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 [Private] The Wall

[Private] The Wall

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[Private] The Wall

Ren Davenport | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Thu Nov 26, 2015 11:00 am

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Ren's House | Cold | 9 pm

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Ren is wearing jeans, boots, a gray t-shirt, and a brown leather jacket

My keys jingled noisily in my hand as I walked up the path leading to my front door. My house was in an older neighborhood mainly dominated by older couples who had lived there 50 years and families that couldn't afford to live in better places than Cedar Grove. My neighbors left me alone and the neighborhood wasn't too bad for the price.

The weather was pretty much what you would expect for late November in Washington. Overcast, cold, and overall pretty gloomy. I was in a good mood, though. I'd picked up two new jobs at the gym where I worked. I was legitimately establishing a client base for myself in Index. The fact that I'd been here long enough to start establishing permanent customers was troubling, but it was more money to put towards resources I could use in my hunt. I'd interrogated so many vampires that I was starting to establish a reputation in the community, and yet none of them had anything of value to say. I knew that my prey was still in the area, and yet he remained mysterious and elusive.

I whistled slightly as I unlocked the door and stepped into the dark house. I dropped my keys on a table next to the door and started to remove my coat as I walked into the kitchen and flipped on the light as I went.

I stopped in my tracks. My kitchen was not empty.

What the fuck? What do you want? How did you even get in here?

It was Rik. Fucking Rik was in my kitchen. I'd heard she'd been reinstated after being suspended for a short period. I'd thought that we were finished with our partnership (not that we wanted it to begin with) and that I was done with her, and yet here she was. In my house.

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Re: [Private] The Wall

Erika Richards | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Mon Nov 30, 2015 10:22 am

It had been an interesting few weeks, juggling my reinstatement with the AOG and my not-so-legal activities, but throughout it all one thing stood out to me. How useless that dickbrained idiot Ren had been. Warren Davenport. When I asked someone to help me, it was less asking and more telling - and he couldn't have been more useless if he'd tried. And yet one thing irked me. I didn't care if people liked me, but I appreciated respect or fear if they didn't. Ren had shown none of those things and that pissed me off more than I'd ever show. It was as if he just didn't take me seriously.

It didn't take long to get to his house, the address I'd known of long before I'd even taken his wallet with his driving licence inside and. He wasn't in, not that his presence would have stopped me, but his absence definitely made things more interesting. I'd made a copy of his keys long ago too so the actual getting in was beyond easy. I helped myself to a beer from his refrigerator and made a sandwich, all in the relative darkness so as not to spoil the 'surprise'. I was used to the dark. It might have seemed counter intuitive to some people but my vision had grown accustomed to it and I felt at home without bright lights, only faint glows from electronic devices and appliances dotted about the kitchen.

The sound of whistling stood out starkly in the otherwise quiet house and my smirk settled on my face when the door was unlocked. I could hear him moving about, the drop of keys and footsteps while Ren had no idea he wasn't alone. It was fucking hilarious.

I stared at the figure in the doorway so even before the lights were on, my gaze was on him. The expression on his face when he finally realised was priceless.

Through the door, dumbass, just like you. I didn't move from the seat but placed my sandwich down on the plate in front of me. My handgun lay within reach on the table next to it. And didn't your mom teach you to ask nicely? Or even teach you any sense? Because where I am right now, you're not the one in the position to be asking questions. I sneered at him, turning it into a mocking smile. Sit down. I didn't utter it as a request, but as an order, Maybe we can catch up, huh, partner? It's been a while. My eyes narrowed dangerously at him.

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