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[Private] Another Chance

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Re: [Private] Another Chance

Lenny Tronconi | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Wed Mar 02, 2016 9:37 am

I frowned at Helios' greeting at first, then slowly moving out of his way as I pondered his words. It hardly felt like morning but I'd managed to lose all sense of time. It could have been the middle of the day for all I knew, if it wasn't for the closed blinds keeping the dark outside. I didn't even know what day it was.

I was slow to respond and still sleepy, Morning.. I nodded vaguely and then quietly took the two pills, holding them in my palm and fixing my gaze on them. I didn't even bother arguing that I could get myself a drink, instead simply doing as Helios instructed without a complaint. I shuffled over towards the fire.

Close up I could hear the crackling of wood in the burner and even after a few seconds of standing before it the fronts of my legs felt toasty warm. I went over to the long seat against the wall, thinking it was the closest to the fire and warmth, and sat down.

I stared at the pills in my hand while waiting for Helios, trying not to compare them to pills the vampire had given me before, trying not to think of that at all. While I didn't enjoy the act of swallowing medicine I wasn't exactly a fan of pain either. I hoped the drink to take the medication with would also at least soothe my throat. Every word from my mouth had a raspy edge to it, even if the degree did vary. You won't be tired? I asked, not lifting my gaze from the the floor. I closed my own tired eyes a second, opening them to gaze blankly at the side of the fire. The warmth of it was making me feel more sleepy, but that didn't take away the memories holding me back from sleep and get me any closer towards any actual slumber. I dunno if I will either... I feel so tired, but... every time I close my eyes, I just- The image of him, so close, flashed through my mind again before just as suddenly it was gone, leaving me blinking at the floor, -I keep thinking he'll be there in the bed next to me when I wake up again.

My voice had died to a hush and I hunched in on myself just at the thought of it, staring miserably at the fire still. It was all so frustrating - frustrating wasn't even a strong enough word to describe the intensity of what he'd put me through and my failure to understand any of it, but it was the closest I could do. I know I fucked up this time, but I just.. I don't get it. I don't get why - why me, or why he does it and.. every time I think maybe I know, maybe its just a game, or it's something I've done in the past, or he... he just enjoys it, I remember something else and none of that makes sense- I broke off as Helios walked over with the drink, trying to halt my thoughts to get taking the medicine over with. I popped the pills in my mouth, took the glass and a large mouthful of water to swallows them with, afterward uttering a croaked Thanks.. I took a few more sips of water, trying to swallow as slowly as possible so the liquid cooled against my throat, and then lapsed back into silence, lost in my thoughts and my gaze set dead on the fire.

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Re: [Private] Another Chance

Helios Tallon | Army of God; Chief

Posted on Sat Mar 05, 2016 5:40 pm

Lenny carried a somber feeling in the air around him. One that if I let it, could infect me with just as much melancholy as I assumed he had been in the grips of since his latest encounter with our foe. I felt he was on the edge. As if with every word he spoke, there was always more to be said, more unpleasantness to acknowledge, more pain that maybe even he was unsure of how to put into words. His torment, no matter how desperately I fought to escape this cloud of doom that he carried with him, was infectious. It pained me to see him in pain, and the real doom came with the realization that this suffering was not something that could go away with a couple pain pills and a glass of water. No, we both knew there was only one way to end this, and not even that would completely take away the nightmares he had endured.

Tired? Of course. But sleep will come eventually. It always does. That I know is for certain. I was cautious with my tone and volume. I did not want to sound upbeat, it almost felt like an injustice considering what he had just been through, and frankly it would have been a lie. But I also did not want to lower the mood anymore than it already was. I wanted him to have hope in a situation where all he felt was defeat. And while it probably meant nothing at all, the tone of my voice was the only way I could show him there was hope, because I had no progress to prove him otherwise. I had not held up my end of the bargain yet, and that filled me with great disappointment and feelings of failure. When all you have is an honest tone of voice to lift someone up out of the gutter, what else is there to feel but failure?

I understand. And I did, I did understand. I could relate, as unbelievable as that may have seemed.

I picked up the glass of water I had just poured and carried it over to Lenny, carefully placing it in his hands before finding a seat myself, listening intently. I can tell you for sure, if you had done something in the past to cause all of this, then you would have no problem remembering what it was. You would not have to try so hard to make sense of all of it. You would just... know. Regardless, no one is deserving of this kind of treatment. The problem is, there is no sense to any of this, and trying to make sense of a senseless situation is futile. I know how desperate you are for answers, I am as well, but in this case, I fear there is only one. He is evil. And that is the only explanation that makes sense. - Unfortunately, if there is anyone else to blame, other than him, then I have to admit it is me. I promised to keep you safe, I promised to end this, to end him, and I have not done much to live up to those promises. For that, I am truly sorry.

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Re: [Private] Another Chance

Lenny Tronconi | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Sun Mar 06, 2016 8:50 am

My head was starting to hurt. And it wasn't my physical injuries - the bruises, the swellings, cuts or scratches that led to my aching head, but my thoughts, a bigger discomfort than everything else combined. My thoughts were wild and raging and yet outwardly I lapsed into silence.

There seemed to be no words to describe how I felt, or at least I didn't have the energy to find them, and none either to even begin explaining things to Helios. And yet I wanted to. I wanted to so much, to have someone who could understand, someone who might be able to stop all the conflicting reasons in my mind.

While Helios spoke I listened, my eyes still on the fire. Only when he finished did my eyes travel to his. I shook my head as a no to his apology, my gaze roaming away again. When I got here earlier... I didn't even think you'd want to help me any more. I admitted, scrunching up my eyes just remembering the hollowness of my empty thoughts, not to mention what I'd done to Helios to think I was deserving of him turning his back. What I'd done to so many people... There were so many things I'd done in the past to cause was was happening, that was the problem. Not knowing what it was, but which one it was.

I spoke in a quiet voice, almost scared to admit what I'd been thinking. Maybe it's just me. I stared down at the small amount of water remaining in the glass so I didn't have to face Helios' reaction, then thought against that. I glanced to him, my eyes staying on his face as I struggled to find the words.

When I had, I looked away again as I spoke. Do.. do you think I'm a nicer person after... stuff that's happened? That.. I'm better with the memories, remembering the things he did.... I trailed off, glaring bitterly at the glass as the thoughts which had been encircling my head finally had their chance to be turned into speech and be heard, ...without them, what I did - to you, to Avery... to Mary-Ann... I lost my job... I.. I don't even have any fucking clothes. I sniffed, trying to pull back angry tears as I thought of exactly how much I'd messed up. And there it was, that thought that had seeded into my mind because of it. I bit at my lip, trying to pull myself together to be able to speak. He said he's made me better. I stated, my tone dead. It made me feel sick.

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