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[Private] Submerged

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Re: [Private] Submerged

Lenny Tronconi | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Sun Feb 07, 2016 9:58 am

All I could hear was his voice - those three words, blaring over and over in my mine. I stared down the narrow, dark hallway and it seemed to stretch on even further.

I flinched when something touched my shoulder but it didn't take long for my awareness to kick in and tell me it was Helios. I looked to him and nodded. His confidence seemed to seep into me. It's time to end this. I repeated, and I meant it. While my nervousness didn't go away, it was joined by a feeling of finalization. Helios was right. That was what we were there to do, to end it, regardless of anything else that happened. It was what we had to do. There was nothing else.

The darkness of the hallway still had me on edge, but I followed Helios forward, stepping after him like a shadow. Every movement that he made, I made also. My drip tightened on the handle of my mace as we continued further from the front door. I tried my best to ignore the creepy looking paintings hung on the wall, only glaring up at them, imagining Laurence putting them there on purpose.

When the door closed I jumped, whirling around and expecting Laurence to be there, between us and the door, blocking our exit. My heart was in my throat. The absoluteness of the darkness seemed suffocating and I felt my back hit the wall as I stepped back. Was this the trap? So soon, so easy, so obvious?

And then the lights also suddenly turned on. I stayed, frozen, looking back and forth for anything that had changed, moved, appeared, disappeared.. but nothing had. Nobody was there. The painting with their grotesquely ugly faces were still there but I didn't even think they had changed positions or anything like that. I breathed out a lungful of air I hadn't even been conscious of holding and looked over the hallway again, then back to Helios, careful to make sure I was close and keeping up with him.

My heart sunk when we came to the end of the dimly lit hallway only to be met with another dark room as our only option, and I wondered if Laurence knew how I felt about the dark, if it was entirely on purpose for my benefit or simply to create some asshole mysterious air the psycho was going for.

I stepped forward after Helios again, hoping he was still in front of me. I could feel, sense that he was there rather than see in the blackness, but I didn't know if it was just me kidding myself, hoping Helios was still in front of me. A flicker of light appeared to our side, but it wasn't much. I hadn't heard any more footsteps after our initial ones though, a fact which helped me to retain some amount of calm as it had to mean Helios hadn't moved. Except then, I did hear them. Only these footsteps weren't walking away from me, but towards me.

I tightened my grip on my mace again, bringing it up, ready to swing, hoping I wouldn't accidentally hurt Helios in the darkness if he had moved. The voiced command caught me off guard and I spun slightly, turning in the direction of the voice. It was different from the footsteps. I took those facts in, my brain on high alert, trying to process every tiny little thing in a vain struggle to gain some clarity. I eventually lowered my mace slightly and turned back to the mysterious pair of feet, staring at the tray offered. I couldn't see the person's face in the dark but they weren't tall enough to be Laurence, going by their legs. I sent them an incredulous look. Take a fucking drink? What kind of idiot did they think I was?

Helios taking the drink made me stop, and I stared at him, not sure what to make of it. In the small amount of light, he vaguely looked like he was.. smelling it? Don't drink it! I hissed, just in case, still not understanding why Helios had even touched it in the first place. I looked back to the remaining item on the tray, the light bouncing slightly off the glass bottle. The person didn't take it away and I stared at the bottle. My favorite beer. And that was one of the things I didn't understand - the fact it was my favorite brand beer was obviously intended, but the drink Helios had wasn't his favorite. He liked rum and coke. What he'd picked up looked like a wine glass, and his whisper of sangria had been obvious in the otherwise silent room. Why my favorite drink and not his? Was it the contrast between them? It felt like Laurence making a point at how civilized Helios was and I apparently wasn't. Well, I'd show him fucking civilized.

I grabbed the bottle off the tray, taking it with the sole intention of throwing it at Laurence the second it was possible. As soon as I took it the tray seemed to disappear from before us and right afterward the door the small amount of light had come from underneath, opened.

I walked towards it, pushing past Helios with my mace in one hand the bottle in my other, ready to swing at whatever was past the door. I could see a table beyond it but didn't think any further than the possibility of Laurence being there. I skidded inside, my head snapping back and forwards as I took the room in.

There was no-one there.

I stood, chest heaving, my head still moving back and forth as my eyes roamed every inch of the room, but it was definitely empty of any people. It was a dining room, that much was obvious. It was rectangular shaped, with a large, fancy looking wooden table in the middle and four chairs either side, with one, long-backed dining chair at the end furthest away from them. There were nine places made up at the table with tableware as fancy as the table and tablecloth they were resting on, the cutlery gleaming under the light of a small chandelier. It was expensively and tastefully decorated, in an old-fashioned style that definitely reminded me of Laurence. The door we'd entered through was one of four, another on the same wall and two more mirroring them on the opposite wall as well.

I stared at the empty room. Before I'd felt tense, nervous, scared even, but seeing the emptiness just left me feeling deflated. Somehow, it was worse in a way that Laurence wasn't there. It only proved my gut feeling. It's always a fucking game with him. I said with bitterness, referencing Helios' earlier comment. I glanced to Helios and saw he was still holding the glass of liquid.

Don't fucking drink it or.. anything. Shit, who knows what he might have put in it? I grabbed the glass off Helios, spilling some on the wooden floor as I did so but not caring, and angrily set it on the table. I slammed my beer bottle next to it and then set down my mace, making the cutlery rattle and a folded piece of paper in front of the nearest table placement jump in the air.

I frowned at the odd piece of paper, picking it up and quickly reading it. Leonardo Tronconi. I looked up to Helios, widening my eyes at the strangeness, and picked up the paper from the next seat. It read exactly what I expected it to - Helios Talon. What the fuck is this? An actual.. dinner party? I frowned in distaste, throwing the pieces of paper back onto the table and reaching for the one opposite 'my' seat, having no clue what it or any of the others besides mine and Helios' could be. My heart stopped when I read it and I glanced to Helios, a mixture of confusion and dread mingling together in my gut.

Lilith? I read out, looking to Helios with wide eyes and still holding the card labelled Lilith Alysbury between my fingers, not just discarding it like I had the others. What could it mean? Was she invited? She was alive? I kept staring at Helios, unable to work it out or do anything else.

What finally pulled me from my shock was the sound of a door slamming behind us - the very one we'd just entered the room through. Shit! I ran over to it immediately and began pulling at the handle, but I was too late. It wouldn't budge.

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Re: [Private] Submerged

Helios Tallon | Army of God; Chief

Posted on Sun Feb 21, 2016 6:52 am

There was nothing enjoyable about this. And while I could not stress that enough, there was something else to this experience, a light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. While dim, and overshadowed by miles of dread, it was a light, and any light deserved acknowledgement, especially during such dark times. That light was Lenny, or more specifically, his first mission as a member of the organization. He might not see it for months, even years after this experience, but he would come to think of this moment fondly eventually, no matter the outcome. Not because of what we were hunting, not because of what lead us here. But because of where it would lead him. This was the beginning, and I could speak quite confidently for the justice he would spread in his coming years. While I was confident tonight was the night we would end this, I also was not stupid. I knew there was a chance of failure, and even if we did fail, he would still look back at this moment and feel proud, because it was a stepping stone to something greater. The lives he would save, that was what would make this moment special. That was what would help him through his hardest moments.

The journey to the end of the hallway was nothing to be proud of, however. While it felt like we had been here for far longer than we should have, I knew it was only the beginning, and we had a long night ahead of us.

My eyes snapped to Lenny, my body shook and a chill ran down my spine when he made it very clear his feelings on the provided beverages were the same as mine. I did not say anything in response, my eyes just moved back to the glass and I stared at the liquid one last time, sighing before regaining mental control over the situation before us. My hand dropped, and I carried the class at my side as I followed closely behind Lenny into the dining room. It was not entirely as I expected, the only thing missing was our host, which admittedly I had expected to be sitting at the end of the table waiting for us.

I took in the room, making mental notes of the doors and the quickest route to each one from where I was standing. I did not move from my initial position within the room. I hadn't even flinched before Lenny ripped the glass from my hand, and while I understood why he did it, the vision of the liquid splashing to the floor made my heart sink into my stomach. A brief flash of a memory was all I got, and that was all it took for my insides to twist into knots. The same thing had happened in a different setting, a happier one. My breath caught in my throat as I closed my eyes, and when I reopened them, I had managed to step back from the edge again. Something about being here was throwing me off, but I could not pinpoint why or how.

It is... I quietly replied before finally moving my wide eyes up to meet Lenny's. It was a dinner party. It was a dinner party, the whole family was there. I'd been running, with another child? My elbow knocked a glass of sangria to the floor and soaked my mothers feet in red. It is a dinner party, I mean. It is. I corrected myself, and cleared my throat before quickly moving forward to read the small piece of paper in front of me, which had my name written on it. My eyes briefly glanced to the one beside mine, long enough to recognize that it was blank before I heard Lenny speak again, a name that I had not expected him to say. It would appear we are not the only guests of honor tonight. I spoke calmly, but my expression was wide eyed and confused.

The door slamming shut was just another jump in a series of jump scares that were growing more and more expected each time. His scare tactics were losing their impact. In fact, the only thing that truly made my hairs stand on end was Lenny's reaction to the door slamming shut. His fear was my main focus. I moved towards him and placed my hand gently on his shoulder and tugged, trying to pull him away from the door. It is no use Lenny. It is not worth the adrenaline, save that energy for him. - ''Sit, down.'' His voice again, it cut me off and this time sounded far more commanding than it had previously. I spun around, my eyes scanning the room, and finally the upper corners, which is when I finally realized where his voice was coming from. There were speakers in each one. The next big question was... Where were the cameras hidden?

My hand slipped off of Lenny's shoulders as my eyes scanned the room, searching for the hidden cameras as I slowly moved to my seat, pulled out my chair, and sat down. I scooted in as far as I possibly could and kept my eyes on Lenny as I reached into my jacket and pulled my spare dagger from inside and discreetly stuck it to the underside of the table. A backup I had a feeling I would need.

I was increasingly feeling like a lab rat in a cage. Being confined, watched, and observed. Can you hear us? I spoke loudly, my eyes no longer on Lenny. I waited and waited for a response, but there was nothing, not even static. This meant nothing. It was quite possible he could hear us, and it was that possibility that prevented me from saying another word to Lenny.

Seconds felt like minutes, and minutes like hours. It felt like we had been trapped in this room forever, but really I knew not much time had passed at all. And it was this waiting, this feeling of the unknown, expecting something to happen, but not knowing quite what that could drive a man mad. And it would have, if the door behind the tall chair at the end of the table had not opened. My eyes darted to Lenny, and then back to the door where they stayed.

And from the darkness, he appeared.

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Re: [Private] Submerged

Lenny Tronconi | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Sun Feb 21, 2016 9:36 am

The night was not going as I'd expected; while I wasn't sure how exactly I'd expected it to go, it was not as it had done. I'd imagined arriving, finding him and starting a fight as soon as possible, not dark corridors, endless riddles and no vampire in sight. The waiting, the unknown, was excruciating. It didn't help that when I met Helios' eyes in the strange dining room, his were no longer unaffected and strong.

Was? I repeated, mostly to myself as I tried to figure out the strange turn Helios seemed to be having. I gulped thickly, hoping whatever it was had passed. Had something been on the glass? In the air?

They were all possibilities that made me tug harder at the closed door. It wouldn't budge even an inch, but I kept trying anyway. I kn- The suddenness of his voice in the room made me jump away from the door, spinning round to look again, yet it was still empty aside from Helios and I. I looked to him and nodded, feeling beyond comforted that he was with me.   I know, I am. I replied softly, then looked harder around the seemingly plain and normal room when Helios looked away, trying to figure out where the sound had come from. Before long I gave up and tried to watch where Helios was looking instead, following him over to the chairs before I realised what he was doing.

I'm not fucking sitting down. I bit out, glaring at the chair reserved for me and walking away from it. I walked up and down the table, waiting, watching, wondering why Helios had chosen to sit. Sitting or drinking was the last thing I would do, even if I'd wanted to. I was never going to do what he wanted. Instead I picked up the piece of paper labelled Lilith Alysbury again, turning it over in my hands and trying to think what it could mean. Was it all just a part of his twisted game?

"Good evening. How nice of you both to attend."

The voice came from my side and at first, I didn't move. Only my eyes widened, still focused on the piece of paper in my hands. My chest also expanded quickly accompanied by the speeding beat of my heart.

"Take a seat." He said, his English accent relaxed, the familiar edge of a smirk to his voice. "Sit down". He repeated when I still stubbornly refused to do so, and the polite formality had vanished from his words.

I finally turned my head, eyes shifting to look at him. He cut an imposing figure, standing beside the tall chair at the other end of the room in an elegant dinner suit that was evidently well tailored, a stark contrast of black to his pale face. Even just his presence caused my hands to shake. "Sit." He repeated, his dark eyes glittering and narrowing.

What if I don't want to fucking sit down? I bit back, curling my shaking hands into fists. I reached out and grabbed the beer bottle from the table, brandishing it like a weapon, ready to throw it. Or have a fucking drink? What the fuck do you even think this is? A game? A fucking sick joke? Why the fuck would I want to sit down?! I practically screamed, my fear of the creature before us so easily escalating into uncontrolled anger.

"Is that not what you do at a dinner party?" He said simply, a controlled smirk on his face. He looked to Helios thoughtfully, then back to me with evident distaste. "While there is nothing to be done about your choice of attire now you're here.. there's no need to make a scene. You should sit before the other guests arrive."

What guests?! What have you done to Lilith-

"Be quiet." This time, it was a clear order that cut through the room.

Be quiet. The chillingly spoken words resounded through my head as I did just so, shocked into silence from memories of the last time he'd wanted me silent, the innocent phrase only a barely veiled threat to my ears. I hurriedly looked away from him, certain to try and avoid eye contact. I didn't want him forcing me into silence via glamouring as he had done before. I set down the beer, pulled out the chair and sat, still shaking, for the time being begrudgingly willing to comply with some of his demands if it meant escaping some of his punishments. My gaze drifted to my silver mace on the table next to me.

"Good boy. It seems you've learned something. Though, we do both know what happens if you fail to comply and I am, after all, only looking out for you best interests. Your friend Lilith didn't seem to be aware of the full facts concerning our acquaintanceship..." He pulled out his own taller, more prestigious chair, and sat down after unbuttoning his dinner jacket. "Neither, as I imagine, is Father Talon here..." My stomach turned - I didn't know what he was saying, but it was guaranteed to be a part of his sick game and most likely a threat. I stayed quiet, my previous refusal to do so replaced with a stubborn silence instead. I couldn't even look at him or what he was doing, not only to avoid being brainwashed but because I didn't want him to see the very real fear growing behind my eyes. Instead I just stared at the empty plate before me. But even while my eyes were averted I could sense his gaze on Helios next to me.

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Re: [Private] Submerged

Helios Tallon | Army of God; Chief

Posted on Sat Mar 05, 2016 4:54 pm

I sat frozen. My heart was in my throat, my skin was crawling, my very being ached as I my mind kept my body still, but my body fought to lunge forward and end this once and for all. Looking at him made me physically sick, looking at him made me boil with a rage I never even knew I was capable of feeling. And finally, fear started settling in. Not for my own life, but for anothers. I had pushed this feeling down since I arrived to this location, I had buried it beneath ''duty'' and reckless determination, I had buried it so deep that when it finally hit me it seemed to cut through all of those layers like a knife on it's way up to realization. I felt such dread when he let his gaze fall on Lenny, so deeply the air in my lungs shot out in a faint grunt as my hands gripped tightly around the underside of my chair. I was physically straining to prevent myself from acting out of emotion, desperately trying to keep my grip on my sensibility.

Lenny was rash. An endearing trait that one could easily decorate with far better terminology. Some might say he was just honest. Others might say he wore his emotions on his sleeve. But no matter how nicely put, no matter how many cherries you put on top, it all meant one thing, he was rash, and in this particular case, it made me feel unease and nervousness for his safety. The things that came out of Lenny's mouth did make me slightly uncomfortable at times, but before now, I had never wished for him to be quiet. Before now, I had never wished for him to be anything but himself.

Lenny! I bit out in a sharp whisper. My eyes widened on him, not in a commanding way, but in a desperate and pleading way. I had never spoken to him so harshly, and even though the intent was not in what I said, but how I said it, it still even took me by surprise. Even still, I would have not taken it back, in fact, I wished I would have been more commanding, because regardless of my relationship with Lenny, my true and only friend, right now I was not his friend. I was his leader. And it was my job not to save him from a life threatening situation, but to prevent him from entering one to begin with.

Lenny's words overpowered the silence. With every question came a tone that dominated the room. This was evident in the way I reacted to him. This was evident in the way I had completely lost sight of that uncontrollable desire to plant my blades into his eye sockets, and turned my full attention to Lenny, and the space that separated him from our host. There was a way these situations needed to be handled, and no doubt Lenny was acting exactly the way he expected Lenny to act. Maybe this was a good thing, maybe this left room for me to do the unexpected.

A sense of relief washed over me when Lenny finally did quiet down. When he sat down, that is when I felt my hands finally loosen their grip on my chair and air began naturally flowing in and out of my lungs again. I could feel myself regaining control, I could feel myself gaining confidence in the situation. As tormenting as it must have been for Lenny, and as tormenting as it truly was for me to be in his presence in such a mockery of a dinner party, this was how it needed to be, for now.

I have no interest in engaging you in a discussion over your sick endeavors. Nor would my loyalty be bought with whatever lies you intend to share. But what more could I expect from an abomination with an extended life span than conversations of the past? I am not here to talk about what you desire, I am here to kill you, but not until you answer some questions of my own. ''Questions of the past, no doubt?'' He replied with a smug grin, showing just how effectively my words slipped past his ears. ''And what kind of example are you setting for Lenny, Father Tallon? A priest that preaches of killing? No doubt, it could be a religion to spark my interest, but unfortunately for you, I don't worship beneath people, people worship beneath me. And we both know you don't have the skills to live up to your promises, don't we?'' - ''But enough with that, you were not invited as a guest, neither of you were.'' His gaze turned to Lenny now, and a pause in his voice accompanied by a faint smile and relaxed eyes made my stomach twist and flip around in discomfort. ''You two are merely an audience to a grand show I'm sure both of you will applaud.''

His voice trailed off, eyes still on Lenny as a door opened and an expressionless woman entered, carrying the same drinks we had been offered before. The beer was placed in front of Lenny, and the glass of Sangria was placed in front of me. When the woman left, his eyes finally moved from Lenny, and back to me. He leaned over the table, eyes wide and manic and grin even wider. He leaned further, so far I could sense the weight of his body pressing against the table and I could hear the silverware rattle beside their plates from the force. ''Drink, priest.'' He commanded, and I reached for the glass and brought it to my lips. My eyes on his as my other hand slipped under the table. I knew I was being compelled, and I also knew this would be the last time he would ever try that trick on me again.

He was so wrapped up in his control, so enthralled by this moment it was easy for me. I gripped the blade I had stuck beneath the table before and yanked it from it's holster. With one swift move I swung it down, cutting through the back of his hand and pinning it to the table. I could hear his flesh singing from the silver and watched as he hissed out, clearly in pain, but his smile immediately returned and wide eyes darted between Lenny and myself and he yanked his hand free of the blade, slicing all the way through and up between his middle finger and ring finger, creating gash that  once removed from the silver, immediately healed.

I wanted him to suffer. I wanted to kill him slowly. I wanted nothing more than for his pain to be as endless and unforgiving as my own. What I said was true, I was here to kill him, but admittedly a part of me was reveling in the fact that I had brought him pain, even if it was only for a moment. I cared not for the consequences in that moment, and I was so absorbed in what had just happened, I did not even think of why he had compelled me to drink. I did not even care for what type of poison or drug that had been slipped into my drink because all that mattered was his pain, and my intent to make it everlasting.

He did not threaten me. He did not speak to me at all. In fact, he immediately returned to his seat and settled in, returning his gaze to Lenny as if I was not even here. ''Vengeance is patient. The priest won't be with us for long. Shall we eat first, Lenny? Or are you eager to greet our other guests as eager as I am to present them to you?''

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Re: [Private] Submerged

Lenny Tronconi | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Sun Mar 06, 2016 10:57 am

I hung my head further in response to Helios' warning, biting at my lip and wishing that my ears didn't feel as if they were tinged flaming red. Already though, it felt like I'd done wrong. Helios hadn't shouted, or argued, or refused. He'd done what must have been the right thing while I'd made yet another mistake, one I hoped I wouldn't have to pay for. I resolved not to say anything else, but to do as Helios did. He was the one who knew what to do. All I had to do was copy him.

As they spoke, my eyes kept drifting to my mace on the table. I listened, but the mace was a distraction. Had the vampire noticed it? Maybe I could use it, surprise him... It was also a useful focusing point to help deter me from that mistake of making eye contact with him.

I only glanced in the vampire's direction when he addressed me, my gut once again twisting. A grand show? A grand show of what? I didn't dare ask in case I made things worse again.

When another door opened I flinched but looked round, desperate to see if it was Lilith. I gave an unimpressed frown to the person it was, or more - the drinks they were carrying. Did the vampire really think we were that stupid? I immediately pushed the bottle of beer away from me, albeit more subtly than I'd reacted last time. Was this all he had to throw at us? I didn't care for his show, him shaking the silverware on the table about and trying to intimidate us. That's all it was - a show. My confidence that we could defeat the vampire bloomed once again as I began to wonder if this was all he had to threaten us with.

Two words were all it took for it to crash down. My head whipped towards Helios, my mouth opening in horror as I took in him drinking from the glass. No! I choked out, staring at Helios in shock. My eyes widened, my breath catching in my throat when Helios' swung his knife down, the white tablecloth stained with flecks of blood from the blow. Only seconds later though, the knife and stains were all the evidence left of the attack. If not for them, it would have been easy to think it had never happened, a trick of the mind. Instead it was a trick of the vampire, the frustrations of his healing something I very familiar with.

He returned to his seat as if nothing had happened. I placed my hand on Helios' arm, my initial shock ebbing to a growing concern. Are you okay? Shit... I broke off, looking to the vampire with as much determination as I could muster, even though my insides felt as if they were shriveling up. What have you given him? What do you mean, he won't be here long? ..fuck your food, fuck your drink, I.. I... I looked between the two, my fear suddenly becoming overwhelming. If Helios was drugged, or worse, I would be left alone with the vampire and have to fend for myself. I reached out and wrapped my hand round the arm of my mace. If the vampire noticed, he didn't mention it. No longer was only killing the vampire important, I had to make sure Helios was okay too, a daunting task. How was I meant to do it? Look, if you let us go and.. so I can get Helios to a hospital, we won't hurt you- I attempted, my eyes still darting to the priest beside me.

Laughter. That was what drew my gaze back to the vampire. Cruel, uninhibited laughter. "Continue begging. We both know where that's led before." His laughter stopped, but his smirk stayed, making my gut twist from the memory. The shame of once again being reduced to begging filled me as the vampire continued. "I wouldn't want you to miss the show, Leonardo. Though, it's amusing. You do so seem to enjoy attaching yourself to these people you believe will help you." He slotted his fingers against one another before his chin, framing his malicious grin. Even if this pathetic priest was able to 'kill' me as he so obviously dreams about, do you really think he'd do it out of any concern for you? That you'd be anything more than a tool for him to gain access to me? That he wouldn't sacrifice you in an instant to fulfill his desire?

You can say what you fucking want but you're not brainwashing me. I know the truth. You can just... fuck off. I bit out, sneering, hoping that this time, my speech might distract the vampire as I gradually pulled the mace towards myself.

"The truth... hilarious. I suppose you think this priest is 'nice' as well, don't you? Well, if this priest cares as much you claim, Leonardo, when he found out I'd paid you a visit those months ago... why didn't he step in before I returned? As far as I recall, he didn't even try to help. He just left you."

My mouth opened, ready for a retort, but none came. It had never occurred to me before, not until that moment in which the vampire was sickeningly correct. Helios had known that my mind had been altered, so why hadn't he tried to protect me from the vampire returning? I... I couldn't think of an answer, the vampire's smirk just growing smugger and smugger at the end of the dinner table. He did. I tried to lie, vainly tried to ignore the pain of what the vampire had said in an attempt to stop him gaining the upper hand. He.. was busy, he... I...I don't know. My mouth still open,I turned to Helios, the emotions in my gaze asking the very obvious question - why?

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