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 [Private] Suite No.2, for solo violin

[Private] Suite No.2, for solo violin

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[Private] Suite No.2, for solo violin

Maggie Mathiasen |

Posted on Sat Oct 24, 2015 8:27 pm

I felt pretty silly coming right back to the cafe after Gwen dropped me back at my car at the cemetery, but the place was so perfect. I imagined myself spending a lot of time here, sipping chai tea and watching out the windows as the maidenhair trees change colors with the season. As soon as I walked in the door and the little bell above the door tinkled, the lady at the counter gave me a quizzical smile.

“Welcome back! Did you forget something, dear?” She glanced toward the table where Gwen and I were sitting. My eyes followed her gaze and I noticed the place was a little busier than before.

I smiled at her, I just couldn’t stay away, this place is just too wonderful! I love it! She smiled knowingly.

“Make yourself at home, then, we’re happy to have you.” She smirked and went back to work behind the counter.

I unslung my bag from my shoulder and walked over to a little orange couch with cute green cushions, flopping onto it with a sigh. The incense was something spicier now, like cinnamon and cloves. I pulled the airport paperback from the bag and started reading. The book wasn’t too bad, if not a little contrived. Some guy with brain cancer becomes super intelligent due to some accident in an MRI machine. At least it was better than the awful book I’d read on the flight from Heathrow to New York -- Fifty Shades of Grey. Yuck.

I glanced around the cafe, wondering who these people were, what they were thinking, where they were going. I really needed a place to stay tonight, and I couldn’t decide if I should play it safe, and check into a hotel or if I should… cause just a tiny bit trouble. I didn’t notice any skeezy people around, so, it seemed like a good opportunity to make some magic happen.

I unpacked my violin discreetly and laid it across my lap, then checked my hair and makeup, to make sure I looked my best. I felt the power buzzing inside of me, welling up as I summoned my confidence and let the song come into my mind, the needed melody slowly coming into focus.

In a place like this, it would be best to be subtle and adaptable. This was a new place with unfamiliar people, and I need to create a personal rapport with a few of them. This wasn’t like getting revving up a crowd at a dance hall or like implanting the idea that the pretty girl fiddling on the street corner really looks like she could use all the deutschmarks in your pocket.

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Re: [Private] Suite No.2, for solo violin

Rupert Hemmingway |

Posted on Mon Oct 26, 2015 11:27 am

OOC Message

The bell above the door rang as I entered and I pulled the door closed before some stray leaves from the sidewalk could enter with me, undoing the button on my jacket once in the warmer shop. I made my way over to the counter where a young girl was flicking through a magazine.

Is Edith about? I asked, fingers stroking at the rolled up sheet of paper under my arm.

"Yeah, I'll get her." The girl pushed off from where she was leaning and walked through to a back room. Moment later it was Edith who emerged.

"Rupert! It's great to see you again."

You too. Mom told me to say hi to you. I bought that poster I was asked you about - it still okay for you to hang it up in here? I unfurled the sheet over paper to show her and Edith just nodded her head, putting her hand up.

"Of course it is, dear, anything to help someone in need. Go ahead and hang it where you want." She opened a drawer behind the counter and rifled through it until she found some blu-tack, handing it over to me.

Sure thing, thanks. Can I have a pot of chai tea too? I asked with a wink, leaving a smirking Edith at the counter as I walked through the shop.

It would have been nice to hang the poster behind the counter if it wasn't for the shelves full of spices, but hanging it anywhere would at least be a start. I stepped through the shop, walking round chairs and tables and trying to figure the best place to hang it up. It wasn't only the best place either, but finding somewhere with enough wall space too. The decor in the shop was eclectic to say the least.

I noticed a head of blonde hair and took a second glance, smiling easily when I saw there was a prominent position for my poster just behind her. I made my way over, unrolling the poster again and lifting it up to check it'd fit.

Don't let me move you. I said before she could, gesturing to the wall behind her. I'll only be a second and you can get back to your book. I grinned down at her and noticed the instrument on her lap. Or your violin. I returned to pulling pieces off the pack of blu-tack, fixing them to each corner of the poster until each edge was covered. I stood by the side of the couch and leaned over, easily reaching to position the poster on the wall. I pressed down on the corners until it stayed and smoothed it over, making sure it was as straight as possible. I took a step back to admire my handiwork, my gaze also slipping to the blonde for a second. The poster was a picture of Gabe, one of the only ones I could find where he wasn't pulling a face or making a rude gesture, with an appeal for any information as to his whereabouts underneath, as well as my contact details.

I just hoped I might get some information out of it at last and find out whatever had happened to him.

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Claire Trevino

Re: [Private] Suite No.2, for solo violin

Claire Trevino | Human; Citizen

Posted on Sat Oct 31, 2015 10:53 am

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I’d come to find that this little cafe had the this amazing pesto grilled cheese sandwich. Paired with a bowl of Edith’s tomato soup, it was heaven on a dreary day like today. And it was the perfect study food. It filled my belly without making me sleepy, and I always seemed to do my best studying after I had this lunch. The saucer and bowl now sat on the other end of my table, with only a few breadcrumbs and a little red ring around the bowl. A textbook on Geopolitics sat on my thighs and rested against the table as I skimmed through the chapters, a glass of iced tea in my hand. This was the third week I’d managed to come here, and I’d contentedly decided this was to be a new ritual.

I glanced up as I turned the page, looking toward the man Edith was now talking to, and I started back to the book but then I looked at the poster he had just hung. I almost let the glass of tea slip from my hand, and I sat it back on the table to keep that from actually happening. I closed the book and stood from my chair, walking over to take a closer look.

It was him. To think all this time, I’d thought Gabe had just.. I don’t know, skipped out? Skipped out on rent, skipped out of town, he just seemed like the type to me. He’d been gone for a long time to Europe, and we didn’t exactly check in with each other. We were just roommates. Wait - he’s.. he was my roommate. Oh, god, I feel so bad now. I thought… I said to the man.

I realized now that both me and the guy were kind of intruding on the girl’s setup. I didn’t know that there was ever entertainment here, but then again I’d only come here during earlier hours. I’m sorry, miss, I’m being rude. I took a step back, but I kept looking at the poster, a frown now stuck on my face.

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Re: [Private] Suite No.2, for solo violin

Maggie Mathiasen |

Posted on Sun Nov 01, 2015 1:09 pm

A looming shadow shattered my reverie. As I opened my eyes, all I could see was a gray sweatshirt and a fleeced denim jacket flapping in my face as he leaned over me to put something on the wall behind me. I was so engrossed in my musical augury that I missed what he said.

I blinked and patiently waited for him to finish whatever it was he was doing, but my anger was growing by the second. I looked down at the bow in my hand and briefly contemplated jabbing him in the solar plexus and angrily pushing him away when I heard a woman’s voice behind him. When he stepped back, I could finally see them both. He was well-dressed, in a casually stylish manner, and handsome, too. She had striking ombre hair and would be pretty if she didn’t look so sad and shocked. Her roommate was missing? The look on her face erased the anger I was feeling moments earlier.

I turned and looked at the poster on the wall, then back at them. I squinted at them for a moment and then spoke to the girl. Oh, don’t mention it. Please, excuse me.

I stood with my violin and walked a few paces away, to let them have a little bit of privacy, though I intended to eavesdrop a bit. I knew I could just insinuate myself into their conversation, the opening was there, but this would be more fun. The music came to me, quite easily this time, since I only needed to influence the two of them. Bach. I began to play, very softly.


OOC Message
Maggie is using her magic to influence them to open up to each other about something painful. Towards the end of the song, she will encourage them to be friendly towards her so she can politely join the conversation and get to know them better.

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With my task completed my attention drifted and I subtly checked out the blonde, raising an eyebrow as I took in her violin. It wasn't unusual for performers to visit the small cafe but a violinist was a rarity, a pleasant one at that. If she could play, that was.

I felt the presence of a figure beside me but didn't turn round until they spoke, whirling round when they did with my eyes widened in surprise. They took in the woman in front of me. I hadn't expected the poster to work so quickly, not that I was complaining. It was a miraculous coincidence.

I glanced back to the blonde, taking a step away from her and towards the other woman as she moved. Yes, sorry. I added, turning back to the brunette with anticipation buzzing through me. The violin started gently, the music good and at any other time I might have appreciated it, but my mind was on more important matters and it became just a sound in the background. You must be Claire? I assumed, flashing a quick smile at the brunette. Gabriel had mentioned a roommate in passing before. I'm Rupert, one of Gabriel's friends. I swung by his place a few times trying to catch you, but obviously I never did and it felt something I should talk to you about in person. But first, you haven't seen him recently, have you? Or know where he might be? I've been trying to locate him. I asked, hopeful despite the past tense she'd used when describing him as her roommate. I just needed to believe there was some chance and a resolution to my friend's sudden vanishing act.

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