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[Private] Time to Kill

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Re: [Private] Time to Kill

Rohana Khan | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Sun Nov 22, 2015 1:32 pm

While I thought I'd been right when I'd told Vincent about bottling things up, I myself hadn't even realised how right I'd been. When he finally exploded I just sat and watched him in awed disbelief that it was happening, my mouth closed in a surprised pout and my eyes wide. He spoke so much I didn't even have time to respond to any of it before he was flying onto another point, changing his mind, backtracking... my head actually started to hurt as I took it all in.

When he threw his head back against the couch I wished I could do the same. I just curled my legs up onto the couch next to him and nodded. Yeah. Sometimes. I bit at my lip, Then everyone comes into my head, you, Sam, the pack, all the people of Index, and I can't stand not to wake up again and just leave you all, even if sometimes I want to, and can't even sleep because even that makes me feel guilty. I wanted to say that I'd miss him if he never woke up again, but I didn't want to push it. Luckily before I thought against my judgement Vincent stood, and I just nodded to him as he disappeared into the kitchen.

I let out a small sigh when he was gone and rocked forwards, leaning my elbows on my knees and resting my head in my hands. Tired wasn't the word for it. Exhausted, but running on adrenaline that wouldn't let up... I opened my eyes to a view of the map I'd made and spent a few minutes just studying it, thinking over Vincent's words.

Without a sound I stood up and followed in the direction he'd taken, only my heels audible, clicking through the kitchen and to the back door. I opened it and peeked my head out, sending Vincent a tired smile before turning around and stepping out, pulling the door shut behind me.

Plenty of air out here, huh? I giggled nervously and cleared my throat, taking in the lights around us. It's pretty out here too. I smiled, folding my arms in front of myself more for comfort than due to the cold. I looked down to my feet and then back to him, thinking over everything he said and not sure what to respond to, but knowing that I had to talk about some of it. I let the silence roll on a little. I didn't want to rush it.

I never knew you played guitar until today. It's strange, how this has thrown us together but maybe, we really don't know much about each other at all? I glanced sideways to Vincent, then turned to face him. And maybe it's silly of me considering that but, I don't really want this 'alliance' to end. I want all these problems to end, but working with you... I trailed off, looking out into the darkness of the back yard beyond the twinkling lights. My gaze lifted to Vincent and I frowned, trying to smile through it. I'm sorry I make you feel awkward. I never mean to. I always just want to help, but it seems like I just make some things worse. I said, softly. I hugged at my arms tighter.

I let the quiet of the night fold in once again, smiling out at the darkness. My smile slowly shrunk to a crooked half-smile. You're not a fuck up. I said, looking back to Vincent. You're many things and yes, you've made many mistakes, but you're not a complete.. fuck up. The words sounded foreign coming from my mouth. I wouldn't have been able to make that map without things you've told me. I wouldn't have even known to make it if you hadn't decided to tell about what else has been going on and made me realise how big this all is. We've both made mistakes, but if you're going to give me credit for what I've done, you've got to be willing to take what you're due too.

I turned back to the door, but glanced back. And don't worry, you'll trust me eventually. It always happens. I shot him a cheeky smile. When you do a good job, don't let people down and try your hardest, it's what people do. So don't worry about that, just give it time. Now, where's that bag? Because if we're going into the forest and potentially will be shifting, I don't want my clothes to get ruined. The weather recently, it's all wet and muddy out there. I should've worn something more practical but I came straight from the precinct.  I looked down at my smart shoes with regret, then took another look at the air outside. Would we stumble across Sam? I could only hope we'd stumble across something, but at the same time that it wouldn't be dire. My heart was already racing with the possibilities. If it meant a pair of shoes had to be ruined to make progress, maybe it was what had to happen. Even if they were really nice shoes. Maybe we could stop by a liquor store and grab you a bottle of Jack before we head back later too, to talk about your stuff? I didn't like the wolves' tendency to abuse alcohol, Vincent included, but it seemed like a smart compromise if I wanted to get anything intelligible out of him. Thanks for opening up already. And telling me everything, and showing me that video. I still can't believe it. What Odin did, what he said... and the pack had no idea. When I thought about it again, one phrase kept coming back to me. Won't shut up about monsters in the woods.. Why did it feel like it wasn't the first time I'd heard that? Vin, I started, looking back to him with a frown, Have you mentioned anything from that video to me before? Even just in passing? I've got this strange feeling that some of it's familiar and I can't figure out why.

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Re: [Private] Time to Kill

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Sun Nov 22, 2015 5:08 pm

We were so vastly different. And it wasn't some uncommon thing, to find different people in the world. But this was the first time I was stuck with someone so damn different than myself. It was easy to head into the bank and look at a fancy dressed man or woman behind the counter and think ''fuck, our lives are probably so different'', because you didn't have to stay. You didn't have to be grilled by them or even really talk to them. You could do your business and leave. And yeah, maybe I wasn't coping with my shit as well as I thought I was, or maybe it was just the fact that she was so damn different I didn't even realize she possessed the ability to siphon it out of me. To be completely honest, I almost wish she had a different influence, because all of this emotional shit was hell. And even saying the little bit I had made me feel weak.

I thought about what she had said on the couch once I was outside. It was the one thing that stuck out to me the most, and I just kept hearing it over and over again. She actually felt the same? When I said it, I didn't mean it in a fucking emo way, I meant it literally. Most of the time I was so damn tired I wished I could sleep and I truly didn't give a fuck if I ever woke up again. But I didn't think about anyone else when that feeling washed over me. I didn't think about her or the pack or anyone. I just thought about myself. And maybe this was one of those things where, we were different, but I needed to try and be more like her. Fuck even thinking it made me cringe, but it was true? Was being selfless that fucking cringey? No, it wasn't. It wasn't weakness either, selflessness was strength.

I shrugged my shoulders when she stepped outside and propped my lit cigarette between my lips to began packing down the nicotine in a new pack. We don't. I realized, when she mentioned we don't know each other. But to be fair, not many people know I play. It's not something I share, I don't know. It's my thing, I keep it to myself, for me, mostly. I finally looked up at her and pulled the cigarette from my mouth. All I know about you is your job... And your house is inhumanly clean considering everything is so white... But I guess that's my fault. I've never really asked. Maybe that was because I was afraid of what she might say. If you ask someone about themselves and they say they like old cars, then yeah, maybe it's not one of my main interests, but I can hold a conversation with that... But with her, I couldn't help but feel she'd respond with a fondness for knitting or I don't fucking know, something else equally girly. How the fuck would I respond to that?

It's not your fault it's mine. No one can blame you for being who you are. I just need to learn how to, I don't know, take you in. And I would, and not just because I had to. But because I both wanted and needed to. I couldn't let every time I saw her end up like this. This shit was fucking awkward as hell. And she'd made it very clear she wasn't going anywhere. Fuck, I'd dealt with worse, honestly.

I'll get the bag- I spoke quickly as I stood up and shoved the remains of my cigarette into the ash tray. And about what you said earlier- about using witches and warlocks with this problem. Trust me, I've been down that road, and it isn't... It just isn't possible. I'll have to tell you the details another time because now we need to get to work. But it's just not- yeah, not gonna happen. I slipped past her and started heading back for the door. I don't think that's necessary- I motioned for her to follow and the second I was inside I took a step towards our liquor cabinet which was packed full of everything you could imagine, Your party stereotype isn't exactly a stereotype... Then again it was Logan that liked to throw parties, I just rarely opposed it.

I closed the cabinet and slipped into my room, leaving the door open so I could still hear her while I dug around for my mountain hardware bag. Uh, no? Once I found it I picked it up and slipped out of my room after shutting off the light, looking at her curiously as I passed it to her. I mean I mentioned the videos existed but I don't remember ever telling you about the contents specifically. Why? I mean, what part feels familiar?

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Re: [Private] Time to Kill

Rohana Khan | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Mon Nov 23, 2015 2:24 am

That's good. I agreed, my voice soft, It's good to have something for yourself. I play. Or - I used to play, it feels false saying I still do. It feels like since I've come to this town, I've literally done nothing but work. Maybe that was my problem, in Vincent and I not knowing each other. I'd been so obsessed and focused on work that I hadn't thought much of him beyond him feelings, or capabilities as Pack Master. I wouldn't say inhuman, as I'm pretty sure my cleaner is human. And.. I've never asked you, either. We should, sometime.

I followed Vincent inside, shadowing his movement with my head cocked to one side, frowning at what he said. I'm not saying you're wrong, but something will be possible. But yeah, later- I stopped short when he opened a cabinet, my mouth falling open. Yeah, I hate to stereotype for a start, but I don't think I knew realised what extent it went to... it seems we don't need to pick anything up on the way back. Except maybe something not so strong for me. Just looking at the multitude of bottles had me feeling a little nauseous and I felt relieved when Vincent shut the doors again. I really hoped that attempting to down liquor like water was not what I needed to do in order to gain the pack's approval, because I had a feeling I might actually die before I could ingest as much as they did.

You're sure? I frowned harder, It's fairly specific. When Odin mentioned something about there being monsters in the wood, I know I've heard that exact phrase before. Maybe it's just not an uncommon phrase among wolves? I asked Vincent, hoping that was the case because the gut feeling I had was slowly starting to make sense.

I took the bag, pondering removing my shoes then and there but deciding I didn't want to walk to the forest barefoot. I did have a reputation as a law enforcement officer to uphold. Right, let's go? I placed the hefty bag over my small shoulder.

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Re: [Private] Time to Kill

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Tue Dec 08, 2015 2:10 am

What? I mean- What do you play? Was it fucked that I couldn't picture her doing anything but... working and cleaning? Clearly I didn't know her, at all. But the idea of her ''playing'', whatever that specifically meant was weird. It didn't fit, and that was my own damn fault for not really seeing her as a person to begin with. Of course she had fucking hobbies. The question was, why didn't I ever ask? I think you'd do well to take a break from working honestly. It was just my opinion. But if there was one thing wolves knew how to do well, it was take some leisure time. Fuck, maybe I'd start seeing her as a person rather than a detective bot if she did.

So maybe it was fucked, and maybe it made me an alcoholic or a piece of shit or what the fuck ever, but I was actually proud of my collection of liquor. If only I could find the fucking time to build an actual bar... Only good thing I can make that's non-acloholic is a glass of water... So yeah, we probably should. It took a moment for me to realize what she'd just said, but when it hit me, it was too late to say anything. I automatically assumed we'd take our little trip into the woods and then part ways, I didn't realize she planned to come back. Which was fine, I guess, but it was like going into work expecting to put in four hours, only to find out your boss wants you to work twelve.

Yeah I'm sure. I may drink a lot but I'm careful with my information. I frowned, not at her, but at the weird dejavu shit she was talking about. I don't think so? As much as I wanted to sit down and figure out why the fuck that was so familiar to her, we were losing daylight, and when she changed the subject to leaving, I nodded and started for the door.

Index West Woods
''The Clearing''

There was one question that loomed over every decision, every exchange of words, every incident. And I ignored it, much like I assumed the rest of the world ignored it. What was the point? I didn't need the meaning of life, or the meaning of existence. In fact I much rather preferred there wasn't some deep meaning or message to existing, but I did want to know what the fucking point was to all of this was. I knew better than to go on believing there wasn't life on the other side, I'd seen too much to disregard the possibility of an afterlife. But that didn't change the fact that I saw no point to any of this anymore. You live, you get shit on, then you die. So why the fuck did I feel compelled to stay here and work on this with Sthira when I wanted nothing more than to be anywhere else but here? Why didn't I run? Once you accept there isn't really a point to life at all, another question replaces it. Why be where you don't want to be or do what you don't want to do if there is no fucking point to any of it? Why not just make the best of the universe's cruel joke of existence and then die, instead of forcing yourself into miserable situations? Why not choose to be happy, or do something that makes you happy? There's no fucking point, so why not?

I guess it all came down to one unbearably annoying answer. I cared too much. I feared too much. Neither of which were answers I would acknowledge two seconds after thinking them, in fact, I'd deny them even if it meant I'd have to sacrifice my miserable existence in order to maintain the lie. But I knew it was the truth, despite how much I would deny it to anyone that asked. But yeah, I guess I did care about these piece of shit wolves, including Sthira. I guess I feared what my life would be like without them. Who the fuck would I be without them? Who the fuck would I be if I didn't have them to bitch about, or bitch at, or try and control? It had become such a symbolic fucking statue in my life, this pack, and my entire fucking being revolved around it so much that despite how miserable they made me, I felt I would be nothing without them. And yeah, I guess some would say that was the bond of a pack, a family, but did that make it any less real?

So yeah, I didn't want to be here. I would have much rather been at home, with a drink, watching some mindless bullshit on the television set and contemplating the sickening truth of my brooding nature and hating myself more than anyone could ever hate me. That was what I wanted to be doing, but I wasn't. And I guess maybe in a way, that was the point of fucking existing. Choosing which things mattered, and which things didn't, and no matter how miserable shit may get, pushing onward anyway.

I pulled my beanie down over the tops of my ears, my eyes looking upward as the wind licked the tops of the trees as I cut off of the path we'd been following.  My feet slowed as my head turned back to make sure she was making it through alright, and eventually I came to a full stop and closed my eyes. I took in a deep breath and focused on the sounds around us. Snapping twigs, rustling leaves, and something unnatural, clanking of some kind in the distance. But as far as I could tell, we were the only ones in the area, which was all I cared about anyway. There was always a chance that could change, but for now, it was just us. We're almost there. I muttered before moving my feet again. What are you hoping to find exactly? I asked as I dodged a low hanging branch and took a leap off of a dip in the terrain. I turned around and held my hand out to help her down the same dip if she needed it and locked eyes for a brief moment before forcing myself to look away.

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Re: [Private] Time to Kill

Rohana Khan | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Sun Dec 13, 2015 9:05 am

I smiled, albeit sadly, at Vincent's surprise that I played an instrument. why was it such a shock? I liked work, sure, but it wasn't literally all I did. The violin. My parents encouraged me to learn when I was a child and.. I'm glad they did, even if I should probably use that skill more. It's not as if I can combine that with police work, or even take it in to practice at the office. I let out a sigh. A break would be nice, obviously it would. Yeah well, the criminals would probably like it if I took a break too. Thing is, they don't take a break.

And whatever it was, Sam, or the thing controlling or having changed him - that didn't look like it would be taking a break anytime soon either.

My steps were neat and concise as we walked and I kept my gaze on my footsteps, counting in time with my pace. I'd have done anything to keep my mind empty, and so I did. I knew the second I let myself I'd be worrying about what we might find. The truth was I couldn't control what we'd find - if we even found anything. There was no point in worrying because there was nothing I could do that would stop what might have to happen.

That didn't stop the worrying from looming over my head, though.

I walked faster to catch up with Onyx, my pace slower since we were off the path, considering my shoes. They were impractical to say the least but I hadn't planned on a night journey to the woods - I was still dressed in what I'd worn to the precinct for my day of paperwork and file-crunching. I thanked the gods the heels were patent. At least I'd be able to wipe off any mud and they might not be too ruined.

In the scheme of things though, my shoes didn't matter. This was it.

...I don't know? I answered, feeling properly nervous with anticipation of what we could find, and slightly confused seeing as the idea to come out here had been at least partly Vincent's. I swung under the branch, holding my necklaces so they wouldn't get caught, but then saw the dip and came to a stop. I quickly slipped my shoes off, glancing to Onyx as I did so. I don't know if hope's the right word. It was beginning to feel more like dread. But where was my motivation? My energy? I needed to put my all into it. I quickly rolled the bottoms of my pants up and holding my shoes in one hand, took Vincent's hand with my other and leaped down to join him. I met Vincent's eyes and followed his gaze before averting my own, my determination slowly rekindling within me. Sam, I suppose? Something that'll tell us where he is, what's happening? Even just any reason why this area seems to be special. I don't know... I really don't know. Just something to help us out in this.

The place where we were was away from the path and I couldn't sense anyone about, but I believed Vincent when he said we were close. There was no better place to shift. I placed my shoes into the bag still round my shoulder and dumped it on the ground next to me. If we're close - I need to be prepared. I took off my necklaces and placed them carefully in the bag, my sweater joining them after. If there's any trace of his scent, I want to pick it up as soon as possible. I can remember it. I know what to look for. I turned my back and continued de-robing, placing all my clothes as neatly as possible into the bag. The breeze felt cool on my skin, the hot, un-human blood in my veins keeping me unnaturally warm. Lastly, I untied my hair, letting it cascade over my nudity. I placed the bag under a shrub, mostly hidden, in case any wanderers chanced this way while we were gone. You'll stay close? I don't trust whatever's out here. I glanced over my shoulder to Vincent, my eyes hard with the conviction of making sure he did stay close, and then I began my shift.

However many times I shifted, it never failed to feel so overwhelming. The breaking and re-knitting of bones, not even the sharp sounds of snapping but the feeling of my own bones and the magic within them at work. Every time I hoped it might get easier and maybe it did, but not by much. It was the main reason I preferred to turn before we ran into anything. With my size I was already at a disadvantage without going through the throes of a shift under the gaze of a potential enemy too. I had a feeling we might need everything at our disposal and even if we didn't, it couldn't hurt.

A speck of blood dripped ran down my fur, dropping from my nose onto my paw below. Only seconds after a shift I could feel the stronger power within me. I could already sense so much more, my ears pricked and swiveling about like satellite dishes atop my head, my nose twitching in anticipation, eager to catch a scent - though with respect I waited for the Alpha first instead of just dashing off. I lifted my head to Onyx, awaiting his signal.

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