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 [Closed] Just dropping by

[Closed] Just dropping by

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[Closed] Just dropping by

Benjamin Reese | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Fri Jul 22, 2016 8:21 am

Thread Details
Ben's Condo | Ionno | A month or two ago? around 9pm

I thought he was Gayle at first. I came home from work, the first day shift I had worked in years, to find him sitting on my couch. He didn’t have near the confidence Gayle had; he looked obviously as if he felt he was intruding - and he was. And I knew only who he was through pictures. Obviously when he’d left my life I was too young to even understand what or who he was. He looked on edge, restless, like he was waiting for a train that he knew he might have already missed. But even with the fear I could sense in him, I still felt alarm. I still felt unsafe. At this point I had no shame about it. If this was a trap, I would welcome Gayle or even Noelle with open arms if it meant me avoiding this situation for even longer.

Hey… dad. I said, pulling one shoe off after another and tossing them to the side.
”Son.” He nodded after he spoke as if we were coworkers running into each other in Walmart.
Can we talk after a shower? I asked, pointing to the blood stains on my scrub top, Not a victim, by the way. ATV accident, if you’re here to judge me.
Rather than speaking, he sort of grimaced. It was hard to tell what the thought was behind his expression. Was it a wince at the bad foot on which our relationship was just beginning? Or the thought of me feeding? Or something else?
”Hurry,” he finally said, ”We’re both in danger.”

I re-emerged from the hallway in sweats and a tee, my hair still damp. Who knows what he wanted from me, but I wanted him to know that I wasn’t so much as stepping outside my front door for him. I moved at a slow, casual pace and finally took a seat on the living chair across from where he sat.

”That’s some nice trick,” he said, ”They said they’ve never seen one of you able to walk out during daylight hours. I’d hoped maybe you’ve been cured or something.”

Cured. Part of me wanted to tell him that it wasn’t some kind of disease to be cured, but it felt a little too similar to some kid in all black telling his mom it wasn’t “just a phase”. So I dismissed that thought.

Not cured. Let’s just say I know people in high places. I was done a favor. Interesting, wasn’t it? I never even had time to miss the daylight. Brand new to the “club” and now I was only one of the first three allowed to roam the earth with the sun out.

”They know you’re weaker. I tried to tell them you weren’t one of them anymore, Ben. It worked for a bit, but you got careless.” His head fell, and he began massaging his temples with his thumb and middle finger. ”I thought I could do it. I thought I could end your misery.”

I’m not miserable, I said flatly. I wasn’t going to let him piss me off. I wasn’t going to let him see anything from me. For all I was concerned, there was some crazy stranger in my living room. My misery wasn’t anything to do with my condition - it was those fucking girls. No, I loved who I was now. I didn’t know where to go next, but I had accepted what had become of me and once I figured out the next step in my life I planned on running toward it.

”I’m here because I can’t save you anymore, Ben. I’m sick.”
My brows raised, and I even smiled a little. Just how the fuck did he think he was saving me? If I would have known he thought he was doing anything to “help” me I would have stopped him. I didn’t want or need anything from Sigurd Reese. And I wasn’t just some person with Daddy issues. I was just happier without the complication of him in my life.

What do you think you’re saving me from?>
”The army, you know, the one you think is such a joke. They’re stronger than you think. They did this to me.[/b][/b]

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