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 [Closed] Most don't even last the night

[Closed] Most don't even last the night

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[Closed] Most don't even last the night

Ásgeirr Haagan | Vampire; Senior

Posted on Thu Oct 15, 2015 1:22 pm

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Somewhere in Denmark | Small village | The year 1446

Far, far! I could see Einarr running towards me from the other side of the field, just outside of the village. He was struggling to get up the hill, as his small legs had trouble carrying him after a long day. A smile broader than I had ever seen before appeared on his lips as he held up a small hare. Se hvad jeg fanget!. The small trap we had constructed earlier that day had proven useful it seemed. A smile appeared on my lips when he came crashing into my arms. I had never been so proud of my boy before. Godt gået, Einarr. Din mor vil blive glad for at se dig fanget os middag. Einarr almost jumped up and down in excitement. I took his small hand in mine and together we made our way back to our house. The sun was already setting and it was time to eat.

Just as we turned a corner, a man rushed passed us screaming. In his panic, it was hard to understand. It didn't take long until we saw. On the other side of the village, just behind the hill, twenty-five men and their horses galloped towards the village, swords and other self-made weaponry in their hands. The winter had been rough and had left us, and the rest of our area with little to eat. They were after our food and would spare no one in their attempt to get it.

Kom med mig Einarr, hurtig! I yelled, pulling Einarr's hand as rushed into a nearby house. Bliv her, min dreng. I said quietly before moving out of the house and running towards the weaponry house. In the distance, houses were already burning, people running and trying to escape while the attackers wreaked havoc. I grabbed a sword, immediately turning to go back inside when I saw that the attackers had already reached the center of the village. I had to get back to Einarr. Without thinking of my own safety I hurried back to the place where I left Einarr, but he was no where to be found. Einarr! Panic overcame me, almost causing me not to notice one of the attackers charging at me. I dove to the side, sword still in my hand.

I swung at him, the sword immediately hitting home with the most horrible sound. I had been trained to do this, yet the reality of it almost stung. I turned, finally spotting Einarr, who was caught in the middle of a panicking crowd. Quickly I made my way to him, taking his hand and hugging him quickly before checking my surroundings. There were just too many of them. There was no way everyone would make it out alive but we had to try. The smell of houses burning and the sound of those horrible screams was close to numbing. Kom ud af her! I yelled, hoping everyone would get to safety. Four more attackers came our way, and we were surrounded.

I remained, with Einarr. The four attackers standing all around us, their weapons drawn. They were ready to attack but I was ready for them as well. When one of them charged I dodged successfully but I had never expected another to tackle me. I fell to my knees, forced to let go of Einarr's hand and there i was, on the cold ground, four horrible men standing around me. They took all their attention off Einarr, and I hoped to god that he would choose to flee.

The attackers taunted me, called me names and told me they would take everything, to the last breadcrumb. And now they would take my life. One of them drew a small knife from the side of his trousers and held it close to my face. He told me that if I even if I survived, I would never be able to forget. With one strike he slashed at my face, right over my eye. His intention had been to blind me, but I was lucky. That was, however, where my luck ended. When I saw a gap in their defense, I raised myself up while keeping my sword at my side. In one strike I managed to hit all of them, they fell back and I finally looked up. That was when I saw Einarr, still standing there, watching. His mouth wide in shock. That was also when a cloud of red appeared on his white shirt and a sword emerged from his belly. There had been a fifth man. As in slow motion I got on my feet, running towards my boy. When I reached him, the man was already gone. I was left there, holding the body of my dying son on my arms. Tears ran down my eyes. I had failed. Not only as a man but as a father.


Far, far! - Dad, dad!
Se hvad jeg fanget! - Look what I caught!
Godt gået, Einarr. Din mor vil blive glad for at se dig fanget os middag.- Well done, Einarr. Your mother will be happy to see you caught us dinner.
Kom med mig Einarr, hurtig! - Come with me Einarr, quick!
Bliv her, min dreng. - Stay here, my boy.
Kom ud af her! - Get out of here!

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