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[Private] Submerged

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Re: [Private] Submerged

Helios Tallon | Army of God; Chief

Posted on Sun Mar 06, 2016 3:35 pm

The sweet flavor from the drink I had been forced to consume clung to my tongue. There was no bitter aftertaste of poison or drug. There was no indication of any toxic manipulation at all, in fact, it tasted rather normal. I stared down at the glass in my hands, the deep red hue of the liquid matching that of the blood on the table in front of me. And beside that, my blade, stuck into the wood of the table and glistening in the reflection of it's handle was Lenny's worried face. And behind that worry, fear.

Could this have gone better? Yes, I was certain it could have. Had I been in worse situations? Of course I had. But I had no way of communicating that to Lenny. Physically, I had no way of communicating at all. For a brief moment, a numbness took over my face. And that was when the true potency of the drink began coming to fruition. Something had been put into the drink, but what? I began scanning through my mind, going over my training. My narcotics training was not the best. Learning how to battle the effects of various drugs, and fight through the ones that take a much firmer hold on your senses was something that I had practiced, but it was not something I put much focus on. To be completely honest, I never thought I would find myself in a situation where I would need those particular skills.

But it was not a complete loss. I may have been infected with whatever laced my drink, but he too would soon realize I had learned my lesson the last time he healed his way past my cuts. In fact, it was that very healing that would be his downfall, because the exact poison I had dipped my blades into was now trapped behind his skin. No matter what happened to me, Lenny would have a fighting chance at an escape, and even more importantly, the physical contact I had made with Lenny before was not without thought. I could not tell him about the device I had placed on the inside collar of his shirt. I could not risk him unintentionally drawing attention to it. But it, or more specifically, the sensors inside it would detonate the little surprises I had decorated the hallway with.

Feeling began returning to my face and I looked back at Lenny, confidently. I nodded my head, assuring him I was fine, despite knowing there was a chance that with time I would not be. And when I turned my attention back to our host for a brief moment I caught sight of Lenny gradually pulling his mace towards himself. No doubt our host knew what he was doing, just as I was quite confident he knew about my hidden blade. But him knowing would do nothing to protect him from what was coming for him.

I stared determined at our foe. My expression was as unwavering as Lenny's confidence in me as he made it quite clear he was not buying into our hosts attempts to turn us against one another. But just as I could hear the vague switch in tone of Lenny's voice, just as he began stumbling over his words, my confident glare began slipping. My eyes darted from our foe, to Lenny. Do not listen to him Lenny, these are lies invented by the very monster that has done nothing but try to torment you. They are lies intended to make you question me and my loyalties to you. You can not listen to him. My eyes widened, a terrible feeling rising in me as I witnessed how easily it was for Lenny to lose faith in me.

''It is your loyalties, priest, that I am bringing to the surface. Or have you not told Lenny about what has really been going on?'' My head snapped back in his direction, knowing with much certainty that he was baiting me. I have not kept anything of importance from Lenny. ''If that is true, then why don't ease Leonardo's mind? Why not explain to him what kept you from 'protecting' him from our last encounter?'' I felt a chill run down my back, feeling like there was more to this than I was seeing, but unable to-

The letter... I muttered... Realization sinking in only moments after. My suspension... I looked back up to our host with wide eyes as my jaw slowly began to drop. I was never on probation was I? - ''Oh you were certainly on probation, priest. How you ended up there does not matter. What matters is the truth. Shall I tell him, or do you want the honors?'' - You sent the letter. You wrote the letter that gave me a choice, between a rogue life or a life supported by The Army of God. It was you, wasn't it?!

''Yes.'' His reply was long and drawn out, with the same wide eyes and manic grin that faced me when I was forced to drink the sangria. And immediately his volume increased, his eyes darting quickly between Lenny and myself as he slowly lifted himself from his chair. ''It was not your suspension, or your poor grief and sickening fear over losing your position that prevented you from looking after Leonardo. It was your choice. You could have continued on the same path, the same path that lead you to all of those false promises you gave Leonardo. You could have chosen his safety over your blood lust. You could have 'protected' him from me.'' He spoke faster and faster, my rage growing more and more inside as he revealed the truth. It was him, he knew what he was doing, he knew what he did, and he knew that it would make it look as if I did not care for Lenny at all. He had planned it all... I am protecting him! My volume raised this time, for a brief moment. But it was cut off as his fists hit the table, ''NO, I AM PROTECTING HIM. From you.''

I could not remember the point where I had gone from sitting to standing, my eyes and their unyielding focus on his, as his were on mine. I could feel my blood boiling, realizing yet again he had been one step ahead the entire time.

He cleared his throat, raised his nose in the air, and closed his eyes as he swept a piece of hair that had fallen out of place back against his scalp. And when he sat down, that faint smirk began to stretch across his face again. I could not tell anymore, what was real, and what was not. Were the dramatics all for show? Was this the show he had promised us? Or was he genuine in his proclamation? It was in that moment when I remembered Lenny, and I spun around and looked at him, frantic as if I believed our host had succeeded at parting us. You know Lenny. You know what he is. You know what he does. He manipulates, he lies, he destroys everything he touches, and has no intent beyond that destruction. You know how much your safety means to me. My promises have not been empty, they have just been manipulated by him. You cannot believe this...

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Re: [Private] Submerged

Lenny Tronconi | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Wed Mar 09, 2016 12:20 pm

I had spent the horrific evening with my predominant feeling being varying intensities of fear. I was nervous of the event days beforehand and up into the house, I was concerned with how meeting the vampire might affect my nerves whatever happened, I was worried for Helios and I was terrified that previous experiences might have a second performance. It all amalgamate into one strong, indescribable and overwhelming sensation. My hands shook, I couldn't tie my thoughts together in a proper lucid pattern and my chest felt uncomfortably tight.

I'd never liked anger, regardless of its repeated presence in my life. Yet, I hated fear more. So when that familiar sensation started to boil in my veins and my hands began to shake for an altogether different reason, it felt welcome. Compared to the monstrosities that had caused my fear, it felt like home.

It was the one thing that felt real in the twisted sea I'd found myself in. The argument going on over my head made it pound. I turned away, shaking my head in disbelief at the words that had been shouted at me by both parties. I covered my face with my hands in a feeble attempt to drown out the noise, to drown out the frustrations that they were causing, but it seemed to keep growing.

Though I wasn't showing signs I was hearing the words directed at me, the vampire was listening intently to Helios' speech with a smirk on his face. He was so aptly listening that he didn't immediately notice me standing up from my chair, or grab the bottle of beer still in front of my seat, the nearest thing within my reach. He only just noticed when the projectile was seconds from his face.He moved in the nick of time, the bottle smashing against the tall back of his chair, the glass shattering and coating the vampire in tiny shards. His expression took on a darker element but I was beyond caring.

You think you're fucking protecting me?! I screamed at him, my rage growing even as I spoke, YOU?! PROTECTING ME?! I grabbed the plate set in front of me and threw that at the vampire too. He easily dodged it and stood up, still dangerously quiet, but I was done with being scared or recognising what his behaviour might lead to. You're the one he's protecting me from! If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't need fucking protecting! I grabbed at whatever was in front of me, cutlery, serviettes, and threw them towards the vampire too, but he wasn't the only one I was infuriated with. I turned to Helios, How the fuck can you think that if you fuck up I'll just fucking go to him, after all the shit he's fucking put me through? That what, you make one fucking mistake and I just give in to what he wants?! You really think I'd fucking do that?! After he was the fucking one who made you fuck up?!

I grabbed my mace off the table and wielded it before me, turning to the vampire.

"Put that down." He said, his voice cold, actually annoyed, as if his sick sideshow wasn't going to plan.

I'll put it down in your fucking head! I screamed. I launched myself onto the table and towards the vampire, every tiny little bit of rage within me fuelling my movements. Tableware flying everywhere, he was out of his chair before I got to him, flying back as I flew forward. My mace smashed through the wood of the chair, destroying it entirely, but it wasn't what I'd been aiming to destroy. I whirled round ready to hit again, practically snarling.

My movement was cut short by a vice like grip on my wrist, pulling and angling so my hand holding the mace was stretched above my head regardless of my struggling. Another hand caught my jaw, fingers tight against bone and impairing any movement or speech. I threw my other hand over the top of his in a desperate reflex, unable not to even already knowing how useless an action it was. "Unlike that filthy dog, you're going to live to regret that." The vampire practically hissed at me, his cruel, dark eyes inches above mine. They glittered dangerously when my grip stil didn't loosen, his cold gaze boring into mine. The darkness of his stare seemed endless.  "Drop it.  His words over-enunciated and blunt, a clear warning. My eyes widened as his teeth clicked down into place and my desperate struggling renewed as my fear finally reawakened.

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