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 [Closed] One Wolf

[Closed] One Wolf

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[Closed] One Wolf

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Mon Jul 25, 2016 5:21 am

I stood at the entrance of the empty cabin. It was stripped, it was bare. Scattered papers were all that was left, blown across the floor from the open window. Not a sound could be heard beyond the sounds of the forest. Not a breath. Not a yip or a whimper of playing pups or the scolding growls and complaints of their mothers. Abandoned, barren, this was all that was left. An empty cabin, the fridge door wide open exposing the bare inside, and markings on the floor exposing where rugs and furniture once sat firmly in their place.

I turned, staring across the central point of our reserve, a place that was never empty, never quiet, always full of life and movement, now there was nothing. Not a tent, not a trailer, not a soul. They were gone. Every last one of them, gone. Not a single phone call, not a letter or note, not even a text message. Where they had gone I knew would be where they would stay. They would never return, that much was clear. Just like ripping off a bandaid, I too was abandoned by my last family. Both man and wolf now completely alone.

As bitter as I could have been at the truth of the situation, I wasn't. This wasn't an attack on me, it was an instinct to survive. Yes, I would have gone with them had I have known. I would have left this wretched town in a heartbeat. I would have left everything behind and just gone. But could I blame them? Could I blame them for abandoning their home and their pack master after what had happened? Could I continue to deny the signs existed? The truth was, it wasn't until now that I finally understood what they'd been telling me all along. I finally understood their side, but it was too late.

Putting me into a position of power was just one step towards an end game of betrayal. I had figured that out long ago. Odin wasn't choosing what was best for the pack, he was choosing what was best for him and his weak manipulated mind. And he had gotten everything he ever wanted. Death, bloodshed, innocents taken from their families. He had won, and I in turn had lost.

If I were to back track and look at the pack as he lead it, and the pack as I had lead it, I couldn't ignore the signs. As I said, I understood why they were gone, I understood why the protested against me. I finally understood it, and a part of me felt like it was never too late to admit my faults. Under his reign, despite him truly being the enemy, there was peace. There was comfort, there was safety, there was life flourishing within the pack. People were happy, wolves were free, dominating but not overbearing or rampant. There was love, connection, a bond and the spiritual connection was strong.

My reign started the second this man died. And I should have known I couldn't bring change, I should have known I shouldn't have brought change. Why fix whats not broken? I put children in the ranks, I put women that weren't strong enough in charge simply because I was in love. I stood by my origins and put turned wolves in charge instead of those born into the lifestyle, instead of those with stronger bloodlines thus stronger wills. Orion, Ollurian, two strong individuals that tried to tell me I was wrong got profanities and disapproval in return. I ran out two of our strongest and brightest because of something pety, something pathetic. I was stubborn, I opposed the opposing because of my pride. I killed one of my own. Wolves went missing, wolves were picked off like pawns and drained by fangers. Wolves were taken by the Supremacy... Peyton was taken by the supremacy. Our spiritual leader, potentials, and innocents caught in the crossfire were brutally murdered in a massacre. And at the center point of each of these incidences stood me. Everything lead back to me and the choices I made, and my unwilling participation in what the Supremacy had planned. Willing or not, it was all my fault, and the only thing I wanted right now was for them to come back. I wanted to tell them that. I wanted to apologize and let them know they were right.

But it was too late.

I was too late.

''Did you expect anything less?''

My head shot back around to the inside of the cabin, and standing in an open doorway, leaned up against the frame with arms crossed... There he stood. Casual, calm. It was him.


Did you?

''No, but this was my plan all along anyway. It took them a little bit longer than I originally intended, but you can't blame dogs for being loyal. It's in their blood, it's the very foundation of their DNA.''

They were never loyal to me. They stayed because of the lies you built.

''Oh I know, but I really, really must applaud you. You managed to destroy all of that before your timer expired. I definitely did expect them to leave a bit sooner, but I gotta admit, I definitely expected you to destroy everything a bit faster than you did too. I guess I underestimated you.''

''But really, everything couldn't have lined up more beautifully. I knew you would lose everyone, but you managed to lose everyone from both lives, perfectly in sync. Solitude can be a killer, y'know, right?''


He looked at me, curiously, and then a wide smile from ear to ear spread across his face. ''Why'd I do it?'' He laughed, looking down to the floor as he scratched the side of his chin. His eyes met mine as he pulled up his pants and shook his sleeves loose to push them up his arm. His hands went into the pocket of his jeans as he leaned his head against the frame.

''Why'd you put that hot little thing in the ranks? Love and loyalty Onyx. As much as you fight it, you and I aint so different.''

I'm nothing like you. I spat, muscles tensing and hands shaking with rage.

''Really? Why'd you kill that pup? The secret you've kept buried. Why'd you end his life? To maintain order? To keep your image in tact, maybe even boost it a little? Maybe a part of you knew this would only further your little war on fangers.'' He spread his hands out, palms facing me, ''Headline, wolf pup goes missing, causes outrage among wolves in the war against fangers.''

''I know what it's like to live with that kinda secret. I know the motivation behind it. And you gotta admit, the adrenaline... It's like cocaine, brother. The power you feel, taking the life of another wolf... My brother was a self-entitled ass if I'd ever met one. But facing him, watching his last breath...''

He quickly stepped forward and excitedly placed his forearm in my view, exposing the goosebumps on his arm. ''You can't fake that kinda reaction. I get chills just thinkin' 'bout it.''

I think about what I did every day. The chills I get, are of remorse. They're chills of regret. Not thrill you sick son of a bitch.

''As much as you want to fight me on this, you can't. You have nothing, Onyx. No one is here to back you up or save your ass from what's comin'. My advice to you, embrace it. You're gonna be famous, you're gonna be worshipped as a God. The male wolf equivalent of mother Mary. This was what you were born to do, so stop fighting destiny and revel in it.''

I'm not the one that wants to be worshipped! You do! This isn't my purpose, this isn't what I was born to do and I swear to fucking God I will pull the trigger before I let your demon bitch make a grand entrance you fucking psycho!

''We both know you can't die, Onyx.''

Was it real? I was constantly unsure of what was, and what wasn't. And it had been happening so frequently, so regularly that I was beginning to take it all so calmly. In fact, even if what had just happened wasn't real, I knew he was right. I had tried to end it all, for myself, for my pack, for my family, and it felt like a decade ago when I pulled the trigger, only to wake up the next morning completely alive. When death isn't the end, what is?

I gave the cabin one last look before stepping out and closing the door. I stared at the deck, remembering the beer and smiling faces that used to keep the outside feeling alive. It was now as empty as my home. One shot wasn't going to be any different. Every place I'd considered an escape, every place I'd considered a home or a comfort was now desolate. I only had myself to rely on now.

As somber as it all was. As much as I wanted to throw in the towel and turn to a bottle; As much as I wanted to embrace my isolation and live in it alone; As much as I wanted to fucking scream and kick and break everything in sight to match the brokenness of my life and the way I felt inside, something clicked. This was what he wanted all along.


Why was it so important that I end up alone.

Why was it so important that I be torn down and isolated?

Why was it so important for me to lose everything and everyone I ever cared for or felt at home with?

And more importantly, as weak as I felt against these higher forces, as fragile as I was to their power, was there anything I could do to win? I was a broken man, a lost man, a desperate man, and it was that last detail, my desperation, that made me wonder how I could use that to my advantage.

I pulled my phone from my pocket, dialed, and brought it up to my ear.

We need to talk.

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