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[Open-2] Roots

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Re: [Open-2] Roots

Noelle Faye Benson | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Mon Sep 19, 2016 12:22 pm

They probably thought me stupid. I knew there was more going on here than what had been made obvious, the only difference between them and myself was my curiosity didn't extend much further than that. Wanting to know something, and caring were two completely separate things. Mortal business was just that, a curiosity. I often felt it was similar to watching pet mice or fish. Every now and then one exceptionally entertaining pet would enter the world and delight you for a few moments with it's slightly above average intellect, or even perform a trick for your benefit. Once you finished enjoying the creature, it was time to leave the pet store and the fish and mice to their fate. They were afterall, nothing but feeder pets for snakes and larger fish. No point in getting attached to something that's purpose was to feed a more important species.

Sofia I found bitter. Incapable of providing any use at all. I actually found it incredibly strange, what attracted my progeny to her in the first place. Her bitterness made her no better than the average fish or mouse. She seemed trained, but only in monotony. There were no tricks up this dead horses sleeve. Not any that would keep my interest or anyone else's for that matter. A pretty face was meaningless without gifts, talents, or personality. My progeny would have been better off bedding the Venus de Milo. It provided just as much beauty if not more, and had just as many gifts, talents, and personality as Sofia.

Shane was a wonder, one that would definitely hold my interest longer than usual. But his eagerness to share my opinion of fun felt insincere. I had a feeling his idea of fun wouldn't match up with mine. But as long as he was willing I cared not for his definition of the word. Especially because I had a feeling he shared one particular detail, that fun can only be had in a place like this at the expense of another.

I started to laugh, not uncomfortably, but at how stupid this female truly was. While I may have found her dull and bitter, I cared not for her, but for my progeny, and clearly the warmth between her legs was lined with gold. Why else would she enthrall my my progeny so? The blood I had shared with her was meant to provide protection, even against my better instincts. As I said, Shane was a wonder, but I was not foolish. His words, the ones I was so uncomfortably eager to obey, they didn't slip past me. I did find it strange, my own eagerness to follow his commands, but I also knew what was going on, and his interest in this particular female felt strange. He wanted me to be kind to her, but he spoke nothing of the others in the club. He may have had powers of influence over me but that did not make me oblivious.

A wasted kiss, I suppose. I stared at her, wishing so desperately her brain wasn't so itty bitty. And as my eyes moved to Shane I smiled. Or maybe not, since I did provide her with incentive to stay. As much as Sofia might seem unimpressed with my presence, she has not left has she? I think I'm growing on her, don't you?

An interesting story indeed. It seems Sofia has a talent after all. One that may seem an insult, but I promise, there is nothing more impressive than a woman that can attract such handsome and powerful men. My finger ran up and down the side of his arm as my eyes moved back to Sofia. I too once mastered the damsel in distress role, exciting, isn't it Sofia? The manipulation of men, making them feel strong and powerful. Much like pulling the strings on a puppet. Unfortunately for me... Becoming what I am made those particular gifts fade away with my mortality. But you? It seems you've mastered it beyond what I was ever capable of. I suppose her twat was lined with gold. Her pretty face would buy her much, but I refused to admit her army of strong men was simply coincidence. And truth be told, discovering this made me actually like her. It was small insignificant amount, but I was well on my way to respecting the girl. She was far more bold than I gave her credit for.

Upon Shane's request for a refill, I trotted off without hesitation. Nearing the bar with my mind full of Sofia and only her. It seemed my body was on autopilot, all the while I began to realize her gifts had penetrated even my mind. Maybe her manipulation was not exclusive to men, because I couldn't seem to stop thinking about her either. I even desired her in other ways. I discarded it as blatant curiosity, but the truth was, I wanted to see the gates of heaven open as she spread her legs. What else could she be hiding under her skirts? I could only imagine it was a portal to a better place. I even laughed at the thought as I picked up the refilled drink and downed it's contents. The image of it, light spewing out between her legs and men getting sucked into glorious golden realms. It was... It was just plain amusing. Thank you love. I smiled at the bartender as he filled the glass once more and took my time bringing it back. I wanted to listen in on the conversation between Shane and Sofia. No doubt they would share more without my presence.

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Re: [Open-2] Roots

Shane Mathis | Warlock; Necromancer

Posted on Fri Sep 30, 2016 6:59 pm

Well, shit. That complicated things at least a little bit and it almost embarrassed me how long it had taken me to realize the extent. Sofia having the vamp’s blood - I didn’t need anymore love connections. But I realized something else; another experiment I would need to execute. The blood bond or whatever the fuck it was they called it. Was it attached to the soul or the body? Say if I removed Sofia’s soul, and gave it to some other poor unwitting being, would it be that being or my beloved who was unnecessarily and annoyingly infatuated with this vampire version of a Kardashian? This was clearly something that I needed to find an answer to before I could get Lauren back.

I was now too preoccupied to pay attention to the not-so-subtle cat fight. Leave it to me to get bored while surrounded by gorgeous ladies. Although, I should continue to have fun with the vamp while I could even if it was a pool I couldn’t swim in for too long. When Mom or Dad got home, they might not be too happy.

Oh, Noelle, you’d like Sof once you got to know her. I wouldn’t say she’s a damsel; more like the poor girl who just continually attracts weirdos, myself included. Actually from what I’ve seen she’s got a bit of a wild streak. I didn’t look at either of the two, instead I just let a piece of ice slide between my lips from my empty glass.

A truly happy, even giddy smile met Sofia as she expressed her confusion without words. And then came words, which… I may or may not have been prepared to answer. She didn’t have to know that it wasn’t necessarily protecting so much as preserving. And apparently I was failing. I would need outside help as much as I hated it.

I know I’ve mentioned Lauren before, I said, just before a brief sigh. And I’m sure it’s not a name you’re excited to hear. But I guess I was kind of hoping you could be my second chance. I failed to protect Lauren. Whether you know it or not, you’re in danger. I just… I don’t know what I would do if I saw it and didn’t stop it a second time. My head was tilted slightly to the side, my lips now in a thoughtful, slight frown. I could make her leave, if you like, but as you can see, she’s no harm to you with me around, I said, my eyes darting to the bar where Noelle was now leaving.

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