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 [Closed] Daydreaming a Nightmare Part 2 - '''Body Disposal''

[Closed] Daydreaming a Nightmare Part 2 - '''Body Disposal''

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[Closed] Daydreaming a Nightmare Part 2 - '''Body Disposal''

Noelle Faye Benson | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Sun Jul 10, 2016 7:22 pm

Everything had a story. It was just, sometimes it wasn't your story to tell. Like the woman at table three. I didn't consider myself a loyal customer of this disgustingly cliche bar, but every time I had come here, I'd never seen her face. I might not have noticed had it not been for the gallon of ralph lauren she dumped down the center of her breasts. Regardless of her potent perfume, there was something about her. Don't get me wrong. She wasn't some special snowflake with that one unique quirk that made my kind shake with obsession. Even if she was, that wasn't my style. There was just something about her, something beyond the perfume and the full beer she sat alone with. It wasn't her blonde hair, even though that's how I preferred them. It wasn't her low cut dresses or completely-obviously-purchased-at-claires jewelry. It wasn't even her poorly crafted false louis vuitton bag, which might I add wasn't even a great brand to copy unless you were living in some kind of time warp that lead you to believe it was 2006.

No, this woman had something else. A story, and I knew it wasn't hers, but I knew she could tell it. This was one thing I was grateful I hadn't lost. The ability to be completely entertained and enthralled by a good story. I suppose I would lose interest as I aged, but for now I wanted to know that story. And once she had provided me the entertainment I desired, I would eat her. In every way you could possibly imagine that I was capable of eating her, I would.

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What's eatin' you? I asked casually, not even making eye contact so my general interest could be easily translated as mild. In fact, I could sense her big doe eyes dodging around the room as if I was talking to someone else, until I finally looked down and glanced at her face for a millisecond before promptly moving my eyes to her cleavage, down her arms, and to her condensation soaked fingertips lightly tapping her glass. "Pardon?" I smiled, my eyes now to the floor as I dramatically inhaled through my chest and elegantly pulled out the chair behind her. I didn't scoot in however, as she hadn't given me a reason to truly become engaged in her presence yet.

Well, you're alone. Pretty, but ordered something masculine, of which you haven't even taken a sip, that tells me you're meeting someone. If it's the latter, the way you persistently continue tapping your glass tells me you're nervous... I took in a deep inhale before slowly lowering my chin towards my chest, maintaining eye contact all the while. And as I finally leaned in to rest my chin on my hand I looked at her with solid, unbreakable eye contact. Pregnant maybe... And you chose here to tell the father because you were hoping a change in scenery would guarantee a calm reaction. Just the same, if that failed your carefully chosen exposed flesh will surely keep him distracted long enough to get this over with, and the beer is for him, to soften the blow. Have I hit the mark?

When she exhaled, out came a sound of relief as she nervously darted her eyes between her glass and I. "Nearly, yes, is it that obvious?" - Not to most. I assured her with a grin before looking around the room, making a point to turn my head in the direction I wanted to examine rather than just my eyes. So? Where is he? I asked curiously. "I'm not sure. I mean... I haven't been sure for a while. It was one night, I mean, I'm not even sure if the number he gave me was really his, I mean I don't even remember his name. I knew what I was doing, I knew nothing would come of it but now something has and...'' She placed her hand on her stomach and looked down, her expression one I couldn't relate to or even understand. So I just stared, genuinely curious at how that must feel.

Well, maybe I can help? I didn't grow up here or anything but I know the scene pretty well, and considering your description of what happened I'm pretty sure I can narrow down the search. I grinned, leaning back in my chair practically giddy at the idea of such a ridiculously insignificant guessing game. Oh the painfully low rent feeling to all of it made me feel like I was in a play! Noelle, and what can I call you? - "Lu, well, Luanne but everyone calls me Lu. But really, I appreciate the offer, but I left him a message telling him to meet me here before ten, and it's already eleven and I have a class to teach in the morning... I really shou-'' Pish posh, don't be silly, you do want your child to have a father in their life, don't you? She paused, a micro expression of confusion and even wariness washed over her before it quickly faded away and she nodded her head, still holding her stomach and keeping more eye contact with it than me.

So tell me everything. Where you met, how you met, what happened after, give me every little detail. - "I'm not sure I'm comfor-'' - Listen, the chances of us meeting again are slim. And considering I haven't seen you pull your phone out once since I got here, I'm going to assume you haven't actually told anyone yet. Wouldn't it be easier to try explaining it to me before delivering the news to your family? Friends? Another quiet nod came from her, but this time it was accompanied with a faint smile, and finally, she locked her eyes on mine, and the moment I had been waiting for finally arrived. Now, tell, me, everything. I grinned wide as I spoke my command and faintly shimmied my shoulders in excitement as I leaned in to rest my head on my hand. Ready to finally hear that story I was so eager to hear.[/i]

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''It was about a month ago when I was with him... I'd been struggling. A coworker of mine, and dear friend had gone missing a while back and it wasn't even the anniversary of her disappearance that hurt the most every year. It was the fact that I kept seeing people that looked just like her, but... not. And ironically I was seeing her face at places she would normally go. The music shop just downtown, or outside of her old apartment. I mean, I wasn't convinced it was her because Eva would never, ever dress the way this girl did. I mean they had completely different mannerisms entirely. But a part of me was so hopeful, so desperate... I just know something awful happened to her. When I gave my police report when I first felt something was off, right around when she first went missing, I just knew Eva would never up and leave her job or her life. She wasn't that type of girl, she wasn't irresponsible. But I feel like nothing was ever really done to find her. And when I started seeing her face around town I thought I was going mental... This went on for months. I was even put on leave. I teach history, and leaving my students just pushed me over the edge. All purpose was gone and I was heading down this horribly destructive path. I started drinking... I found myself in places like this, but less... Classy? That's probably not the right word. To put it bluntly I was going to dives. Anywhere to get a cheap drink. Anywhere someone... A stranger would let me pour my heart out without having to feel judged or obsessive...

And there he was. There wasn't really anything about him. It wasn't some magical fairy tale. But it'd been so long since I'd... Well... And he was tall, dark, and handsome, and charmed my socks off the second he ordered my first drink. I just wanted to be close to someone, I'd felt so alone for so long. Not just in my theories about Eva but from the second I was asked to leave work it was like my life fell apart. And it probably seems so trivial, because there are people out there that are starving and genuinely sick and scared, and here I was losing it because I lost my job, my friend was missing, I missed my family back in Oklahoma and it was just like... I felt like I'd made a mistake. As terrible as that sounds, I felt like I made a mistake moving here for such a minor job in a small town but I was so eager to get out and live my life and I learned so fast how hard it really was. Maybe harder than some considering the first real friend I'd made went missing shortly after I was finally starting to feel at home.

So when he asked me if I wanted to go back to his place I just... It was so out of character for me you know? I never did this kind of thing, I mean... I know it's something girls say but I really had never gone home with a man I'd just met, let alone a man I met at a bar but I wasn't thinking clearly... And I knew, the second I saw his car... An Impala I think? I just knew once the night was done it was done. The charm, the car, asking me to spend the night instead of asking for my number. I'm not naive. I knew it was a one night thing but I felt like I needed it... And when it was done, he gave me his number instead of asking for mine. I mean, men give out fake numbers don't they? And silly me, I had no idea I was going to find out I was pregnant so I didn't even think to check.

When I first found out... I was absolutely terrified. But really, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Even if I can never find him it still is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I haven't touched a single drink since I found out, I got my job back, I feel like my life is finally back on track and I'm ready to give my baby the life he or she deserves. But I just... I need to find him. Whether he wants anything to do with me and our child is on him. All I can do is inform him and hope he makes the right choice. But I'm so ashamed... I can't even remember his name or-"

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Re: [Closed] Daydreaming a Nightmare Part 2 - '''Body Disposal''

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Fri Jul 22, 2016 9:37 am

My life was like Game of Thrones on steroids. Just when you thought shit couldn't get worse, ten Starks die. I was quite literally the fucking embodiment of the red wedding. And the fucked up part was, this wasn't even a joke. I found nothing fucking amusing about it. In fact, I felt physically sick at how I'd even thought about that comparison in the first place. I was driven, I was currently looking for blood and it was that mission and that mission alone that had me thinking in what could be construed as coherent thought. I shouldn't have been thinking even remotely clearly. And well... Maybe I wasn't. No... I definitely wasn't...

I could smell death a mile away from my destination. The scent only pushed me harder, and I burst through that big red door like a fucking tank, ripping it off it's hinges. Hisses came from every corner and my eyes lit up like fucking white flames. Come at me! I growled as I reached for a wooden chair and busted off the legs into two stakes, one for each hand. ''Oh for heaven's sake...'' The voice belonged to the person I was looking for. And in a fit of rage I bit my own lip just enough to draw blood. Yeah take in a good whiff you fuckin' leeches. I snarled before the wind was immediately knocked out of me and I was transported to an empty lot far from Poison. ''You're psychotic. And for the record, if anyone gets to end you, it'll be me. Gayle would just love your head on a platter, alpha.''

My stakes were gone, but I didn't fucking care. I charged after her, landing face first in the dirt as she appeared behind me. You fucking crazy bitch you've really fucking done it this time! ''To which sin would you be referring? I've done so many bad things lately it's hard to keep count.'' I stumbled to my feet and violently rubbed the dirt from my lip, catching the self inflicted wound with the back of my hand and wincing at the pain. Logan. Fucking Logan. You and your hell cunt maker! She examined her nails, not even brave enough to fucking face me as she spoke. ''Her cunt can be described many ways Vinny, but hell isn't one of them. Or... maybe it is, depends on your kink.'' She finally made eye contact and I rushed towards her again, only to repeat the same mistake I made last time as she appeared behind me.

''As much fun as this could be, I'm not really in the mood. As for Logan, unfortunately, I have no clue what you're talking about. Surely if I wanted to play with a Byrne, you'd be my choice, and you'd know it.'' Is that what you call murder? 'Messing around'? You're fucking psycho! ''Actually, I'd call that a good time. Messing around is this, and frankly I'm bored. See you at the wake? Oh, and before I go, you owe me one wolfie. I just saved your life.'' And just like that she was gone.

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