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 [CLOSED] The 5th Wave

[CLOSED] The 5th Wave

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[CLOSED] The 5th Wave

Santiago Valdez | Wolf; Warrior/Fighter

Posted on Mon Nov 23, 2015 5:24 am

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Outskirts | Cold | Morning

I had gathered that the matter was urgent by the image flashed at me alone, but nothing could prepare me for the sight before me the minute we reached the outskirts of town and walked down the rugged pathway to a small clearing. What the that? I raised my brow, darting my head back in the direction of my brother who only gripped at his forehead with his index and forefinger, dashing back and forth in thought.

What does it look like Santiago?! It's another girl..mauled to pieces.

I knew as such, I could see with my own eyes but…the way she had been mutilated was what had worried me the most. It wasn't the first time we had walked upon a woman torn up in such a way, in fact, it had been the 5th time, I had kept count. No offense, but why is this important to me, to us? I stepped back from the body, not wanting to get any closer just in case I left some evidence that pointed back to me.

We should call it in.

He was still pacing back and forth, back and forth, breathing harshly through his nose. What's wrong? Not like he had never seen a dead body before, granted maybe not in this same state but.. It wasn't anything new to him. What if it was me? Sometimes I get those blackouts.

I let out a slight chuckle and shook my head, if either of us had deep dark secrets, it was me, not him. Come on now, you get blackouts for how long? Barely even 10 minutes at a time, don't give yourself that much credit. And if I remember correctly, you always wake up where you blacked out. Relax. I made my way back over to the body and let me nose sniff out the scents, closing my eyes for a moment as I tried to separate the woman's scent, theirs and the scent of the killer.


I breathed it in one more time, honing the scent and letting my body lead me to where wherever the scent followed. This isn't your scent..but whoever it is was here recently.

Probably to look at the body, admire his work. See here? I pointed over to some impressions on the floor, deep, long footprints. He must have come back, hidden behind this dip to check on her. Salvador shook his head, taking out his phone and calling the emergency services.

There's nothing we can do Salvador. She's clearly gone, maybe she had it coming to her. Though, this was the 5th body now, they couldn't have all had it coming. Once Salvador had come of the phone he merely slouched, glancing at the woman once more, her limp arm practically detached from the socket. All I can think about is Catalina and that night? What if he's a serial killer? What if he strikes again? I felt my throat closing up at the mention of his girlfriend and let out a deep breath. I needed to tell him, to be honest, but when? How?It's not our concern Salvador, we are not the police. What more did he want me to say? That we take vigil? That we follow the scent as far as we could? That we let the others know? Would they even care? Did he?

I get it, I really do Salvador, but there is nothing we can do, better we go, before we get questioned. Salvador nodded but stood where he was, his eyes never leaving the woman's body.

I miss her..Every day

I came to him, pressing my hand on his back, trying to be supportive. I know, but, isn't it time you moved on?  It had been long enough, he had wallowed in his pain for so long, wasn't it time to live again? I don't think I can ever move on Santiago..not until I know for sure what happened, not until I know for sure that..He shuddered, stopping mid sentence.

It doesn't matter. You're right I suppose. You go, I will stay and answer any questions, I called it in so it's only right I stay until they take her away.  I nodded in agreement, nothing I could say or do would change his desire to linger and I didn't want to argue, not when he was clearly tormenting himself.

I will be at work, if you need anything.

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