulder but I swatted his hand away and put some distance between the two of us as the female exited the bar. I don't know what the fuck your gift is, but you better back the fuck off because I'm not interested in finding out. Take your female, and your fucking interest in me, and get the fuck out of my town. I stared him down, and I tried to hold my eyes on his without blinking, but I failed faster than I would have liked as my eyes began darting nervously between the two of them.

''Okay, okay.'' He put his hands up, palms facing me and took a step backwards. ''No tricks. Let's just talk. Human to human, wolf to wolf. Let's just talk.'' I just stared at him, a look of disgust on my face as I leaned forward, finally maintaining eye contact. Not interested. I turned and began walking away without a second thought. ''Jonah! Do something!'' I could hear the female pleading but my pace stayed consistent. ''We know what you're planning to do! With the ring. We know.'' It wasn't his voice, or his tone, it was what he said that had me stop in the middle of the street. I was completely frozen. And when I could move again, I was moving back to the male wolf with purpose, with intent.

How the fuck do you know about that? You've got about two seconds to explain yourself before I shift.

''Okay, okay, um... Okay'' He spoke quickly, snapping his fingers around his head with his eyes closed. ''I'm a telepath.'' His eyes opened wide, and the second I heard what his gift was, I started to turn again. ''No! Wait, wait, that's not how I know though... It uh... Camille, feel free to step in anytime.'' I turned again, this time seeing the woman rush to the side of the man. ''I heard it.'' You're an empath. I stated quickly, clearly unimpressed with their attempt to keep my interest. ''No, I excel at adaption. I can absorb the abilities of others. A friend of ours has the ability to tap into radio signals. I heard your conversation with the vampire, Noelle.'' The way she spoke was sincere, and that look of fear hadn't left her face since I first saw her. It felt genuine, but I'd been manipulated enough to know I wasn't really that fucking great at detecting when someone was playing me.

Good for you. You have successfully convinced me that you and your partner in crime here are excellent and eavesdropping. Have a nice night.

''That's not all. We know about the journal. We know about the supremacy. And we know if you give that ring to the vampires none of us, human, wolf, vampire, it doesn't matter, none of us are going to have a fighting chance. Please, just please... Let's talk. We are not here as enemies, we are here as friends.'' That same pleading tone came through, and I looked at the both of them. Looking for a sign, something to tell me to turn around and leave everything behind. Every muscle ached, my bodies first response was to go, but my head got in the way.


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Re: [Closed] Maybe Hawaii

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Tue Jul 26, 2016 7:36 am

The male was nervous. I watched calmly, my gaze lazy as his hands shook and fumbled over the piece of paper he was trying to unfold. Another hand came into view, her hand, and delicately rested atop his, the shaking immediately subsiding. She was nervous in a different way. Her eyes were pleading, but other than that I wouldn't have guessed she was even bothered by what was going on.

Not a word had been exchanged between the three of us since we'd found a secluded picnic table to sit at in the park. The only light illuminating the right side of our faces came from a distant trail lamp. The only sound was that of the paper in the males hands, crinkling as it unfolded. I took in every sound, including that of the male attempting to swallow back his discomfort in between shallow breaths.

I rubbed my eyes with a sigh, but when I opened them again there it sat at the center of the table. A blank sheet of paper. I frowned, staring at it for a moment longer as if something would magically appear on the sheet he had spent so fucking long trying to unfold. My eyes met theirs, and I was greeted with four reflective white eyes. Not blue... not brown, not green, not yellow. White. As much as I wanted to ask, I didn't, and instead I sparked that same white reflection in my own.

Like magic ink spread across the paper, like a paper towel being gently placed over precisely spilled water, an image came through. It started at the center, and as more and more of the ink was revealed I could feel my heart begin to race. I immediately turned off that light in my eyes and got up from my seat so I could put some distance between myself and them.

What is this? I spoke quickly, referring to them, and whatever shit they were trying to pull. I remembered the first time I'd seen that symbol, when Ophiuchus had drawn it in the soil after prophecy. I also remembered the other times I'd seen it, when I'd carved it into my own fucking skin and noticed it labeled on the clothing and doors of the fucking Supremacy's torture house, like it was a fucking brand, an addidas symbol fangers wore fucking proudly... When they branded it into my shoulder...

''Jonah, get rid of it.'' She commanded, but it didn't come out like a command... It was hushed and rushed. ''Please, sit down, we just wanted to make sure you- We just needed you to see.'' There they were again, those fucking pleading eyes... That doesn't answer my question. How do you know about that? Where'd you get it? Are you fucking with me? Are you with them? Did they take you too?

''Them? She asked as a confused frown flashed across her face. ''He means the supremacy.'' The male spoke up, but despite talking to the female his eyes were on mine. ''We're not with them, we've never even come across them before.'' She tried to reassure me, but could you fucking blame me for being cautious? Could you blame me for being skeptical?

They both began talking at the same time, and I tried to listen but they were both saying something different, and I could tell they had a lot to say, but I was having a hard time finding the inspiration to listen, let alone the ability to try to listen to both of them as they spoke over each other. They'd stop, both at the same time, and both would start speaking again at the very same time. I just glared at the table where the paper had been sitting. My mind empty.

''I understand you're nervous. I know you've probably been through a lot, and you've probably been alone in it all. I can't even imagine the toll that must take on ones-'' - I'm fine. I replied angrily in her direction, cutting her off before she could finish where she was going. ''You're angry. I get that. But as much as this might feel like it's about you and no one else, you're wrong. We didn't come here to aggravate you, we aren't here to tell you what we know and leave. We're here to help, and frankly, you could use it. It's not just your fate, it's ours too. It's everyone's, and you don't get to choose to keep that burden to yourself because if you fail, we all die.'' I hadn't expected her to be so blunt, she'd seemed quite the opposite actually, and I found myself oddly at a loss for words.

I nearly even sat back down. But I could feel it in my gut. That feeling that I'd had before, right when I thought things could get better and they'd turn around and get worse. I couldn't set myself up for that again. I couldn't fall deeper into the rabbit hole from hell, because I knew there was no such thing as rock bottom, you could always fall deeper. So, I took another step back instead. ''I don't want this. I- Nah.'' I shook my head, and the females eyes lit up. ''Sit down.'' she commanded, and I did. I knew what she had just done, I knew she'd used my own fucking ability against me. She compelled me, which did nothing to prove anything Odin or the Supremacy had said wrong. Clearly I didn't have any fucking control anymore, over anything.

''Listen.'' was her final command. And from there, the male took over. ''There isn't much I can do to prove to you that what I'm about to say is true. You don't seem like the type to trust a stranger, or anyone for that matter, and I don't mean that as an insult. I get it. But I'm not asking you to believe me right now, I'm just asking that you listen.''

''It's not fair, but what is going on with you was set in motion a long, long time ago. It doesn't make you powerless, and it doesn't make you weak, but there were several failed attempts before you. Several men and women chosen to essentially become a portal. The attempts failed, for one reason or another they were either stopped, or unsuccessful. And as I said, it doesn't make you weak, it just makes you unlucky.''

Unlucky? He had lost me at this point. Who was to say this wouldn't fail? How did he know it hadn't already begun to fail? How could he possibly know it wasn't going to be stopped?

''None of her other attempts ever got as far as they have with you. I'm not saying it can't be stopped, and I'm not saying it will succeed, but as of right now, you're losing. We're losing.''

I still don't understand who either of you are? How you know all of this... How you found me, why the hell you're both siblings and alpha's, and where the fuck you got that fucking paper from. It's hard to listen with an open mind when I don't know either of you from jack.

The female spoke up this time. ''Camille and Jonah. No last name, just Camille and Jonah. We make up the entirety of our pack, and I'm sorry to say I can't exactly tell you from what region we're from because we're from everywhere. We've never settled anywhere long enough to call home. - We know all of this because about seven years ago we had a run in with a coven that gave their lives to get us this message. If I'm completely honest, we didn't know how to find you for a very long time, but we've been looking...'' - ''Camille... Don't... The male whispered and my eyes shot between the two of them. Don't what? Silence filled the space between us. Don't what?! ''We knew your father.'' - ''Camille!'' - ''He has to know!'' She sighed before continuing. ''We'd been closing in on you a few years back. It wasn't exactly easy to find a wolf that wasn't a wolf yet. But we found ourselves in Seattle... With your dad. We wanted to find you but- I-'' She looked to the male, as if he could finish for her, which he did. ''There was an issue. We'd made plans to meet with him. And we were so close, so unbelievably close... There was a vampire, I, we don't know who he was or what he wanted and it was all very strange. We'd never actually witnessed a vampire use a weapon other than their fangs... And when we found out the story, about the mugging, the struggle, it just... Something wasn't right about it. And with your father gone, mother missing, we were back at square one.''

The female took over again. ''Then we had a personal incident of our own, one we couldn't ignore. We were so defeated after losing our lead, and I am so very sorry about your father by the way. But we ended up losing a year of time before we began aggressively looking for you again. We received an anonymous letter from a trusted source that turned out to be... Not so trustworthy. And we ended up across the country, really. When news finally hit us about the controversy with your pack, which was later than most, we came right here. The details were... Um... They were quite specific and matched up to the information we had about you. We just knew this had to be it. This had to be where you were.''

The male chimed in. ''We're siblings and alphas because the rules that your pack and so many others live by aren't... They're not requirements. Wolves, packs, and lifestyles are like religions. You can believe one way, or another, you can make up your own, or you can live in the gray area like we do, not acknowledging or dismissing either. As for the paper...'' He reached into his back pocket and placed a journal onto the table. Odin's journal[i]. I stared at it, practically in disbelief.

How'd you... [i]''Believe it or not, we bought it. Someone thought it was valuable and... They weren't wrong. It was just luck, a sign that you were meant to have it back.''
He pushed it forward and I slowly reached forward to grab it, feeling... Well I wasn't sure how I felt. It was a sign of good faith, I couldn't deny that, but I still felt, despite their answers to my questions, they hadn't convinced me.

Okay... I'm listening. Tell me what you know.

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