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 [Closed] Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control

[Closed] Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control

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Index Forest | Quite Cold | Midnight

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Part 1 of 3

With every step I took my pink Doc Martens made a distinct crunching noise as they crushed the layer of dead leaves beneath my feet. I'd bundled up in my warmest parka but the cold still nipped at my face and cheeks as I slowly made my way through the woods to the meadow that I'd been in once before, over a year ago. I remembered that I'd met a warlock there and briefly wondered what had become of him, but he wasn't what occupied my thoughts tonight.

It was a moonless night and it was so dark that I could barely see my breath as it condensed in front of me. My steps were unsure as I carefully picked my way along the overgrown path. I'd heard that people had disappeared from the woods, but what brought me here was greater than my fears.

I was sitting at my desk, working. I was still pretty new so it took the clerk a little while to find me. I knew he was coming because I heard him asking for me at the cubicle next to mine.

Are you Daphne Collins? He seemed relieved when I nodded and handed me a manilla folder - This came for you. I accepted it and scanned the front - my name and the office's address were typed on the label but there was no return address or other indication of who it was from.

I reluctantly opened it and pulled out its contents - a stack of official looking documents and a note, also typed, saying that I should go to the meadow at midnight. At first I was going to ignore it - it was obviously supernatural related, and I was finally beginning to feel like I was leaving that behind. Despite my talks with Joel and Sebastien I had decided that the best course of action was to close off my connection with the spirit world as best I could and go on with my life as normal - I had finally finished my stint at Goldbar Community College and had gotten a job as a graphic designer at a small Seattle company. The pay was enough for me to continue living at the townhouse despite the fact that Barney and his sketchy money had disappeared.

When I finally got around to looking at the other documents in the folder, however, I changed my mind. It contained my birth certificate among other things. Evidence that I wasn't who I thought I was - not that I didn't know that. But I had enough questions that I decided to go.

I finally arrived at the meadow. In the spring and summer it was usually filled with tall wildflowers of all types, but on this cold November night there wasn't a flower in sight. I stood uncertainly at the edge of the trees, scanning the dark night for whomever had brought me here. I didn't see anyone, but something glinted at me from the center of the clearing.

I cautiously stepped forward, and when nothing attacked me I went to see what it was. I leaned down and picked up a ring. It was too clean and shiny to have been there long and I wondered if it was for me. Unsure, I slipped it into the pocket of my parka.

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Part 2 of 3

I was standing in the center of the meadow looking around and wondering if I should leave when I saw a movement in the corner of my eye. I turned towards it and froze, momentarily petrified by fear.

There was a dead man walking towards me.

His face was expressionless but in his hand there was a knife. I turned to run and suddenly I was surrounded. Dead things in various stages of decay were coming towards me from all sides - someone had to be controlling them. In a moment of panic I opened myself to the spirits, begging for advice. I knew I'd made a terrible mistake in coming, but I still wondered who was doing this. I didn't have any enemies, at least not that I knew of.

The spirits all told me the same thing - "Use your power!" But I had no idea what this meant. The army of dead things advanced, and I screamed out of desperation. Not that it would help. Even if someone heard me they wouldn't be able to stop this. Only a powerful necromancer was capable of this kind of feat.

With no other choices I reached into myself, trying to harness the "power" that the spirits had told me I had. As I focused intently, I began to be able to sense the power that reanimated the dead. I reached out mentally and took control of that power. For a moment I felt a horrible pain as I wrestled for control of my assailants from whoever was controlling them.

By some miracle, I won the mental battle and found myself in control of an army of the dead. I had tapped into the necromancy that I had so desperately tried to avoid. This... this couldn't be right.

When I gained control of them the dead had stopped attacking me, but now they all stood stone-still staring at me with dead eyes or worse - empty eye sockets. Unsure of what to do with the bodies I tried to direct them to return to their graves or at least to make new ones. To my surprise, they listened. Or at least the power I had over them responded to my attempt to influence it. I collapsed to the ground out of exhaustion and relief.

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Part 3 of 3

I was still seated on the ground, trying to catch my breath and control the whirlwind of emotion that had descended upon me when I had gained control of all those dead. That power... it felt amazing. There had been a brief moment of bliss before the panic of the realization set it. A part of me hadn't wanted to let go. My pulse was still elevated from the adrenaline and the terror I had experienced when I first realized I was being attacked. I hadn't put up my mental walls and yet the spirits were strangely silent.

I heard a rustling and for a brief moment I was afraid the army of dead was returning, but when I looked up there was a woman there instead. She was short and skinny and yet managed to ooze power despite her tiny stature. She was wearing a long green dress and a long brown coat with several pendants hanging about her neck. She was darker complected and had long black hair which only made her sharp blue eyes all the more startling. They stared at me out of an stone-cold face with a look of fiery intelligence.

She walked towards me at a steady pace, the two of us staring at each other without saying a word. Daphne. How good to finally see you. You won't remember, but we met 21 years ago. She said coolly when she finally reached me.

It took a conscious effort not to gape. She cut an imposing figure, especially with those eyes. And you are? My words sounded so rude in comparison to hers, but I couldn't help but ask.

She seemed to find it amusing, because she began to laugh as soon as they left my mouth. So you haven't figured it out yet? I'm your mother.

The birth certificate and the adoption papers made sense now... the ones that said that my real mother was a woman named Aparajita Mhasalkar. How she had turned up here in Index at this time remained a mystery, but apparently she was connected to whatever had just happened - a fact which made me rather uneasy.

Other than her slight build we bore little resemblance. My albinism of course meant that I carried none of her dark Indian colouring but even in our bone structure it was clear that my father's genes had been dominant. Not that I knew who he was either. This, of course, also explained why I had never found anyone in my family tree that bore the signs of being cursed like me. It was hard to believe that my real family never told me the truth, considering how much we resented each other - with the exception of Harry of course. Oh Harry... I missed that boy dearly.

And what just happened? What was that? I asked.

Why my darling, I just wanted to awaken your power. You have so much - it's very rare that two necromancers reproduce, you know.

What? My father was a necromancer? Where is he, why I am I just now finding out about all of this?

Your father, bless his soul, was indeed a necromancer. He passed away a short time after your birth, unfortunately. I quite liked him. I don't think either one of us recognized how powerful you would be until we had already decided to put you up for adoption.

But I'm not that powerful...

Oh? So you were just able to control that many dead on your first try how?

She had a point. Still, I found it hard to believe that I was some kind of powerful necromancer. Perhaps it was because I'd worked so hard to avoid death, but I could hardly be blamed for that.

How did you find me?

Oh sweetheart, I've been watching you your whole life.

Everything I'd experienced... she knew about it all? And yet I knew nothing about her at all. Or myself, apparently.

Unfortunately, I must go, but I'll be in touch. And I wouldn't linger too long in the forest. You don't fully understand your powers, unfortunately, and the forest is a dangerous place for little girls.

And with that, she disappeared.

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