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 [Closed] Matters of the family

[Closed] Matters of the family

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[Closed] Matters of the family

Michelle Hawke | Human; Citizen

Posted on Fri Oct 16, 2015 9:20 pm

Thread Details

The Mad Platter music store| light mist | closing time

OOC Message
Part One of who knows

Slow day, slow sales, and it wasn’t just about my commission, but anytime my sales had sucked, I’d felt a bit like I’d failed Mr. Boudreaux. I liked him, and I had a feeling that he liked me. It hadn’t always been that way; at first, he’d been hesitant to hire me, he said it was just a trial period. He thought my clothes would do nothing but bring in riff raff who didn’t have any money to spend. The kind of losers who would pull the guitars and play repetitive Nirvana riffs all day. But instead, sales rocketed. I don’t know how it happened, I don’t know how I’d been so blessed. I’d never known who the fuck I actually was, but I could explain the inside and outside of every musical instrument you could think of. Maybe it had something to do with her, it had to. It’s why when she was with me, playing them myself had always given me an atrocious headache and had always woken her up.

Now that I was free of her, I still hesitated. Once in a while, on a slow day like today, I’d fiddle around to keep up the skill. It was useful working here, it helped me sell shit. Mr. Boudreaux couldn’t play anything but a few specific tunes on the piano. I could play anything and everything. I even knew tips and tricks with the band nerd shit, especially the woodwinds. Soon, Mr. Boudreaux and I found we could relate on a lot of matters. It really made me feel like shit when it came to Maggie, especially now that she was dead. They had been kind of close, so much at sometimes I’d forgotten that she was his niece and not his daughter. It was actually the arguments that convinced me more of that. They definitely had argued like father and daughter.

I counted the cash till, knowing it would be exactly the same as it had been when I’d opened the store, and so the only thing to go in the money purse was the one credit card slip from the day - for some guitar strings and a pack of clarinet reeds. I went to open the door to the back to head for the office, but instead the door opened as I reached for it, and there he was. Maybe it was the lighting, maybe it had been something I’d begun to suspect about him. He had gained weight, but it wasn’t… normal. It wasn’t in his stomach like it was with most dudes, you know, how they looked like a pregnant rope. His finger swelled around his wedding band, and I could always hear him breathing now. It seemed like a struggle. The strange thing was, he’d come in like that one day, and then the very next day he’d look like he’d lost a crap-ton of weight, but he’d act like he felt just drained and awful. I didn’t know what it was, but something was going on.

Hey, Mr-
”Remember, girl, it’s not the end of the world if you finally start calling me Leon one-a-dese days.”
I smiled. Okay, Leon, how are you? So, like I was never one of those people who asked that sincerely. I was never one of those people who actually noticed that someone was probably less than par. But this was painfully obvious. So, even though the question was sincere as could be, I didn’t make it sound that way. He was a proud dude, and I didn’t want to pry. But he shocked me, because even with the little bait I’d given him, he sighed and I knew it was coming. He was actually going to honestly answer that question. He slowly walked over and took a seat in the stool behind the register.
”I’ve been better, Michelle, I’ve been better. How’s business today?”
Okay, he’d proven me wrong - kinda. That was probably more than I’d gotten out of him about his condition than… ever. I frowned, looked around the store. It’s been slow, sorry I let ya down, Le-
”Stop right there, kid, I know how this business is. It’s just a slow day. As long as there aren’t too many, we’re okay.” He looked around the counter, and I wasn’t sure, but it kind of seemed like he was strolling down memory lane, back in the days where he was behind the counter (or on the sales floor) more than anyone else.
”I want to ask you something, that’s why I’m here. You still taking classes down at the school?”

I trodded back to the counter, standing across from him and setting the nearly empty bag onto the counter.
Nah, I um… I guess I wasn’t into it. I’m just kinda happy where I am.
”I’m really glad to hear that, although I had a suspicion that was the case. But Michelle, I um.. well I have an offer for you.”
There was no hiding the confused expression on my face. Just where on earth could he be going with this? I answered him with that very confused look.

”Take a few business classes. I’m not asking you to get a degree or anything. I’ll pay.”
I wasn’t sure whether to feel.. like.. well shit. was he saying I sucked? I mean with the business end of things? I’d thought I was doing good. I mean shit, I was almost running the place now. I did inventory, I helped him with promotions and shit, I don’t know, I was sure there were some things behind the scenes he took care of. Taxes, fosho. I thought I’d helped the place out.
You think I need it? Anyone else might not have gotten such nice words.
”Not for what you’re doing right now, but Michelle.. it might come in handy before you realize.” He swallowed hard, and that look that had appeared on his face when I’d asked him how he was reappeared. He looked out through the window, and if I wasn’t mistaken, he kind of looked like he was fighting back a tear.

”I’m having some health problems, Michelle. Dialysis isn’t cutting it anymore, I’ve been on the list forever but I’m not really even a good candidate. I mean, you know, for a kidney. The wife moved back in with my daughter, out of the country. I can’t say I blame her. She didn’t sign up to take care of me. I was supposed to take care of her.”

Wait, shit… was he saying what I thought he was saying? Wait.. what?

”Six months to a year, Michelle, and I want you to have this place when I’m gone.”

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Re: [Closed] Matters of the family

Michelle Hawke | Human; Citizen

Posted on Fri Oct 16, 2015 9:52 pm

OOC Message
Part Two of Idek

I was both angered and relieved when Leon left me alone to “think about” what he’d just offered. More like process. And he kept redirecting the conversation to me owning The Mad Platter, to how he didn’t want to pressure me but he felt as though I’d loved the place as much as he did when he’d first opened it. How he couldn’t think of anyone better suited. But did he not realize? He’d just fucking told me that he was dying.

Sure, I’d seemed a little careless about Maggie, and maybe I was. I kind of felt bad about that, but really I felt more strongly that me mourning her death would do nothing but paint me as a huge hypocrite. I’d barely noticed she was missing. I honestly just… didn’t like her as much as I’d wanted to or I’d hoped I would like her. I was her wingman.. or woman, without her even asking my permission. She’d drag me out of my apartment, even when she knew I felt shit or even when I was in school and I had papers to write, take me to a club or something and then ditch me as soon as she found the next cock. I literally was only there just to make sure she didn’t look like she’d arrived alone, plain and simple. I’d never been to her house, and she’d only been to the front door of my apartment. After a while, I stopped answering her texts, and when they turned into phone calls - I ignored those too. Yeah, shit, I felt guilty. Maybe that desperation wasn’t selfishness, maybe she’d been in trouble, but I never got that vibe. It wasn’t like I didn’t listen to the voicemails or read the text. So yeah, I wasn’t going to pretend I actually liked her now that she was dead. I refused.

But Leon? Fuck, he was the closest thing I’d had to a dad. I’d even been tempted to call him as much more than once. For a whole month after the fiasco with Vincent and Rick, he hired a security guard even though I knew he couldn’t afford it. He made me text when I got home. He actually seemed to give a shit about me, which felt… strange, but nice. And maybe I wasn’t as good at showing it, but I cared about him too. I’d sensed something was wrong, and I was kicking myself for not asking him.

Everything was locked up - the cash till, that stupid bag with one credit card receipt, and the office. The final lock was the back door behind me. I fumbled with the key; I was shaking. But strangely, even though I’d remained in the store for almost an hour, I hadn’t even needed to fight tears. Until this very moment. And I didn’t bother. I didn’t sob. I just kind of… ugly frowned and let the tears fall down as I fought with that goddamn key until finally, and almost more of an accident than an actual act of concentration, I got the door locked. I turned around to look for my car in the back parking lot, but instead, I was face to face with him.

Now’s not a good time, Rick.
”Oh, you’re calling the shots? That’s funny, Michelle. No, I’m tired of doing this on your time table.”
Doing WHAT? What in the actual h- And suddenly my mouth was covered. Fuck, had it been anyone but him, I’d be excited as fuck. Had it been any time other than now. Yeah, my heart quickened, and that strange little feeling that this was actually something I wanted was there, but the rest of the world actually trumped that right now.

I’d been hanging around with these.. creatures? enough to know that there was no point in my resistance. Niya, Vincent, even if I had kind of welcomed any pain they were willing to inflict on me. Why? Was I some kind of kinky fuck? It didn’t feel like that. But I wasn’t even thinking about that as Rick drug me to his bike. He caught my eyes, and that feeling came back to me, and I was beginning to learn what it was. He was compelling me or something.

”Stay put until I tell you.” He pulled a small rope out of a backpack that had been hooked on to the black ninja or whatever the fuck it was.
Are you fucking kidding me? Is this really necessary?
”Necessary? No. But it does kinda make my dick hard.”
Fucking creeper.

He gripped my wrists and pulled me to face him, so hard that I heard an audible crack. I cried out in pain but his hand reached my mouth before anything left my lips. Something was broken, I was sure of it. Mother fuck, dude, not cool. He ignored me, and simply began wrapping the rope around my wrists in a figure eight; and a fucking tight one at that.

”I had you wrong, Michelle, sad, really, I thought I was your type. Had you been willing, this could have been fun for both of us. Had you been a willing participant, you’d have been rewarded instead of-” He jerked on my already broken wrists with the rope as he finished the knot. ”Punished.”

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Re: [Closed] Matters of the family

Michelle Hawke | Human; Citizen

Posted on Fri Oct 16, 2015 10:27 pm

OOC Message
Part three of three... for now.

I’d laughed when he put the helmet on top of my head. If he was “punishing” me or whatever, wouldn’t he have enjoyed seeing my skull crushed? But his answer to it had me even more confused than what I already was. He’d said some crazy shit like, “He wants you in one piece. He wants you alive.” I didn’t know who the fuck “he” was, but I didn’t feel like meeting him. My life was already fucked up enough, with my weird suicidal attraction to a certain wolf, and.. well shit maybe I was just suicidal, since I’d been playing with the vampires too. I didn’t feel suicidal, but I felt some kind of need that they were definitely fulfilling.

And I hadn’t even had proper time to process what Leon had told me. Everything about it. His nearing death, my… soon massive responsibility to fulfill his wishes with the store, him asking me to take some classes to help with it. Fuck, I’d never been afraid of death, really, before, and I wasn’t now but I couldn’t allow myself to die. Leon needed me, and he was one of the last people I actually didn’t want to let down. So yeah, I was actually a little relieved and hopeful, that whoever this dude was, he wanted me alive. And it kept me from actually trying to push myself off of the bike even though Rick had to be going 100+. Something I hadn’t considered about being a vampire, his reflexes were on point, and that included driving this machine. And the fact that we were on a part of a road with like.. zero lighting.. well shit I guess I was a little impressed by my abductor. Didn’t mean I wanted to fuck him, but he had some skill, admittedly.

He slowed, finally, as he pulled off onto a dirt road, secluded by lots of trees. Well, shit, who am I kidding? This was middle of nowhere Washington. Everywhere was secluded by lots of trees. They looked like black arms of monsters towering over the road, and through the moonlight I could just barely see the color of the green moss covering the limbs - and shit I could smell it too. Yeah, I was creeped the fuck out. The bike shook and bounced as he slowed over the rocks and potholes of the shitty road. Finally he stopped and parked immediately next to a black car. A man was standing by the car, but I couldn’t make out many details. Short-ish hair, not blonde, maybe not black either. Couldn’t really catch his eye color either. I could pick up that he smelled better than Rick and dressed better. Another vampire? Maybe?

Rick tugged me off of the bike, and I had to quickly adapt my legs so that I wouldn’t burn myself or cut it on a part of the bike and I stumbled to follow him toward the man.

”I told you I wanted her safe, Rick.” The voice was extremely.. flat, but I could detect well.. that he was pissed. I couldn’t help but to look smug as fuck.
”What, how’s a little rope burn going to hurt?”
”It doesn’t matter. I instructed you not to hurt her. I knew I’d given you too much.. slack, Rick. This is the kind of shit that always happens to me when I try to be a nice guy.”
”I’m sorry, I can heal her for-”
”I see vampirism doesn’t gift one with intelligence. Or a good memory. Untainted. Hand her over. Your job is over.”

And then it got even.. weirder. Rick still held onto the extra rope, as if I was a fucking dog on a leash, and he didn’t budge. The man shook his head, and raised his hand so that his palm was facing his own face, and began becking Rick with his fingers.
”Please don’t, Shane, I’m sorry I-” But he quickly stopped talking and almost robotically began walking me towards the man.
”Give me the rope,” he commanded. Rich handed him the rope, and I walked closer to the guy, my stomach twisting even though.. fuck.. was I excited? Fuck, no.. I had to protect myself, somehow. For Leon.

Rick let go of the rope, and the man, Shane, I guess, pulled a knife from his pocket, and held it out for Rick to take.
”Please, Shane, no. I know what that-”
”Take it.”

Tears began to fall from Rick’s eyes, but fuck, they were dark. Was that.. it was blood, wasn’t it? Shane held up his index finger and studied it as he rotated his hand right and left. He made a jabbing motion toward Rick, and Rick took the knife and stabbed himself - right in the chest.

It smelled terrible. I’d never smelled burning flesh, but that had to burning flesh that I smelled. Shane whipped me around, so that I couldn’t see. Why was he protecting me? Was he protecting me?

”Get in,” he instructed as he opened the back door of the car, and you better fucking believe I did as I was told.

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