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 [Closed] Wings

[Closed] Wings

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[Closed] Wings

Pandora Blackwood |

Posted on Tue Nov 24, 2015 9:38 pm

I'm cool, working on a few things of my own, but I can talk. I spoke into my phone, removing my hands as the phone hovered against my ear so I could multitask to the best of my ability. My phone rang right in the middle of a little something I was conjuring up, and while I let the stove warm up, I pulled out a plastic baggy from my pocket and used a pair of tweezers to retrieve the single strand of black hair from inside. Just a moment love- I spoke again, flicking both of my hands to force my phone to hover in front of my face, and switch to cam. There, it's much better when we can speak face to face. I grinned, ''I agree. Now, what news do you have?'' I ran the strand of hair under the tap before laying it out over a paper towel by my stove and drying off my hands. ''Pandora dear, what are you up to?''

I paused to make eye contact for a moment and snapped my fingers. And my dearest Jackson flew by, dropping two tiny envelopes into my hand, and I held them up for the camera as he perched on my shoulder. ''Pandora... What are those?'' She looked at me as if I was planning something mischievous. It seems the wolf has become careless. And while you know I do enjoy my playtime, I figured he could use a break from the drama. So I wrote him a letter instead. I smiled sweetly as I set the letters aside. ''And the other one?'' - Hm? I pretended I had no idea what she was talking about. ''The other letter Pandora. Who is the other letter for?'' I smiled, Oh, the other letter. I pretended I only just realized what she was referencing, but my acting was sub par. JIt's not so much about the other letter itself as it is the gift it will contain. - ''You've grown too attached, I'm afraid.'' - Did you expect any less? I smiled at her again as I plucked a feather from Jackson before he flew to the window.

''Well you know I'd never try to stop you from your pursuits and affairs. I'd have better luck changing the tides. But please, do be careful.'' - I always am. I grinned again as I began plucking the soft fibers from the feather and placing them beside the strand of hair on the paper towel. As for our shared project, I have uncovered something in the library. A simple reversal spell, which I believe is more in tune with healers, like yourself, so I would need your help. It's simple really, and it'd be temporary, we'd only have a small window of opportunity here. But it should do the trick. - ''You know nothing about this will be simple, but I've put my faith in you before, and I'll gladly do it again. Unfortunately, I have no choice in the matter anyway. I've come up empty handed. But I suppose I was looking in dark places when it was right in front of my face all along... I'd truly never even thought of attempting a reversal spell.'' - That's because, as I told you, you need to get more sleep. Put your faith in the cause, karma will sort out the rest, will it not? I gave her a sincere but sweet glace before switching off my stove and removing the ring from the pot of boiling water with a pair of pliers. I placed it too onto the paper towel and ran my fingers through my hair before reaching for a small bottle in my pocket.

''Oh Pandora for goodness sakes, lycan fur?! What are you doing?!'' - It's perfectly fine! I've discovered a fourth ingredient completely by accident, or more our friends have discovered it for me... I pulled the last ingredient from my pocket and showed it to her. ''Blood? Not vampire blood I hope...'' Indeed, but not just any blood, the blood of Lilith. And before you begin telling me the consequences of dabbling in magic so dark and using such deadly ingredients, just know, I do know what I am doing. I placed the bottles onto the counter and turned my attention back to my virtual company. ''How on earth did you acquire the blood of Lilith? That would mean..'' - Yes, I had it blessed by The Order. Granted I was forced into a trade that was less than ideal, but I held up my end. - ''Oh dear... And you wonder why I haven't been sleeping.'' I giggled as I finally reached for the phone and moved to my sofa.

''I do hope when I come to see you, you can put this wolf and vision business aside long enough for us to focus on the most important task at hand.'' Do not worry about me, I am ready, I am focused. And let's not forget if it were not for the wolf and my vision that important task you speak of wouldn't even be necessary. I am just making sure to keep the pawns in line before we begin attempting to move our knight. All of which is necessary might I add, if we plan on taking down the queen. - ''I suppose you're right. And it's getting late, I should leave you to your pawns while I go catch some sleep.''

We said our goodnights and I looked to the counter before getting up to finish my enchantment. If Michelle Hawke wanted wings, then wings she would have, but she would not slip her fingers into that treacherous ring around my pets neck ever again.

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