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 [Closed] Grow a pair

[Closed] Grow a pair

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[Closed] Grow a pair

Shane Mathis | Warlock; Necromancer

Posted on Tue Oct 20, 2015 5:22 pm

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Shane's Apartment | Chilly, but dry | This takes place in April.

OOC Message
Part one of who knows

It wasn’t one particular thing; it was a buildup. I’d been in worse places than that little jail in Index, but I also had more than enough time there to get mad. Eventually, I was out - it helps when any bit of evidence they had against you was circumstantial. It didn’t take long for me to wish I actually had committed the crime, since apparently I was going to be punished for it anyway. Did anyone even miss the guy? No one had showed up to spit in my face for killing him, that was for sure.

It wasn’t long after I’d gotten out that I’d started seeing them. At least two guys that I remembered seeing on the East Coast. I’d done a swell job pretending not to notice them, even though they were a bit obvious. Either they were stalking me, or they were really attracted to me, and since neither ever offered their numbers, I assumed it was the first. My first instinct, as usual, was to run, but as I packed my bags one quiet night, I felt an energy, and it was a familiar feeling. Yeah, a ghost. I’d felt them all the time, but there was a completely different feeling you got when one started paying attention to you. When one started watching you. And this fella had been peeking in the window from the time I’d been in jail (the first time). Now, he was straight up knocking on my door.

Explaining how these things are done is harder than explaining how to drive a car to a blind person, but I made the mental connection I knew I needed to make to communicate, and the man appeared before my eyes, there in my apartment. He was late thirties, perhaps, black hair, and the painful style of someone who lived in the seventies. I guess it could have been worse, he could have been wearing the gym shorts, but instead he wore very high waisted, flare-legged jeans and a matching denim jacket, with a floral shirt underneath. The collar stuck above the jacket, and he wore amber-tinted glasses. I laughed under my breath.

“They’ll be laughing at your ghost soon enough, kid, I mean, c’mon, what’s up with the ear plugs?”

I shrugged, a slight bit of defeat settling in before I realized my only answer was that they “look cool” and he’d probably said the same thing about his atrocious jeans when some old man questioned him about them. The more things changed, the more they stayed the same.

You’re curious about me. I’m not that interesting, I promise.
“You might not be, but your story is.” He took a “seat” on my sofa, which, I still couldn’t get my mind past. He wasn’t.. I mean, shit, did ghosts need to be comfortable? I watched him, with the realization that sitting on my couch wasn’t the only strange thing he did. He ran his fingers through his hair, he scratched the palm of his hand, he shifted his weight. He blinked, he breathed. All things to make him appear.. as human-like as he could possibly seem while still being a ghost.

What do you know about my story?
“I know you’re innocent, at least of killing that scumbag. But I know there’s more to it. I can also know what you tell me, Shane.”
And why should I tell you?
“You forget, Shane, we can be useful to you. Shit, what else do I have to do?”

Just because they were dead didn’t mean they stopped having personalities, motives, wants, needs, even if most of the time it was simply to fill the time. Some of them hopped on the opportunity to “help” just because they wanted to interact with someone who could see them, communicate with them. Some just wanted to cause mischief and watch the show. I always assumed the worst, but in this case, I didn’t have much lower to go in my life. So I told him.

I told him about the Coast Guard and how I’d met Lauren, even though I was still married to Alyssa. I told him about how I’d first gotten tied in with Northwater, and my first experience robbing a sunken grave. I told him that when things got too real, and I’d seen enough, I backed out, and informed the authorities, and that’s when it all went to hell.

Pictures of me and Lauren that I didn’t know existed were mailed to Alyssa, even though I’d ended things almost as soon as they had began. I found my car with windows shattered, and before too long, I found myself running from gunfire more than once. I went back to the authorities, and attempted witness protection, which was a massive joke. After that, I knew I was on my own, completely. Divorced and basically a criminal, that was the first point in which I felt I had nothing left to lose. I figured out how to make a new identity, and headed for the wilderness of Alaska, thinking, hoping that even if someone knew to look there, they wouldn’t. I used skills I’d obtained in training to land a job as a professional rescuer. I didn’t mind, either, that the supernatural population was somewhat limited there as well. I almost felt human. Almost.

I still sent letters to Alyssa, which I now realize was a mistake. I thought it would be harmless, she had seemed more upset with me for being involved with those ruthless people than she had been about Lauren. She wrote me back, under my alias of course, telling me that she still cared for me, but still wasn’t ready to forgive me. It gave me hope. I was happy, until one phone call told me I’d been found.

Index was next, and of course it was only a matter of time, and with McNiel’s dead body looming over me and detectives on my back, I informed the ghost that I had nowhere to go. The law on one end, Northwater on the other - I was trapped.

“Nah, you’re not trapped, friend, you just need to grow a goddamn pair.”

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Re: [Closed] Grow a pair

Shane Mathis | Warlock; Necromancer

Posted on Tue Oct 20, 2015 6:25 pm

OOC Message
Part Two (and the end for now)

I called my new ethereal companion “Disco,” which he hated, but his actual name was Arlo. And whether it was his intention or not, Arlo was helping me - tremendously. He started by telling me the one thing that really mattered: he told me that my ability went beyond talking to ghosts.

“You got anything alive in here? I mean aside from that disgusting fungus in your shower?”
What? Like a pet? Hell, no, I’m never home.
“A plant?”
What the fuck would I be doing with a pl- oh. Wait, I did. There was a succulent I left in my bedroom window. If it was still alive. I walked with Arlo to my bedroom where I found the plant still sitting in my window. It looked a little sad, but it was definitely still alive. I felt a slight sense of pride that it wasn’t black, since Alyssa had been the one with the green thumb, not me.
So, what? We going to put it in a cauldron and-
“We’re going to kill it.”
That shouldn’t be too hard for me to do.
“We’ll find out.”

Thirty minutes later and some weird bullshit speech about how I had to have felt it in me all along, and I was holding my hand out to the plant, not knowing what to expect.
“It feels like life to you, or at least it did me. Remember, you’re not trying to send out your damn spidey-web. You’re actually going to pull life from it.” .

And that was all it took. I felt an energy between me and the plant and shit - I could see it! It was dark, almost light a lightning bolt, but it was such a dark purple color it was almost black. The succulent began to first turn a paler shade of green, then to brown, then to black as it withered away and eventually it turned to dust. My eyes widened as did the smile on my face.

“Well.. hot damn. I didn’t expect that to really even happen tonight. I suppose your enemies need to put their boots on so they can start cowering.”

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