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 [Closed] Revelation

[Closed] Revelation

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[Closed] Revelation

Noelle Faye Benson | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Thu Jul 21, 2016 8:47 pm

This place is disgusting... I muttered through my hand as I tried to dance around the fast food wrappers and beer bottles carpeting the floor boards. It reeks... It really, really... I gagged before bringing my other hand up to add another defensive layer to my nose. I know this wasn't the Four Seasons to begin with but really? You've managed to make this hunting shack into something worse? I rolled my eyes before plopping another six pack on the counter. I even looked around for a place to sit, before deciding I didn't want to end up with hepatitis... Even though I technically couldn't.

The television was on, but the audio was muted. Which was probably a blessing, considering I hated the sound those snowy channels made. Nothing on? I asked quietly. The whole thing was just creepy. He hadn't made eye contact once. He was just zoned out on that damned tv. He didn't even reply to my question. So... Where do the blue birds sing? I asked, and when his eyes met mine, again, without a single response, I knew I wasn't talking to the person I wanted to. Go time. My fangs clicked into place and I had him pinned on the floor in under a second. My hands clutched his throat tight. At first he just stayed there. He let me do it, he even smiled which frankly took all of the fun out of it. But once I saw his eyes widen and his body began violently flailing around I let go.

I moved back as he rubbed his throat, gasping for air and pulling himself to his feet for I don't know... The twentieth time? I had lost count. ''How is he?'' Of course that was his first question. I told you, I'm not going to check anymore. ''Still hasn't left the house then...'' Nope. I ran my fingers through my hair as my eyes continued wandering around the room. So I might have found a solution. I can't say I've been looking as much as you'd probably like. I'm a rather busy girl, if you haven't noticed. ''Translation, you haven't found a way for it to benefit you yet so you're not quite sure how much effort you want to put into it.'' Maybe I just like strangling the other guy every Thursday. I smiled. ''That's really just... Not...'' Come on Logan, you've got to be more sick of him than I am by now? ''Yeah, I am. But he isn't the one that deals with the aches and pains. You know he's numb to it. I get the bruising, I get the crushing fear of death. I get the shit end of the stick every time.'' Hm? Admittedly I had stopped listening when I sensed complaints were coming.

So, as I said, busy busy busy. I really should be going. - ''This is the only interaction I get each week, and that's all you have to say? I mean shit I wouldn't call our meet ups pleasurable by any means but you could make a little more time for me. I'm fucking dying here.'' - Stop complaining. Really. And for the record, my busy schedule is all for you, you needy little parasite. Unfortunately, your cousin and his gang of dogs have all but eliminated the mage population around here. It isn't exactly easy to find someone willing to help. I told you from the beginning what I wanted out of this, and I told you out right that money wasn't going to get you far with witch bitches. They usually want something obscure. Something personal.

I tried to avoid eye contact the second I saw that smirk spread across his face. For heaven's sake, I don't mean sex. ''You didn't mean it last week either. Or the week before.'' He stepped closer, placing his hands on my hips and sliding them back to my ass. You do realize it's nothing special right? Frankly, I pity you. I didn't take you for the type that wanted a pity fuck. ''Then I guess you don't know me at all. Fucking is fucking, and considering I've done nothing but play snake on that piece of shit phone from 2001 you gave me, when Thursday rolls around, I wanna play snake with you.'' - Clean, and I don't just mean this shitty place, I mean yourself. And shave the beard, then maybe a quickie before I go. He started for the bathroom and yelled out just before closing the door ''No biting.''. Then what's the point?

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