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 [Closed] Family History

[Closed] Family History

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[Closed] Family History

Shane Mathis | Warlock; Necromancer

Posted on Wed Jul 13, 2016 2:37 pm

Thread Details
Hotel in Seattle | Hot | late night/early am

I sat at the table next to the air conditioner in the corner of the small room crammed with a bed, a couch, a table, a mini fridge - the normal things you see in a hotel room. The windows did have a decent view of the city, but the rest of the room was cheap. I had decided I’d rather stay awake than lie on the mattress that felt like springs wedged between sheets of plywood. Even without the lamp on, I could still kind of see her lying in the bed asleep, her face standing out as her raven black hair was barely distinguishable from the dark navy blue pattern of the comforter she’d cocooned herself in. Was she fucking cold? How the fuck was she cold? I was sitting directly next to the air conditioner and I was still hot.
I leaned over the table and looked down the neck of the beer bottle there, almost fitting my eye in the hole as if it were made for it, and seeing a dim reflection of the whites of my eyes before I blinked. I was fucking bored. It was five am, and I didn’t expect Michelle to wake up on her own until at least noon… but then again that bed was terrible. If she could sleep on it, she could sleep on anything.

I hope you’re not staring at me, she mumbled, That’s creepy as fuck.
She already thought I was creepy, but that’s also exactly why she slept with me. I deliberately aimed my vacant stare at her, still looking past her moreso than at her. Seeing as she was only partially awake it was still enough to make my point.
You want more. Not a question.
What else was there to do?

I counted divots in the popcorn ceiling and she started to roll over for another round of sleep, but I stopped her. If I was going to be bored, I wasn’t going to be bored alone.
Do you understand who you are?
”Not this shit again, Shane.”
Again? Our gazes - glares - met quickly. Alright, I was guilty of giving her some shit when I first met her about how she was “special” and how she had something no one else had, blah blah blah. It was right in a sense, but it damned sure wasn’t the reason I was sleeping with her. I’d only said it to keep her intrigue. Besides, what she had yet to understand was that I wasn’t talking about her personality, I wasn’t talking about how fucking “cool and mystical” she was. I was talking about the pure accident and fucking bizarre circumstance of her so called birth.

Fine. I rolled onto my bare back as she propped herself on her side and admittedly my eyes flicked over to her tits. I still wasn’t tired of them, but I needed something else from her and I didn’t know how to get it yet.

I’m just going to lay it out there. I’ll tell you all of it.  I know who you are. I know more about who you are than you do, and I know about Claire and Eva.

She looked effortlessly frozen. I met her eyes and did not relent. I knew how I was making her feel now, the blend of fear and helplessness… wrapped with a ribbon of intrigue.
She made one heave of a breath and fell onto her back.
”What the fuck are you on about now?”
I could show her the vision as I had Logan, but I wanted to savour her reaction to my own words. I could always show her later, give her the proof she would eventually demand.
I’m really surprised you haven’t figured it out, Michelle. Eva’s your mom.

She snorted, laughed, and not even a nervous laugh. I’m not kidding, and I’d stopped looking at her. It really wasn’t crucial for her to believe me, I was telling the story out of boredom, right? So I made little effort to convince her.
Do you remember waking up at a hospital, and all those nurses looked at you like you were so pitiful, so sad? Do you remember the dumpy one finally breaking down and trying to help you remember that you had actually miscarried? I don’t get that, myself. If someone forgets a bad memory, let them forget, right? How does it help you to carry shit-
”Shut the fuck up, Shane.” Michelle began to roll out of the bed, and I enjoyed the view, as much as I could, even her ridiculous phoenix tattoo, before I grabbed her arm and stopped her. And I let her see it all. Eva’s mom, her vampire sister, the blood. It didn’t take her quite as long as it took others to recover from the vision, going from the wide, white eyes to the angry jolting glare to me.
”Too far, Shane. I’m out.”

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