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[Private] Learning Curve

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Re: [Private] Learning Curve

Nïya Kaminski | Vampire; Classic

Posted on Thu Mar 17, 2016 11:14 am

I wasn’t too sure if he was just a little aloof or if perhaps he didn’t frequent libraries often, if maybe ever. Maybe he knew of a library with more relaxed rules, however if he was going to study and discuss in this one, he needed to keep his voice down or risk the pompous librarian ripping him a new one if he so much as said another word. Sniggering slightly, I pointed over to the sign stuck against one of the walls clearly stating in capital case Comic Sans font, NO TALKING IN THE LIBRARY. I suppose the sign is quite obvious, don’t you think? I would pay good money to see the librarian fight it out with him though if he kept this up, would be some good entertainment.

Why was it that every time someone tried to find out something for themselves, their first point of call for an excuse was that they were asking for a friend, or in this case looking for a friend? Most people took that for a lie and it was no different this time. Why would I believe a man who was stumbling over his words and his lie? They have a really good friend in that case. I played along. I wouldn’t be that bothered for mine, I mean they have two legs right, they can walk right up here themselves and research just as much as I can. I shrugged. Unless of course they don’t have two legs, which in that case, there is such a thing as the internet, a lot of these old books have been catalogued and scanned in to a digital library so they could of course do their homework from home. 

I questioned myself as to why I was even bothering with this guys investigation, clearly something happened to him and now he was trying to find out as much as he could but why I was assisting him was beyond me. I kept telling myself that I was just trying to keep myself entertained but the truth deep down was that I wanted to ignore the looming reality of my own fucked up shit. If I could immerse myself in something, anything, then I wouldn’t have to deal with the problems in my own life. Even if I was potentially creating more problems in the meantime. That there is Evangeline Blackfriar, a notorious Vampire from North of the UK. I pointed to the caption at the bottom of the image. Rumour has it she has a following the size of a small country, and that every year to celebrate her afterlife they sacrifice in sync come midnight on the 12th of December. Evangeline was a legend in texts and her stories could be heard all over the UK, but I knew the truth about Evangeline. I also knew that whatever she had accomplished, Vox had accomplished over ten times more. I don’t work here, I just have an interest in the occults.

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Re: [Private] Learning Curve

Lenny Tronconi | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Sat Mar 26, 2016 1:57 pm

When she pointed, my gaze followed her finger. I squinted to read the sign. What? I said, frowning once again. I realised I'd spoken rather loudly and checked myself, glancing over at the librarian who was watching sternly but not yet coming over. When I spoke again my voice was considerably hushed. I don't get it... fucking weird library rules. I shook my head.

She seemed to believe my lie easily enough but I wasn't thrilled to get onto the topic of how great a friend was. Um... I, well, I dunno if I'd say I'm a really great friend. I just wanna.. surprise them. I mean, that's why I'm doing it here and not at home, yeah? So they can't find out... Technically it wasn't even a complete lie. I was looking into it to help Helios out via proxy - if I managed to get vampire smart through books, maybe I wouldn't keep having to ask him so many questions. A little bit of it too, was that I wanted to impress him for once rather than always being the one impressed on, or the one out of the loop.

I listened about the so-called vampire from the UK, my eyes stuck on the picture. It sounded creepy and not what I was interested in at all. I frowned, eyes narrowing down at the photo of the 'vampire'  and then glanced to the blonde next to me. That's... weird. So they, um.. she thinks she's a vampire and they're real or shit? People believed some fucked up stuff. I picked at the corner of the book, the realistic flair of the pages having filled me with an uncomfortable tension. I mean, this is... it's uh, interesting or shit, but.. it's not really what I wanna know about? The last thing I wanted to happen was for a too-realistic story about a vampire to send me off into a panic attack. The picture, the woman's eyes.. they were too much. I turned the page to one that thankfully had no photo. What? You like this kind of stuff? I looked to the blonde sceptically and reflexively leaned away once more, but didn't leave or move. I watched her for a second before shaking the strange feeling off. Even is she was some creep or even one of the creepy people that liked to do stuff with vampires, she sounded like she knew her stuff too. It was too good an opportunity to pass up, especially when I glanced around to the probably millions of books surrounding us. Well, uh, cool... but, uh what I wanna find out is, uh... it's not easy to explain I guess. But I wanna know the kind of stuff everyone knows about vampires, I mean the stuff that isn't really realistic or shit, but that people just kinda know when they think about them. Like.. something to do with garlic... I think. I uh, I saw a copy of Dracula over there - that's what people think of when they think vampires, yeah? But it was really fucking long and the words were printed tiny. A lot of my curiosity stemmed not only from wanting to impress Helios, but the banter between other Army of God members. I always felt so left out when one person said something and everyone else laughed, but whatever it was that was supposed to be funny went over my head. The problem was that to know how the general population's wrong views on vampires were so funny or strange compared to the reality, you had to know what those wrong views were. As ironic as it was, I'd never thought or known much about vampires at all until I literally came face to face with one.

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