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[Private] Another Chance

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Re: [Private] Another Chance

Helios Tallon | Army of God; Chief

Posted on Sat Oct 17, 2015 12:39 am

There were a million things on my mind... A million explanations I wanted, a million questions to ask, and a million things I wanted to tell him. But I didn't voice a single one. Not yet. If I spent my time saying and asking everything I wanted to say and ask, it would leave him no room to say anything in return. And frankly he did not look well. I did not want to overwhelm him. In fact, all I wanted to do before getting to the conversation was make sure he was comfortable, warm, hydrated, and fed if need be. That was the most important thing, and it needed to come first.

I continued preparing the fire. I had managed to get it ignited but I was in the process of feeding it wood, mentally going over what I wanted to do next. My eyes scanned the floor, immediately wishing I could make the time to pick up the mess I had made earlier. But as my eyes scanned back over to towards the fire I caught Lenny in the reflection as he was getting undressed. My eyes lingered for longer than they should have, and I almost turned around but caught myself and forced my body to stay faced the opposite direction. The bruises on him had my attention, and I took in a deep breath through my nose and exhaled, trying to release my anger with it.

I closed my eyes, partially to clear my mind and to keep from pointing his bruses out, but also because I had been watching him for far too long. Instead, I poked the fire, and occupied my mind with that until I heard him speak. The files? I finally turned around and looked at him curiously, trying to decipher what he was trying to say but the more he spoke the less sense it made, and I felt like we were repeating history. Does this mean you... Remember? It had never been said, it had never been cleared up. But I just assumed what had happened to him. It was not much of a stretch either. I knew what vampires were capable of. I knew the power they possessed. I was upset last time, not because of you Lenny, but because I- I am on probation with the organization. I admitted, but for the first time since it had happened, I was not admitting it with fear, I was admitting it so he would know it had nothing to do with him.

A picture of her? I immediately moved towards the couch without tearing my eyes away from him once. I took note of everything his body was saying. His movements were the only things that were speaking clearly to me. They were the only things I could understand. He was in pain, and maybe that was why I had no idea what he was talking about. It could have been painkillers, or maybe his mind was just elsewhere. But I never needed him to explain himself more than I did now. I never needed to understand him as badly as I did now.

I finally tore my eyes away from him and looked around the room, as if I was looking for my tylenol when I already knew it was not going to be found in my living room. So instead I pulled my phone from my pocket. I have something better, Lenny. I know how much you dislike hospitals, but you need medical assistance that I simply cannot provide. So I am going to contact a friend of mine, he will be able to help. I did not call, but instead I sent Sig a message using our code word, so he would know his presence was needed immediately, and when I had finished, I sent the message. My phone went right back into my pocket and I turned my attention back to Lenny. Who do you mean... Who is her?

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Re: [Private] Another Chance

Lenny Tronconi | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Mon Oct 19, 2015 8:52 am

I bit down on my lip and then gritted my teeth, doing everything to try and keep the pain at bay. Smaller breaths were more manageable and I realized I had to try and stop myself getting too worked up, because the more i did, the more pain I was in.

I sniffed and put my cold hand on my right shoulder, carefully testing how sensitive it was. My hand froze at one of his questions. Yeah. I said quietly, with a very slow nod. I remember. My mind was still reeling with it and I was doing the best I could to just push it all out of my mind. It was probably ironic that before it had happened, I'd have given anything to be able to forget about vampires and be as if nothing had happened, but now I knew the truth.

I avoided Helios' gaze right up until he mentioned his probation and my heart sunk. I looked up to him, eyes wide and no longer so focused on any pain I was experiencing. They put you on probation? My mouth gaped open and I struggled to come to terms with it. Helios didn't seem to realise it was my fault. Maybe the church hadn't told him, maybe even they hadn't figure it out yet. My stomach plummeted and I was starting to feel sick. I pulled at the hooded sweatshirt and dragged it over me, using it as a blanket and a tool to hide some of the bruises seeing as I couldn't put it on.

Everything was happening so fast and I didn't know how to explain it all to Helios. My mind kept thinking over worst possible scenarios - him kicking me out of the house, demanding his clothes back, deciding that professional was a better relationship for us... suddenly my chest felt tight and then he had to mention hospitals.

What?! No.. I just came from the hospital.. I'm fine, I just need.. some stuff for pain... I looked round the room as if I might notice a stray pot of pain meds and prevent whatever plans Helios had going any further, but then he was finished on his phone and he turned and looked at me, I could sense it from my peripheral without even looking back at him. I'd never felt more guilty.

But I hoped he of all people might be able to understand, at least a small amount. My mom. I barely whispered, for the first time looking to Helios and meeting his eyes. I needed his help and I needed him to know I hadn't wanted to do any it, but I hadn't had a choice. Your probation.. it's all my fault. I wasn't going to do it, and he kept trying to make me but not forcing me to with the eye thing, and then he said.. he said if I didn't take the USB and go to the church, and put it on the computer to copy the files onto it and then corrupt all the files on the computer after except just some of yours, to make it seem like it was you, and if I didn't... he, I stopped, knowing I was getting worked up again, my body shivering and shaking with the stress, when my neck started to hurt. I sniffed loudly, reaching to grip at my neck. A few drops of blood trickled out from under the wet bandage. It had become useless, puckered at the edge and soaked through with rain and sweat, letting the relatively small amount of blood roll down to my chest where I could see it. I stared in slight panic, hoping I hadn't ripped stitches or whatever the doctors had even done to fix my neck this time, but worst of all, knew that whatever happened, most important was finishing telling Helios so he could at least get my mom safe.   He said if I didn't do it.. he'd make her like your mom. I finished quietly, swallowing as gently as possible. My gaze lifted to Helios' and panic built again as I rushed to tell him, to explain, before he had a chance to react to what I'd done.. He had a photo of her... I still tried to save some of the files, to help you, but he found out and... I broke off, taking a second to calm down again, breathing harshly with the stress of trying not to get too stressed, but the situation and the memories made it almost impossible.  I just.. I need you to make sure she's safe, because she's not speaking to me and.. I don't have my phone anyway and... I don't know what to say because I can't tell her the truth! I stressed, grabbing at Helios' arm with my slightly bloodied hand. I know you're going to be mad because of what I did but I.. I just need to know she's safe!

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Re: [Private] Another Chance

Helios Tallon | Army of God; Chief

Posted on Fri Nov 06, 2015 8:35 pm

There were many things that needed discussed, many kinks that needed ironed, and I was certain many things we needed to say to one another. Oddly, I felt overwhelmed at it all. Being able to handle incredibly complex situations with calm was always something I had managed quite well, but in this case, things just felt too complicated, and too heavy to deal with. Naturally my stress levels were higher than usual considering my situation, and now Lenny's, however, I could not help but feel fear at the idea that I was losing my ability to work under pressure.

Exactly how much do you remember Lenny? The last thing I want to do is bombard you with questions and force you to relive what happened to you, but I feel it is best to explain everything while it is fresh, while no detail can go unspoken. I needed to know what happened. This was not just some random attack, I could not help but feel everything was connected, and that feeling had been proven to be true too many times to ignore. There was something more to this, and I wanted to get to the bottom of it.

Yes but it is nothing to worry about. Really. My probation was not exactly what needed discussed. Considering Lenny looked tired, in pain, distraught, and every negative emotional shade you could imagine, yes, my probation was not at the top of our priority list currently. We had bigger things to deal with. And completely understanding what was going on and what had happened was a start.

Were you released? And I suppose it doesn't matter, as I am not sending you back to the hospital, but you do need medical attention, the kind I cannot provide. Painkillers are not the answer, not yet. you just need to be looked at, that is all. I wanted to know what happened, despite how obvious it was. To be completely honest, I needed it to make sense. And when he finally started talking, I had hope that I would understand, that things would begin to make sense. But unfortunately, things just became more confusing.

Wait a minute... Your mom? What does she- My eyes drifted off to the side, not really looking at anything particular as I realized what he was saying. He threatened her... In order to use you. I nodded, finally understanding. An exhale of air followed, a small and insignificant thing that while insignificant, made it painfully clear I knew how that must have felt to some degree.

My moment of clarity instantly became unimportant as I realized he was going a mile a minute, and in no state to become so mentally involved in the conversation when he was so physically drained and injured. I reached behind myself to grab a blanket, unwilling to touch him in fear of making his pain worse, so instead I just covered him up, hoping to distract him long enough for him to calm down and continue explaining without too much stress. But I knew that was asking too much.

No Lenny, just, try to stay calm, I am not angry, I understand why you did what you did. And you need to know, my probation has nothing to do with what happened. And while I know that will provide little solace, I just need you to know that. I would have done the same thing... I reached out, but hesitated, and stopped myself, as if he was so fragile a single touch would cause him to shatter. Instead, I got up, I'm going to need an address, Lenny. We can have someone sent over to keep an eye on your mother, she will be perfectly fine.

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Re: [Private] Another Chance

Lenny Tronconi | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Sat Nov 07, 2015 1:30 pm

I gripped at the sweatshirt, pulling it towards me even under the blanket.   Everything. I said lowly, staring blankly ahead of me towards the fire. I blinked and refocused when I realised something. I.. think. Shit. I don't know... I screwed my eyes shut again, taking a deep breath that caught along my sore throat. How was I to know if I really remembered everything? What was real, and what wasn't?  I frowned back at the fire, my eyes glistening wetly as I thought back to what I did remember. I think I do. I muttered, hugging my arms closer to myself. I let out a sigh. But what the fuck does it matter? He's got the USB, and we don't have the information anymore and you're on probation so.. No, I wasn't released. I just... had to get out. I thought he might be there. I mumbled, closing my eyes to the memory of the time that very thing had happened. It's just.. my shoulder hurts, my neck hurts, it probably just looks worse than it is, I don't need to be.. anything.

The escape from the hospital, the long, grueling walk to Helios, I'd had something to focus on, a goal, something to distract me. I didn't have it anymore. All I had was the enormity of what had happened and our current situation, the big, heavy weight pressing on my chest and reminding me how complicated it was, how it seemed there was nowhere to go next. I shrank back against the couch, wanting nothing more than to get rid of my pain so I could hide away in sleep, in bed, where I didn't have to think about any of it. Except... hadn't one of my reasons for going to Helios been because he would know what to do next? My gaze drifted from the fire to his feet, amidst the mass of things in neat piles on the floor. If he'd even still help. His sudden move from the couch only reminded me of the last time he'd done that and the circumstances around it, making me feel like he couldn't even stand to be next to me anymore. I couldn't even blame him. He knew what had happened to me before, what I'd done, and could probably guess what had happened again too. And this time, on this couch, I could remember also. So as much as it stung, I couldn't fucking blame him for not wanting to be near me.

I glared bitterly and turned my head away, fighting back angry tears. No. You'd have done... something. You'd have been able to stop him. I argued through gritted teeth, shaking my head at what I'd done instead. Every time, every time I fought against or endured what I thought was the worst the vampire could do, he'd come up with something new, something somehow even more twisted and beyond anything I'd have been able to imagine. And every time I was just useless, weak and pathetic. If Helios had been in my position... I couldn't even imagine it. I was sure he'd have been able to stop it before it even got to that point. It was obvious he would - he'd never even been bitten when he fought against vampires basically for his job. Whereas I.... I let out a shaky, defeated sigh, but then I thought back to my mom. The things I'd done, everything with the aim of making sure she was okay, and I wasn't going to stop then. I struggled to sit more upright, even if still hunched over, my head, my limbs - everything feeling heavy and tired and every movement slow and laced with some sort of pain. There's.. there's a few addresses. I said, my voice still hoarse. That she might be at, but I can give them all to you. Are you... she'll be fine? You can make sure?

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Re: [Private] Another Chance

Sigurd Reese | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Mon Nov 09, 2015 11:42 pm

My right eye felt like it was gonna pop, I couldn’t breathe through the left side of my nose, but my right nose drained constantly. I knew it was just a cold, but it really had me feeling unproductive and almost grateful that Lenny kid hadn’t answered his phone or anything. It wasn’t really about the deck, to be honest, it was more about that scar of his. I’d tried telling myself that if he didn’t want my help then he simply didn’t want my help, but I knew better. He simply didn’t remember that he wanted my help.

I sneezed again and as I blew my nose into the tissue I could feel the skin between my lip and nose was just raw. Even the stubble hadn’t been enough to protect it from the constant drainage and wiping from the tissues. But I knew better than to take anything. It had been a slow month, but I knew the moment I did, I’d be needed. It wasn’t very often I was needed with them, but when I was needed, things were bad.

And just like that, my phone buzzed and I saw the message. I rubbed my face, gathered my kit, taking a brief look around the trailer to make sure there wasn’t something I was forgetting since I was feeling a bit foggy even without the meds. Maybe the rush would kick in and I would at least forget about this. Whoever it was who needed my attention was probably worse off than my damn cold had me.

I didn’t like bringing Lucille to these places, but luckily I had a very friendly neighbor who let me borrow his truck in these emergencies. Soon, I’d have to pony up and get my own “work” car, but money was tight. Well, shit, when wasn’t it?

The truck sounded pretty shady with each pothole it hit, but I knew the thing was a stubborn old mule - perhaps I’d eventually get the money to buy it for him. I knew the squeaks and thuds simply meant the truck needed new shocks, not that it was falling apart. It was a good truck. And my neighbor - well, he didn’t get out much. It was too hard on him, so the truck was practically mine anyway.

Eventually I reached my destination. The only thing, I hoped that any immediate threats were long gone, because this thing wasn’t subtle. The hinges complained when the door opened and then the latch complained when it shut, but I hoped out, kit slung over my shoulder, and I cursed myself for forgetting that I’d had a couple units of blood in the fridge that I’d forgotten. Ah, maybe for the best, we’d get ‘em if we really needed ‘em, but no use wasting such a valuable resource.

The rush to get there had distracted me a bit from the headache, but it didn’t stop the sneezing. I started to knock, my own uh.. special knock. I had a few codes, one for “yes it’s me” and one for “it’s me but i’ve got unwelcome company,” shit like that, but a sneeze broke it up, so I wiped my nose with my sleeve and pulled out my phone.

Father H
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