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 [Closed] Daydreaming a Nightmare

[Closed] Daydreaming a Nightmare

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[Closed] Daydreaming a Nightmare

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Sun Jul 10, 2016 7:03 pm

I woke, despite never having slept, from hours of staring so deeply at nothing and entangled so tightly in the thickness of my thoughts I might as well have been sleeping. Daydreaming a nightmare. A squared glass bottle accompanied me, the neck of it loosely resting between my blood stained jeans and dirt stained forearms. And a cigarette that had been sitting between my index and middle finger for so long from tip to filter stood nothing but a long column of ash. A visual pillar of tribute to the hellish weeks that had lead to my aching body carelessly slumped against the oak in my backyard. These were the members of my family now. The last of it, and far more loyal and enduring than any being with a pulse.

The sun was rising. The brightness of it was a cruel insult. The way it could rise and shine and illuminate as my heart and mind was repeatedly pulled deeper and deeper into the dark. “Fuck you.” A sharp whisper rushed out of my dry mouth and past my cracked and tense lips, and my brow, a stark contrast to the solidity of the lower half of my face, quivered with rage. My vision grew blurry, and the harder it became to see, the more fury I felt boil in my gut. But I refused to see, I refused to wipe my eyes. Maybe I was stubborn, and maybe it was childish to feel that wiping my eyes would be an admission of something I dare not even think. Or maybe I was just fucking tired of seeing. TIred of seeing death, and pain, and the cruel, cruel sun.

“Why did you bury him?” She asked. Her voice so fucking unwelcome it didn’t even rouse a chill or flinch. “Your kind will undoubtedly find you guilty of a crime that you didn’t commit now that he’s buried.’’ the corners of my mouth curled downward, a look on my face as if I smelled shit was the only response I was physically capable of conjuring as I sensed her move closer to the freshly filled grave. ''Don't you wish to contact the authorities? Surely revenge is a more authentic reaction for you. Not this... Well... Whatever this is. They could help you find her. The killer.'' It was then, right then when every muscle in my face relaxed. The tension gone until my eyes widened with stark realization.

I stood as quickly as I could, stumbling over the root of the tree as a frown pushed down over those stark realizing eyes of mine. Her? "Hmm?" She stepped back, and I immediately stepped forward to fill the gap between us she was so eager to create. You said her. Female. Oddly fucking specific if you ask me. "Of course. I thought you knew who the villain was in this story, Wolf." Our exchange ended there with a staring contest before she blinked out of existence. Her witchcraft not even raising a hair on the back of my neck as my mind scanned through the possible connections. Two names stood out, two women in particular. The only two that have ever bothered to kill those I chose to keep in my company. The only two that would...

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