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[Private] An unexpected encounter

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Re: [Private] An unexpected encounter

Kyle Merrick | Vampire; Classic

Posted on Fri Dec 18, 2015 10:47 pm

My head subtly perked up at his response of wondering if I were to ever return. I figured I was never going to hear those words. Gayle just assumed I was dead but I don't blame her for thinking that, she had every right to. She lost our connection the second they cloaked me, I would've assumed the same. But to hear at least someone was curious of my return, it was... Comforting. Again, a word I thought I would never say. A small grin appeared on my face as I nodded my head at him. I know, and I am forever thankful for that, Ásgeirr.  

Part of me was relieved he didn't press further on the matter, mainly because I wouldn't even know where to begin if he had. It would be no different even if Gayle asked me the same question, I would be at a loss for words. But the truth will eventually be revealed. Then you'll be showing off your good looks for an eternity more, my friend. You're not going anywhere. I smirked.

I groaned while rolling my eyes as he walked away. Yes, I do know why, Ásgeirr. You just love your little blood bags, but don't you ever get bored? Don't you ever desire the feeling of your teeth cutting through skin to find that one, succulent, artery?  I spoke slowly, lingering each word. Just so you know, I'm taking that as a compliment. But causing carnage is even more intoxicating when you have someone to share it with. But then I raised my eyebrows at his warning and stared at him with bewildered eyes. 

Hunters? Are they seriously the reason you've opted for blood bags? Have you forgotten what you are, Ásgeirr? I uttered. So not only has my kind become human sympathizers, but now they're the ones watching their backs? I shook my head as I walked a few steps back, but turned to face him again.  You are one of the oldest vampires I know, Ásgeirr. The vampire I looked up to would have never let humans, especially pathetic hunters, have an influence on him. He would have taught them a lesson or two, before ripping their heart out. I smirked as I remembered what it was like to be with him years ago.  And that's what I intend to do. I will gladly leave a trail of bread crumbs for them that leads right up to the welcome mat outside my front door. But before they can even leave a fingerprint on my three piece suit, I'll be sure to tear every single limb from their core, I'll paint my walls with their blood, and I'll have their motionless hearts in the cookie jar. Because I am a vampire, and I am scared of no one

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Re: [Private] An unexpected encounter

Ásgeirr Haagan | Vampire; Senior

Posted on Tue Jan 05, 2016 1:49 pm

Of course I do. I never said otherwise. If you honestly think this is the only way I feed then you are mistaken. I paused. I just like being in control. It's one of the last things I've got and If you really want to know, after so many years, it's hard to find something that doesn't bore you. I spoke as I walked a little further away from the entrance of the hospital. Yes there was a time where even for me, carnage was acceptable. But no more. Unlike you, I still like to remember that I was once human. It was much simpler then, even with the fucking cold. A kind of sinking feeling in my stomach hit me. It had been a long time since I had felt it but I knew instantly what it was; hurt, missing. I would give everything to hug my son again. Maybe that was what kept me grounded. Most vampires didn't leave children, didn't leave parts of themselves behind. Didn't have to see them die before they were even turned. It haunted me still. 

Hunters are not the reason, Kyle. I've been using blood bags for ages now. I only just recently found out about the group of hunters here. I frowned, looking back at him. He was young, naive even. Probably felt as if him being a vampire meant he could take on the world with his bare hands. When he spoke about his trail of breadcrumbs I almost launched myself at him, one hand at his collar. Leave your little trail. But don't expect me to save your ass when they catch you off-guard. And trust me. they will. I let go of him. I am not stupid, nor am I a coward. But I do know what they can do and it is much more than you think. 

I hadn't truly changed. I was still exactly the same person as I was when he and I spent time together. Maybe it was just the way he saw me that was now changing. I always made sure they survived...

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