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 [Closed] Temptation Exposes Weakness

[Closed] Temptation Exposes Weakness

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[Closed] Temptation Exposes Weakness

Nïya Kaminski | Vampire; Classic

Posted on Sun Nov 29, 2015 11:06 am

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London | Cold | 8.02PM

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Part 1 of....maybe 3 or 4, we will see..


It started the way it always starts.

With stolen glances, brief touches, soft words. Never did I think that something so cliche would apply to me. Never did I think I would find myself thinking of my maker as anything but the dangerous and cunning creature that he was.

My fingers lazily dragged just over the surface of the bath water as I attempted to hide what effect his presence had on me. I am busy. I stated, well before seeing him enter the bathroom. Why he felt the need to interrupt my bath was beyond my comprehension, but I would be lying to myself if I said I didn't appreciate the interruption.

Vox strolled towards me, and took a seat at the edge of the bath, flashing me his signature grin. It took every fibre inside of me to keep myself restrained. To stop myself from testing my theory about what was going on between us. I couldn't be the only one thinking the same thing. He had been acting different towards me lately, that couldn't have been an accident. Everything this man did was on purpose. Even down to the hurt he inflicted.

I can see that, I came to merely talk. His fingers dipped into my bath, following the pattern I had just made along the water. A part of me ached to feel his fingertips do exactly the same against my skin though I was too much of a coward to say this out loud. I was still uncertain where he was concerned and I didn't want to say or do the wrong thing to displease him.

I shuddered, frustrated that my thoughts would betray me when he was right in front of me. So talk. It was amazing how I was able to even string those words together, inside I felt as if my heart was pounding, though I knew that was impossible. Looking up at him now, I noticed as he took me in, eyes scanning me from top to toe, the corner of his lips, slowly but surely turning itself upwards into a grin. I returned his grin with a smug look of my own. I was glad he was happy with what he saw, selfishly, I needed him to know at least that much - even if I couldn't yet find the courage to say it out loud.

I was wondering whether you would like to come to hunt with me tonight? The request was simple enough, but felt strange to me considering how much he always stressed about hunting alone. A mere request to tag along would usually return a cold and final response. There was nothing like that in his eyes tonight. It was peculiar. Me? Why? I felt stupid for asking, actually ridiculous was more that right word, but the invitation caught me off guard even more so than his initial presence in my bathroom had and I wasn't sure whether he was being serious, or not.

I haven't forgotten that today is your birthday Niya, I thought a treat was in order. Besides, it is just you and I here tonight. I wouldn't want to keep the birthday girl waiting on her dinner.

I hadn't forgotten.

I just tried to push it out of my mind for the most part.

Every year was the same, and so often had these days passed that they just felt like a blur. Today was my birthday, tomorrow might be a new decade. I had lost track of so much time, and yet Vox seemed to have mastered the complete opposite. Every day was a new opportunity, a new celebration. I envied him for it.

Taking my washcloth, I began to slowly scrub at my skin but his hands were over mine in a moments notice, pulling the cloth away from my hand. Allow me.  He began to gently rub it against my skin, starting from my shoulder and circling down along my arm. My eyes closed and I sunk into the water as he caressed my skin with it. I quietly moaned in approval. If this was his treat, then I would gladly accept.

I have left you a dress in your room, you're to wear it tonight for our hunt. I murmured an okay under my breath as he moved the washcloth towards my chest and grazed over it. Whatever game it was that he was playing, I was falling right into his trap. But it had been some time since I had allowed myself the luxury of being pampered, of being touched, it felt too good to ruin. I felt the absence of his hand almost as soon as the thought crossed my mind, and my eyes fluttered open, frowning slightly - maybe I had talked too soon?

Hush now. His hand came to my cheek, thumb dragging down the line of my jaw. He had taunted me, and just like that he had taken his treat away from me. Enough so that I could desire it, but not long enough so that I could devour it. Later, I swear it. He leaned over, cold lips pressing against my forehead.


His words were a whisper in the air, and just like that he was gone and all that remained was the promise of something I hadn't even realised I wanted until it was dangled right in front of me.

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