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[Private] Time to Kill

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Re: [Private] Time to Kill

Rohana Khan | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Mon Nov 16, 2015 5:05 am

I felt bad, starting to feel guilty even that I was causing Onyx more stress. Hey.. I'm not surprised. I feel like it should be me getting you a drink. Just... no pressure? Take your time. I took the glass of water when he returned and shot him a small smile, one tiny hopeful ray in between my hyped up but beneath it all, pessimistic mood. I sipped at my water and felt even worse, watching him rub at his face. I reached out and gave him back a gentle rub too, knowing exactly how he must feel.

My stomach tensed as Vincent confessed he had nothing, knowing it was only going to make what I had to tell him even more difficult. But first, I'd let him speak. And as he did, I slowly frowned, my eyes on Vincent even though his eyes seemed to be anywhere but me. He didn't even seem angry any more. He seemed sad. And while it should have stirred sympathy in me - and it did - it stirred more than that. All the stupid words of the pack wolves returned to me, but instead of brushing them off as lies and ridiculous exaggerations, instead of giving the benefit of the doubt, I looked past that. And I wasn't sure I liked where the suspicions took me.

I watched Vincent carefully, wishing so much it could have been a time where my heart won out, rather than my head, but it wasn't happening. My brain was making connections, detecting, theorizing. Maybe my heart was just overloaded. Wasn't there so much emotional stress someone could take? Dead bodies, missing persons, all at the hand of an old friend? I'd had to shut down my emotions and focus on the facts to have any chance at making it all go away. I'm sorry... I can imagine you two were close so this must be difficult for you. I can look into it, I can promise that, just like I'm looking into all the other missing wolves. But, she's strong though, isn't she? A warlord, didn't she earn that position? So... she has a better chance than most at protecting herself? Maybe my words came off as encouraging, but they weren't only meant that way, they were in part an interrogation. And as much as I'd liked Peyton, I'd liked some of the other wolves who'd vanished just as much. Even if Peyton was a warlord, there was a part of me that felt it wrong she should get special treatment above the other wolves - or the humans that were missing too. Maybe there's another reason that she might.. leave, perhaps? But, how long have you suspected she's been gone? I asked, much of my suspicions lying on that one, crucial fact.

I felt like I needed my trusty notebook, I'd fallen so easily into my professional demeanor, but I only had the glass of water to keep my hands company. I went to set it down but the weight of Vincent's sudden... proclamation almost made me knock it over. I turned to him, my emotions rushing back tenfold and taking the reigns again, though my mind's cogs were still turning and powering those emotions. Irony? Vincent, what do you mean? What happened? How do you know you can't.. die? My mind jumped to the most obvious - him being attacked, but why on earth would him failing to die at the hands of an attacker be something he'd call ironic? I wasn't going to just let it drop either. Maybe I wasn't as strong as Peyton, or as close to him, but I needed him to know that if he needed my help at all, I was there. Onyx, you know that if you ever need anything, or anyone to help you, I'm there, okay? Whatever situation you're in, if you can just contact me, I can get in there and get you out of whatever's happening. You just need to tell me. I just need to know what's going on. Was it... her? I thought of the being he'd told me about, the one the vampires wanted to bring back to life through Onyx. I took his arm and squeezed it, comforting, but also signifying how I wasn't letting go. I was a part of the pack, a part of the problems we'd found ourselves in and I was going to be in it for the long haul. I'd spent enough time travelling through the various parts of Index and getting myself acquainted with the town to be able to teleport as many places as possible, exactly with the aim of helping anyone in the pack that needed it.

I turned away after, letting out a sigh and a sad laugh. No, I'm sorry, no good news, no magical solution. Honestly if I had good news I'd have let you know sooner. My voice dropped to an almost monotone as I began reviewing that had happened, There's still been a steady stream of missing persons and bodies turning up. I've been trying to stall as much as possible and lead the chief on a different conclusion but it's getting difficult, and he wants to bring in the FBI. I don't think I have to tell you how bad that would be, humans, even specially trained humans, out in that forest with whatever it is that's out there... I paused, letting that sink in. As well as that, there was the ever-present threat of them or my chief finding out how much I'd been purposefully stalling the case. Losing and delaying reports, lab tests, case files... I took a sip of water and set the glass back down. I'll be one second...

I vanished from the couch, a few seconds passing before I reappeared next to it, standing up with a large roll of paper in my hands. I wouldn't call it good news and I don't even know if it's progress, but I've been mapping out the attacks, the ones reported at the station, and ones reported by wolves, or the last known presence of a missing person. I rolled out the paper on the coffee table before us, using Vincent's soda can and my glass to stop it curling up again. Look, at first I thought it was random. But then I began dating, or theorizing the dates of attacks and disappearances, and it looks like the attacks are happening in waves from two particular points. If you look... it's almost as if it fans out somehow from both the forest near Owl Heights... and the forest surrounding the Den. I... don't know if it means anything, but its the closest we've got to a pattern so far. And as well as that, the attacks aren't escalating, which might not mean much to you, but in murder case terms, we expect some sort of escalation from a killer. There isn't any here. The numbers rose up after the initial attack, but they've stayed steady. And for the humans that seems to have been killed or gone missing, on the same night there's always a wolf that's been killed or gone missing too. Sometimes more humans on the same night, but always just one wolf. The days and dates appear to be random besides that, no pattern with days of the week of numeration of the dates that I can see. A Saturday one week, A Tuesday the next, no way of guessing. And the attacks.. they seem animalistic and wild, but they're always focused on the neck. I don't want to jump to conclusions... I know we don't even have that much evidence, but whatever it is, Sam, or something else - it seems like its targeting us. The pack. The humans could.. they just be collateral. I glanced over the coloured dots representing humans and closed my eyes. The only thing I can't get anywhere near even a theory is why. I stared down at the map and shook my head in frustration, the motive behind the attacks having haunted what little sleep I'd stolen the past few weeks.

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Re: [Private] Time to Kill

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Mon Nov 16, 2015 5:12 pm

No I mean, I'm not useless. I'm sure you're just as worn out over this shit as I am? I didn't know why that was a question. We were just filling the space in between to avoid the obvious discussion that I didn't want to have. For once, small talk had a purpose and wasn't boring me to death. In fact, this was probably the first time in a long time where I actually enjoyed it.

No. I glared at her, What gave you that impression? We were basically just coworkers. But- Fuck why was I so defensive over it anyway? What did it matter? She was gone now, so it wasn't like it fucking mattered anymore. That didn't mean her life didn't mean something. Even more importantly, why was I talking about her like she was already fucking dead? Fuck if Sthira didn't punch me in the face, I'd be tempted to do it myself.

Not exactly. I wouldn't put it past her to fight for herself, but if anything her chance of success is less than the rest of you. And I say this because something else happened that I haven't had the chance to talk to you about. I thought over it, trying to figure out where to even begin, but knowing I needed to leave the whole... Movie date part out of it somehow. September fifth. I didn't think much of it until a few weeks had passed. Once Ouray returned from his mission, I don't know, I guess all of us instinctively looked to him to fulfill the lead warlord position. I lied, I knew she was gone the very next fucking day, and I knew there was something fishy about it. But I remember the date specifically because she and I had a little... Unwilling meeting with some fucking witches. There were threats exchanged between Peyton and this coven, and frankly with your friend in the woods, The Supremacy on my ass, and not just mine, but the entire pack, and that fucking coven, I just don't see a light at the end of the tunnel with this one. That was the honest truth. And doesn't matter how she earned her title, that power comes with the title itself, not with the person. I wasn't dodging, but I failed to see how that was even fucking relevant to the discussion. Fuck maybe it was her touch, it only brought out one feeling in me, which lead to one reaction. Anger.

Something happened that should have killed me with nearly one hundred percent certainty. But, it didn't even hospitalize me. In fact, I walked away completely unscathed. That's all you need to know. And frankly, I only found it important for her to know because it proved just how powerful whatever this fucking thing with the Supremacy really was. It wasn't like I felt she needed to really feel the weight of the situation, but reminding her of it didn't hurt. And yeah, maybe I was still a little fucking bitter over it. Trying to blow your brains out and failing is surprisingly fucking annoying. Fuck, maybe I was putting it lightly.

No, she has been actually pretty fucking dormant since... Well since I took my little trip out of town. Which I can't decide is a blessing or a curse. I'm in a constant state of- Waiting for the volcano to erupt. This time, I was dodging. She didn't need to know the details of how I almost died, and if I was completely honest, she was probably the last person I'd want to tell considering her reaction over my big reveal the first time. I didn't think we needed any sympathy case derailing the purpose of this meeting anyway. And fuck, that was the last thing I wanted to be, a damn sympathy case, and I could smell it a mile off. That's exactly what would happen.

I wasn't quite sure how to respond to her offer to 'help'. My defensive thoughts and that angry feeling in the pit of my stomach only made me feel even more like I was the guilty man pleading my innocence in the fucking courtroom. Did she know? Or was she offering to help because of the Lilith shit? At this point, I couldn't read her, and it could have been either. With my luck, I wouldn't be surprised if she magically knew what I'd done. And fuck, what irritated me the most about that was the idea of someone knowing I was so fucking worthless I couldn't even succeed at suicide.

I nodded, figuring she didn't have anything to really report since I hadn't actually heard from her. Which was another one of those things I couldn't exactly decide was a blessing or a curse. But that was something I didn't even want to get into right now. When she excused herself, I naturally assumed she was going to use the pisser, and I was about to direct her to it when she just... vanished. And as quickly as she had disappeared, she reappeared. Fuck, I didn't know if I'd ever get used to that. Yanno... If shit gets too heated I can always... My eyes flashed with a white glow, Persuade bossman to focus on something else for a while. Just to buy us more time and get him off your ass. I may have felt utterly fucking useless in this mess, but that was at least something I could do without fail.

I scooted to the edge of my seat and watched her roll out the paper, my eyes focused on it but ears listening intently to her. I couldn't say it was her access to resources that made her put these pieces together, at least not completely. Because even with the proper resources, I wasn't sure I'd be able to connect the dots quite as intricately as she had. But for a brief moment, I was thankful, but that all disappeared when I had a thought, something that for so long had felt irrelevant, so much so that it had even escaped my mind until now. Wait a minute- My eyes widened, and it was like a light bulb went off.

I rushed to my bedroom and retrieved the flash drive which I'd taken back from Peyton's place the last time I stopped by. Frankly, if she was... dead... Then that neat little vampire barrier wouldn't keep the bloodsuckers out of her home, and considering they weren't the only ones that could potentially rip our pack to pieces by getting a hold of this flash drive, I wasn't willing to risk it falling into the wrong hands.

There's a clearing, one in particular around that same location. To most it's probably just a piece of land, but to us, it's much, much more because it's where Odin's body was found. It's location in particular, aside from a few other obvious tells, aided us in figuring out that it was a vampire that caused his death because it sat at the border of wolf and vampire territory- I spoke as I plugged in the flash drive and booted up my laptop. And honestly this is just fucking weird because I was there the other night, tracking. I thought I'd caught the scent of Ollurian, but the smell of sulfur pulled me to that clearing. I scrolled through the files, and once I found the one I thought contained the information, I double clicked it and propped the laptop over her paper on the coffee table.

I skipped forward to about ten minutes into the video and turned up the volume, and Odin's voice filled the room. ''Which reminds me, I'd appreciate it if you'd keep your creatures from sniffin' around the border. I don't take kindly to getting rid of curious wolves that won't shut up about the monsters in the woods. I have a reputation that your people made a deal to keep in tact, remember?'' I paused the video and looked at her, hoping she could put the pieces together and explain this, because it felt all too connected to ignore, but I just couldn't put it together. I'd always assumed he was talking about fangers, and thought nothing of it, but with her friend loose in the woods I couldn't help but feel it meant something else.

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Re: [Private] Time to Kill

Rohana Khan | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Tue Nov 17, 2015 3:36 pm

Yeah. I feel I've been scared to stop doing stuff and give my body the time to realise how worn out I am, but it's still gone past tiredness and constantly running on adrenaline and caffeine instead. I admitted.

There was so much wrong with everything Vincent said. Just co-workers? Implying Peyton's life meant more than the other wolves somehow? Knowing she'd been gone for months but not saying anything until now? That it didn't matter how she earned her rank? That the small amount he'd told me was all I needed to know?

They were all things I was angry about, but most of all I was angry that he felt the need to lie, to make half-truths, to keep things from me, so obviously. That was the worst, how obvious it all was. Peyton, his inability to die. I wasn't mindless and while I often liked to hope for the best, there were times I'd seen the worst too. There was one very obvious way that something should have killed him with 'one hundred per cent certainty'. It made my blood run cold, but also boil with anger.

I took a deep breath, a stillness coming over me, and I closed my eyes. My silence might have been the biggest giveaway, or how I gave myself time not to act impulsively over my anger. Okay. Was all I said, my voice clipped and cold. Okay, Vincent. It's totally your choice if you want to lie, feed me half-truths or keep parts of your personal life from me. That's your right as an individual. I don't have a right to it if you don't want me to and that's fine, again, your choice. But let me tell you this - if anything that you're holding back also holds back this investigation because you're too proud or scared to share it with me, that's not the same thing. That's not just your life, this is other people's lives on the line here, people's lives that we're both trying to protect - this is serious and you know that. So I'm going to trust that this really is all I need to to know about these things for now, but Onyx, don't you dare make me have offered my trust wrongly. I warned him, my gaze icy. I lowered it to my lap and turned away.

Did I feel sorry for him if he had attempted to end his own life? In ways. But in more ways I felt angry. Angry that he could contemplate such a thing when he had people relying on him. While his situation wasn't enviable and I was sure he'd done nothing to deserve being in it, and the responsibility must have been a pressure, if it was true it felt a betrayal, especially when we hadn't even explored the full possibilities and ways out. At the same time I couldn't get past the thought he'd been at the end of the line and seen that as the way out. But either way, while I didn't want to talk about it if he didn't want to or pull a confession out of Onyx, I felt I needed to address it, just in case.

This is such trash, it's just the trashiest situation, and we're both worn out. But.. Onyx. I looked to him, sincerity replacing the coldness in my eyes, At least either of us don't have to be on our own in this. Even if I might be able to... 'save the day' without you, in some crazy hypothetical scenario, I wouldn't want to. I'm not going to lie and say we'll magically find what we're looking for, but I will say, this doesn't just have to be on your shoulders. It's not, not any more. You're the alpha and I know that means in some ways you're responsible for looking after the pack, but it doesn't mean that's a one way street. We can look after you too if, if you let us. And I promise I won't always cry when I'm doing it either. I sent him a wry smile and let out a sigh, giving enough time for my sentiments to hopefully sink in. Maybe if the volcano did erupt, I could scare the crazy being away - with my hormones. It might have been ill placed humor and it might have seemed ridiculous, but that was just what the situation was. Ridiculous. And what did people always say - in some situations if you didn't laugh, you'd cry? And jokes aside, I didn't want that to happen again anytime soon.


I let my gaze linger on him a second longer before standing again, pacing across the floor. I straightened one of my necklaces and eyed the map. However he'd found out he couldn't die aside, the very fact was interesting. I found myself lost in what it could mean, looking up when Onyx made a surprise offer. I don't know why I didn't expect him to, but his willing to use his gift for my benefit surprised me. Really? That would be so much off my mind, I feel like I'm working against a massive FBI egg timer.  

And then it all started to click into place, or at least it did for Vincent. I listened with bated breath, not only to Onyx, watching his motioning towards the map, but then listened just as intensively to the recording, ears figuratively pricked.

It felt like things should come together, as if I was on the tip of an iceburg, but not quite there as I stared at the recorder even after it was finished, mouthing to myself what had been said and the facts I knew, getting to grips with them before offering any actual words to Onyx. He was talking to.. the Supremacy? I checked, my gaze flitting to Onyx and then back to the map, We've got no proof, it's just speculation, but whatever happened to Sam... could vampires have done something to him? Could they be the ones behind the attacks? But, still... why go about it like that, why not just attack as vampires? How would they even make Sam do what they wanted? It makes sense, but it doesn't. And then, the locations can't just be a coincidence. It still feels like we're missing something.... I curled my fist against my head and sighed, all the thoughts bringing on a headache.

I tried to clear my mind and looked once again at the map before us. Vampires, possibly, planning the attacks. My gaze drifted back to the list of dates and a pattern amidst the attacks finally hit me. Onyx.. what were the dates of the last full moons? I asked, and yet I already felt sure that they would coincide with some of the dates of attacks. A night where wolves were forced to turn and would most likely seek out the forest... it was cruel.

And it was a full moon that night too. I feel like I could go in circles over this information all evening when there's something else so much more obvious that we could do if something's going on where vampire and wolf territory meet. I suggested, my gaze dark. If we only had speculation so far, perhaps it was time to gather some evidence.

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Re: [Private] Time to Kill

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Wed Nov 18, 2015 6:41 pm

I would have told her to take it easy, but I knew better than to tell a woman what to do. Maybe she worked better under pressure. Maybe she needed a little bit of that stress to keep her focused. I couldn't relate, but I knew some people were like that. And this was the thing about her that I couldn't understand, and honestly didn't know if I appreciated or not. She didn't exactly look like she was under stress. Yeah, I could see it in her eyes a little, which was why I nearly told her she looked like shit, but I stopped myself before she could take it the wrong way. But she still dressed up, she still found a way to put in that effort. I guess I was different. If I felt like shit you definitely wouldn't see me shaving or bothering to care if my shoes matched my belt... Then again, I didn't do that anyway.

But then there it was. The silence only a woman could use to fill a room with unease. And of course my mind went paranoid. Did she know? And if she did, then how did she know? Had the other wolves known? Did she hear it from them? And the real kicker was the fact that I didn't even know exactly what I was talking about, because there were a million and one fucking secrets I kept buried in the pit of my stomach where no one could find them, and I carried them around every fucking day just waiting for someone to reach down my throat and start pulling them out like I was a clown and each secret was just a part of a chain of scarves.

The anger was slowly morphing my expression, and all I kept hearing in my head was ''you need to learn your place.'' Six words that wanted to come out, but the tension in my lips prevented even a breath from escaping. I knew for sure it was her I was angry at, but there wasn't just one reason why I was so pissed off right now. It was the fact that I had told her everything except the things she truly didn't need to know. No, she didn't need to know how I felt for Peyton. That was so fucking irrelevant to this shit it might as well have been a completely different universe as far as she was concerned. And no, she didn't need to know I deep throated my favorite Glock twenty-three. Neither of those things even fucking mattered. She knew far more than anyone else did about this shit, and now she was bitching because I didn't want her to pet my fucking head while I told her my deepest darkest secrets? She was a fucking stranger to me, and even if she wasn't, it still wasn't her goddamn business. I didn't expect her to delve into any details about her fucking stray in the woods. All I needed to know was he meant something to her, that was all that was relevant. You didn't see me throwing a damn tantrum because she didn't tell me about what they talked about the last time they shared a damn fucking cup of coffee.

I don't know what gives you the impression I've lied about anything, but no, you don't need to know every detail about me in order for us to solve these problems. And frankly, I don't need a lesson about everything that's at stake here, I don't need to be reminded about the lives that are on the line. I'm reminded of it every fucking minute, of every fucking day without your help. For the record, I'm not too proud, not that pride is anything to be ashamed of. And I'm definitely the furthest thing from scared. But if you even have to question your trust for me, then I'm inclined to believe you never had any trust to spare to begin with. Which made me question, why the fuck was she even here if she didn't trust me? And why the fuck was it so important for her to know everything. I could easily say it was the detective in her, but God that was starting to feel like a fucking excuse. Overused and abused.

Yeah. It was a heavy reply, even I could hear it in my tone, how little I agreed. Because working together didn't mean we weren't alone. Problem solving together didn't mean we weren't alone. In the end, it wasn't her body being invaded. This cancer clung to me. In the end, it was me wolves looked to for answers. In the end it was me wolves looked to for protection and safety. In the end it was me, and even if I could share the load, it wasn't the right thing to do. She could ''help'' me solve my problems, just as I'd help her, but maybe I was just fucking cynical and pessimistic. There was a reason I wasn't even offended when I made that connection, when I discovered she probably didn't trust me as much as she pretended to. Because I didn't trust her either. And in the end, I was pretty fucking positive we'd fix the situation with her friend, even if it didn't end very well for him. But I knew my problems weren't going away. With her help, or without, my bullshit wasn't fixable.

My one worded response would have probably lead somewhere negative if I didn't laugh, even if the laugh wasn't entirely sincere. The little bit of sincerity that did come with it however, was more relief. Her little joke ended the conversation, which was what I wanted more than anything else. You can cry. Just... Give me warning ahead of time so I can prepare. It wasn't even the crying exactly that made me so fucking uncomfortable, it was the fact she was a stranger to me and openly crying in my presence shit that made me want to run away. I didn't know how to fucking comfort her.

I looked up at her, actually surprised that she seemed surprised. Yeah I mean... Way I see it, it'd benefit everyone. You, me, and probably spare some lives. I don't see how I couldn't agree to do it. I shrugged my shoulders, making a mental note to pay a visit to bossman tomorrow after work.

Yeah, and maybe it means nothing, but this location can't be a coincidence. There's something going on here- I pointed to the map and looked back up at her. -I don't know what. But there's something. There has to be a connection somewhere. I couldn't put the pieces together, I just knew that specific part of the video, and what Odin was saying was relevant. I just knew it was important.

I have no idea, I was kinda hoping your detective mind could put the pieces together. Obviously it'll take time, something we don't have much of, but I don't think we have much of a choice. Our only other option is to camp out in this location night after night and hope to come across something fishy. Which to me seems... I don't know, a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. We know where the needle's been, but have no way of knowing if it's already been moved to another stack. It just doesn't seem... Like a good use of time. - And I wouldn't put it past 'em. They're manipulative, scheming fuckers, and yeah, maybe Odin was too, but his connection to them proves not all fangers just see us as dessert.

I immediately pulled out my phone, assuming she was onto something. Why else would she want to know the dates? Either way, I didn't want her to lose whatever thought process she was on and opened up my browser. September and October both on the twenty-seventh, August the twenty-ninth, July we had one on the first and thirty-first. I had no idea where her mind was, but I knew where it was going. Maybe it's time we go for a run. I looked at her before my eyes drifted to the back door which lead straight to the woods. But then it hit me, an idea that she would probably hate, and really, I had no idea if those dates meant anything, but I spoke anyway. There's one obvious solution, and maybe it'd work, maybe it wouldn't. But I could always play bait. We both know I can't die, so who better? The next full moon is on the twenty-fifth. All we'd need to figure out is... A way to keep wolves out of the forest that night, without seeming suspicious. Then again I could always convince Orion to lead the pack on a run south.

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Re: [Private] Time to Kill

Rohana Khan | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Thu Nov 19, 2015 2:28 pm

Closing my eyes and counting to ten obviously hadn't done the trick, because the anger I could see in the tightness of Onyx's face was a perfect representation of how I felt inside. Perhaps I didn't let it show so much, but I was so tired I wasn't even sure how well my poker face was holding up. I wasn't sure if the connections I was making in my head were true connections, or ones out of anger. It was that self-doubt that shocked the anger out of my system. I never doubted myself, my ability to deduce what was happening, or see things that other trained eyes couldn't.

I abruptly stood up. I need some more water - don't worry, I can get it myself. I said, my voice soft, and grabbed my still half-full glass and slipped swiftly into Vincent's kitchen.

I turned on the tap immediately and filled the glass back to the top, drinking it down in small gulps before lowering the tap pressure. I watched the slow stream of water as it filled and then set the glass to one side, rubbing my fingers over my temples. How had I let myself get so angry? Granted, a lot of the things Vincent had said were infuriating, frustrating.. beyond belief, if you were an idealist, but being angry at each other when there were enemies out there simply seemed so pointless. My hands smoothed out from my temples and into the mess of my hair, finding the stray hairs and messiness of my makeshift bun that made me frown with annoyance. I pulled the hair tie out, letting my hair fall down over my back, and tucked the band round my wrist, taking my time, letting my stress slowly roll away. When I was ready I picked up the glass, smiled with new hope and walked back into the living area of the house with a fresh spring in my step.

Onyx. I don't want to argue, because it seems so silly to be mad at each other when we've got all this to deal with, I glanced to the coffee table which held the map and laptop, but I would like to make sure there aren't any misunderstandings. I glanced down at my hands in my lap and took a slow, deep breath before looking up at him, You know, I know we might not even be friends, but it still hurts a little that you think I never trusted you. It's your choice what to believe, but I did. I do, even if being honest, some things I'm about to explain have made me doubt that trust. But I did trust you - I chose to tell you about this problem and not in a rash decision either, but after a lot of thought, I decided trusting you was the best thing to do. Maybe too much thought, but.. everything is so much easier in hindsight.

But, with your problem, I've come to realise that it's different. If I hadn't come across you in the forest that night, I don't think you'd have told me. It was just chance. Maybe my appearance even forced your hand. But either way, there's not that trust that I felt for you. And this is my problem - I don't think you trust me and because of that, I'm finding it hard to trust that you are giving me all the information I need, especially when you haven't done. I'm not talking about any of your personal experiences, or even that I suggested you lied, which I think I could have judged wrongly - it can be easy to expect everyone to lie in my line of work. I'm sorry for that.

But I'm talking about Peyton's disappearance and also, in turn, the disappearance of Lilith and her taking control of your body - those are things that you might have told me now, but until just now I was left out of that loop. Information about another missing wolf that could have impacted my investigations, potentially even change the meaning of this,
I gestured to the map aside us, marked so intricately with dates and locations of all the known missing cases and attacks, which could also then completely change the conclusions we're coming to now. There's so little information to go on really, that any extra could have such a big impact. But it's not just how you withholding that affects this. I've also been putting aside some time, trying to figure out how to help you. I thought there must be something we could do and after some research I came up with an idea that could potentially stop her from taking control, or give you back a little control, I'm not sure, it's still only an idea, but now I know she hasn't been doing it any longer it all seems like it was for nothing and I could have put that time to better use instead...

I shook my head, feeling ridiculously sad over all of it. I just want to help. And I'll tell you, you might say you're not scared, but I am. I can admit that much, and I don't think it's anything to be ashamed of with all this going on either. I think this is a time when we're allowed to be scared, that if someone really wasn't scared at all, then that's more of a problem. Or, maybe that they have too much pride to admit it. I looked hesitantly up through my eyelashes and shot Vincent a nervous smile, looking back down to my hands the next second. I'm not about to hide under the table with it, don't worry, but I can't say I haven't lost sleep over it too. I just try and think, that I still feel fear, it's what sets us apart from the monsters, the vampires.

I just want to do a good job, I want to give you the results you want, but maybe I've been looking at this wrong. I've been seeing us as partners in this when we aren't, or.. even friends. And maybe that's the sad thing, I let out a laugh, That you're the closest thing to a friend I've got in this pack, or even left outside the pack. You know, I wanted Peyton and I to be friends. I actually met her before any of this, before being a wolf... I trailed off as my mind supplied what could have happened to her, the end that could be instead of the friendship I'd imagined.

I'm sorry, I just needed to get all that off my chest to be able to start thinking about tis clearly. Anyway.. I spun my knees round so my body faced directly towards the table again, and started to refocus on the problem. By these dates and those you just read out, every full moon of the past months there's been an attack. I'm sure now that we're definitely being targeted. This is about killing wolves - it can't just be coincidence, combined with a wolf being killed every single night there's an attack too. But I also think you're right. As much as I'd love to be able to deduce an answer from this information, I think the only choice we've got is to go into that woods and find evidence if we want a real answer. But... I bowed my head, pulling a face at the thought of disagreeing with something else, While I think your other idea is good too, using you as bait.. I... I trust you that when you say you think you can't die, Onyx. But I don't trust that vampire spirit. Can you really be sure that because one time you didn't die, she wasn't a part of that and it's not all some trick to make you risk your life more? And, can't you still feel pain? I looked up to him, then away, I feel like a part of this is my fault too. So I agree, bait is a good idea, but I want to be there with you. That way if anything does happen, if you promise to stay close I can just teleport us both to safety. Plus, if there's any of the old Sam left, he might recognise my scent, maybe be drawn towards me. And I'd recognise his scent and I know what he looks like. I know it's not my place to demand this or anything really, but I just want to do all I can to make sure no-one else gets hurt. I squeezed my hands together, As for keeping other wolves away... a run could work, I guess... I let out a sigh. Who were we kidding? Anything that was in any way work and suggested by Vincent, most of the pack automatically hated. Though there'd always be the wolves who would try and get out of it. They still don't exactly like training, all most of them want to do is party. My mouth fell open in a little 'o' and I looked to Vincent, slowly smiling. A party! What wolf wouldn't go to a party, right? If I organised one on that day, away from the woods... I'm sure all the wolves would go. It would be perfect, wouldn't it? I grinned at the thought, finally starting to feel more positive. Progress - it felt like we were beginning to make progress.

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