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[Private] Another Chance

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Re: [Private] Another Chance

Sigurd Reese | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Sat Nov 21, 2015 8:33 pm

Maybe it was the cold meds that had me glossing over his obvious trauma, or maybe it was my nature. Most of the time I didn’t have much of a sense of humor, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t relive some happy memories at a funeral. Anything along the lines of making the best of a bad situation. How else would you keep moving? But from what little time I’d known this Lenny person, I could tell that anger came easily for him. With this situation in particular, I could understand. It was easier, so much easier for me to say since there had been a lot of time in between my own attack and now. A lot of time for the physical and emotional scars to heal. Which was why my bumbling in and sneezing and trying to smile as if it was just an office visit was now seeming like an ill-timed funeral joke. Likely, as I stepped into the room my foot landed in my mouth, or at least that’s how I’d felt.

My gaze darted back and forth between the two, and I pursed my lips, thinking about just what I could actually do that was helpful. I imagined this kid didn’t leave the hospital with any kind of discharge papers, likely they were still looking for him.

Thanks, Father. I think tea sounds great, I said, immediately sniffing after in an attempt to breathe through my nose and not sound so stuffy. Usually coffee was my thing, but anything hot at this point would probably get me through this without sneezing on my patient.

I’m sure you don’t want to go back, kid, and I’m not gonna make ya. Most of the folks in the organization avoid hospitals like the plague, so I work with what I got. That’s why I’m here. Luckily, I had friends. I had friends willing to risk a hell of a lot to help me and the folks out for a bigger cause. I can find out what they did for ya, I’ll just need your birthday. Then I’ll know a little more about what we’re working with. Meanwhile, I’ve got a few pain pills around here some- I managed to hold back another sneeze as I unzipped my bag and dug through the bottles. Lots of antibiotics since not all of the injuries were caused by the demons themselves.

Ah, here, I said, and my stock wasn’t the best currently, but I did have some tramadol. I handed Lenny the bottle. I’ll be watching out for something a little stronger if I come across it. For now you need some rest, but I do want you to move a little. Keep the arm immobilized. We’ll treat it like it’s broken for now. I took a seat and rubbed my forehead. You against me running a bag or two of fluids in ya? Long story short, your kidneys will need some help with those uh… bruises when they start breaking down. Speaking of which.. you been peein okay?

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Re: [Private] Another Chance

Helios Tallon | Army of God; Chief

Posted on Sun Nov 29, 2015 5:45 pm

OOC Message
I've created Helios' Living/Kitchen area just so y'all know where shit is. <3 -

I moved to the kitchen, still able to see my company clearly thanks to the lack of walls separating the two rooms, and put the kettle on before moving over to prepare a pot of coffee as well. While Lenny had a point, I also knew time was on our side. For once, it was the vampires immortality that worked in our favor. We both knew he liked to prolong his torment, we both knew he was incapable of completing things quickly, simply because he reveled in the suffering of time. I still had faith.

I tried to listen to their conversation carefully, more worried about Lenny than anything else. As I paid attention to their conversation I pulled down three mugs and set them side by side by side, and leaned up against the counter with crossed arms, now not only listening, but watching as well. But my eyes turned away when the conversation moved to something a little more personal. Luckily, the topic of Lenny's ability to urinate came at a time when the kettle began to whistle and I turned around to switch off the stove and prepared the tea. The coffee wasn't ready, so until them, I moved back to the living room to place their tea onto the coffee table, my eyes glancing at the weaponry on the floor and for what felt like the hundredth time tonight I wished I would have cleaned that mess up before company arrived.

No- I smiled and nodded, I am sorry. I admitted before taking a sip from my cup and setting it down. Is there anything I can do, Sig? Do you need anything? Or- He was not entirely in the loop, and I was walking a fine line as it was. But a little information would not hurt. It is a clinger, and unfortunately he has latched his claws onto Lenny. I have been trying to take him down but unfortunately my blades are dry. He uses rather infuriating yet effective tactics... He hides, his time spent on covering his tracks. And I know he has been stringing me along, keeping me at bay, but giving me just enough to stay on his trail because he likes the game. And you know these types, they are children that see people as toys. Hide and seek, tag, collecting people like dolls... It was all about the game, and I was beginning to realize, maybe we needed to create a game of our own if we wanted to take him down.

Once you are healed, we can discuss it. Until then, the best thing you can do to help, Lenny, is get better.

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Re: [Private] Another Chance

Lenny Tronconi | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Wed Dec 02, 2015 8:05 am

It might have hurt to move my neck too much, but my eyes still followed Sig across the room. After the initial shock of a visitor and who it'd turned out to be, Sig's presence was a comfort. I didn't yet feel I trusted him as I did Helios, but that there was an unspoken understanding between the two of us that I'd never had with my priestly friend. Sig was the only other person I'd met who had scars like mine.

July seventh, eighty-nine. I answered. My voice was raspy but I was eager to do anything that might help. I darted my tongue out to wet my lips, giving a tilt of my head in thanks as I took the bottle from Sig. I didn't even care what it was or how drowsy it might make me as long as it took the edge off my pain. I got the bottle open without too much trouble, being used to using one arm the months I'd had my right one in a cast not too long ago, and tried to dry-swallow the pills. I managed to get them down after a little coughing but did wish I'd just waited for a glass of water.

I cleared my throat before trying to speak again. You're ill? I kept my eyes on Sig, watching his coughs and sniffs and once again clearing my throat. It hurt to speak but I had so much I wanted to say. Even breathing felt uncomfortable, every word and breath grating through my swollen throat as if his hand was still wrapped around it. Move how? I asked, wondering if Sig had asked to have better access to my injuries. I felt a little lost where or how to move though, so only sat up a little and shifted to leave my space around me. I tried not to think of my arm being broken again even though my face obviously fell, trying to focus on answering questions instead. Worse than a broken arm, though, was a topic pressing deeper on my mind. It was a question I really hadn't wanted to ask Helios but that was ever-present with every move I made. Sitting up especially had made certain places more uncomfortable. At lease Helios inviting someone else over meant I didn't have to tell him my dick hurt. I wasn't sure what he'd have thought of that.

My discomfort stayed at the forefront of my mine but I lapsed out of my thoughts to offer Sig my arm. Sure. I stopped holding my right arm to my chest and turned my left over, frowning when I noticed the thick, congealed streak of blood running from my elbow crease to my wrist. Where had that even come from? Had it been from the thing stuck in my arm at the hospital? Had I pulled it out? It all seemed such a blur that I couldn't remember much beyond leaving and struggling to Helios' house. I stared down at my arm and then moved my gaze up to Sig, frowning more at his next question that only bought back all my fears. I gave a slow shake of my head and let out a sharp sigh. No. No, I, uh, I haven't. I just, I was in the hospital, then I came here... I lamely tried to explain, putting off the inevitable for a few seconds more. I glanced down at my crotch, my legs purposefully spread as far apart as possible to try and alleviate some of the discomfort. It kinda, uh, its... I glanced over my shoulder to see if Helios was still busy back in the kitchen and turned back to Sig again, Sore. Um, it sorta... hurts, and... I lowered my voice even more, struggling to do so and still keep my hoarseness audible. My eyes met Sig's before I frowned and quickly glanced away, Can you, uh, from vampires, get... I blinked, uncomfortable at what the question meant I was admitting to but also terrified of the possible answer, ...y'know? I, uh. I dunno if they would've tested me at the hospital... I tried to backtrack, wishing they had tested me and after a quick phone call Sig would be able to reveal the test had come back negative. After everything, it was the first place my mind went to when I'd realised I was sore down there. What else could it be? I hoped it was just some sick injury I'd managed to get, maybe a bruise... but I couldn't stop my mind drifting while I didn't know.

I broke off as soon as Helios walked back into my line of vision, clearing my throat again. I gave Sig a glance that indicated I wanted that particular part of our conversation kept private.

As Helios explained my thoughts turned detached listening to the things the vampire had done. It was strange hearing it all explained like that I wanted to add something, seem useful, but I couldn't think of any way to describe it better than Helios had. It's all a game to him. I quietly agreed, clearing my throat again. I looked at the cup on the coffee table in front of me, feeling thirsty but knowing it would be too hot to drink yet, and even too much effort to pick up and drink when it was at a cooler temperature. Every task felt similar. I was starting to feel hungry but for once couldn't think seriously about eating. Each task I could do, I didn't want to do, and the one I wanted to do felt like it was being kept out of arm's reach my the two men in my company.

I turned my gaze to Helios. I'm not gonna forget about it. I voiced, watching him with big eyes, wanting something that promised he'd follow through. Was it because I wasn't good enough? I'd known him what felt like years and yet the only privilege I'd been granted was sorting paperwork. I could do so much more. More importantly, I suddenly wanted to do so much more. I can get better quick, it's not - it's not, uh, that, it's not like, I mean, I've been worse than this, yeah? And I remember, right, I remember everything - that's what's important? And I can use my left hand... I glanced between Helios and Sig, struggling to think of anything more to support my case before closing my eyes. I wanna fucking help.

When I opened my eyes it was to the sight of the fire burning away in front of me. I was so paranoid of being rejected by Helios, or by the organisation because of my previous mistakes. Wasn't it obvious that how I'd treated both men when I hadn't been able to remember everything wasn't my fault? Both situations made so much more sense with my memories on the surface, but there were still things that I couldn't quite fathom too - aspects which previously hadn't meant anything at all and yet now stood out to me. When Helios had come to Avery's house, something hadn't been right - something in addition to my problems. Something had been wrong with him. I narrowed my eyes at the priest as I tried to work it out, my mouth falling open as I failed to tie different thoughts in my mind together. I was beginning to feel so drowsy that I couldn't think clearly. I wanted to voice my questions out loud to help but it felt awkward asking it with Sig there, not knowing how much exactly he knew. But why had Helios been upset? Why was he put on probation? Were the two things connected? I frowned at Helios with obvious concern, doing my best to ignore my own condition that would have merited my concern more. But why was he upset?

Why were you upset? I said, still staring at Helios and not even realising I'd said the words out loud. I turned to frown into the fire again, still confused over the question I didn't realise I'd even asked.

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Re: [Private] Another Chance

Lenny Tronconi | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Sun Feb 21, 2016 8:04 am

Later on..

It was late and while I'd been in the bed in Helios' guest bedroom for hours, I was still yet to sleep. Even the concoction of medication on top of my injuries and exhaustion hadn't helped any. I sat hunched under the blankets, listening to the wind whistling outside and the ticking of a clock from somewhere else within the house, quietly going over my memories and the events that had passed. In ways I was lucky. There were no broken bones, no infection had set in and no surgery to be had. The bruising would take a while to fade, I had to be careful of my previously dislocated shoulder in case it slipped out again and I could expect to feel more tiredness over the coming week, but it would all heal. My anxiety and panic though, considering the events that had lead up to my injuries, I wasn't so sure of. Whenever I closed my eyes in hope of sleep I'd soon open them again, panic rising that he might be laying next to me when I woke as he had done in the last bed I'd awoken from.

A faint rumbling snore from the other room had me blinking out of my thoughts. Sig's cold had progressed and he was now holed up in what must have been Helios' room, sleeping off his illness. I wished it was as easy for myself to have done the same.

Slowly but surely the ache of my injuries began to return and while they were bearable, my growing thirst and soreness of my throat wasn't. Eventually I gave up huddling in the bed and eased myself out of it. My body complained as I stood up, but it was nothing compared to other injuries I'd experienced, not really. I had my arm in a loose sling inside of a fleece-lined sweater and was still wearing similarly fleece lined sweatpants, both of which belonged to Helios, the sweater pulled up to try and hide some of the nasty bruising around my throat.

I began to shuffle down the stairs, glad but slightly surprised to see the lights were on down there and illuminating my passage. When I reached the bottom I stopped and blinked at the brightness compared to the bedside lamp in my room, and then further blinked in surprise at the presence of Helios downstairs - though considering Sig was in his room, I didn't know where I'd expected the priest to be.

My throat was still hoarse when I went to speak, Hey. I sounded sleepier than I felt. I stood at the bottom of the stairs, feeling as if I was intruding as I stared at Helios, before my gaze drifted off. I started towards the kitchen area, a slight limp as I walked. The journey to Helios' house earlier hadn't been a short one and even my feet were complaining and aching with my weight on them.

As I padded along I wondered if Helios had been sleeping, and then vaguely wondered also whether I'd woken him up. I stopped short of opening the fridge. I, uh.. I just wanted some more pain meds and a drink... Did Sig leave any down here? I don't wanna, I mean.. if you're sleeping or whatever I can go back up.. I volunteered, though begrudgingly, and my mouth twitched down as I thought of the dim room and bed where I'd only have my thoughts to occupy myself again.

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Re: [Private] Another Chance

Helios Tallon | Army of God; Chief

Posted on Sun Feb 28, 2016 8:03 am

>.> I'm sorry this sucks. I was going to write more but yanno, gotta wait and see how Lenny reacts and stuff...

I had been laying down for a while, forcing my eyes closed, hoping that once they were closed, sleep would follow. I was comfortable, I was tired, but I had been thinking over something I needed to do in the morning when I first rested my head against my pillow. And shortly after, I reminded myself of something else, and this kept going and going, a snowball effect of things I needed to accomplish in the morning and in the coming weeks. I repeated them over and over in my mind. I knew the truth was not just the list of things I was worried I'd forget, but that ball of nervousness in the back of my throat that was preventing me from sleeping. It had been there since my meeting out of town. My mind was too active with worry to sleep.

I eventually gave up, got up to turn the lights on, made myself a cup of tea, and sat back down with my tablet to look over my calendar, and write up some important emails to a few important contacts.

I had heard footsteps, and naturally assumed one of my guests was coming down to use the bathroom. My eyes glanced over to the pair of legs that were slowly moving down the steps, and as he made his way down, I locked my tablet and replaced my cup of tea with it on top of the books stacked on the floor beside me. But not before checking the time, seeing that it read 3:00 A.M. on the dot. And considering I'd been getting up at four in the morning, I figured it was time to ''get up'', even though I'd been up all night anyway.

Good morning. I replied quietly. He did, actually. I spoke as I got up and wandered towards Sig's bag. There was a front flap pocket, where he told me the appropriate pain medication was stored for Lenny, just in case something like this happened. I opened it up and pulled out two, and moved to the kitchen to pass them to Lenny. And no, I wasn't sleeping. And seeing as the sun will be up in a couple of hours, I don't think sleep is in the cards for me tonight. I spoke as I opened up the cupboard beside the fridge and pulled down a cup for Lenny. Let me get it, you go sit down. I wasn't that I thought him incapable, I just was not entirely sure how much Sig told him he was allowed to do. I did not want to risk him injuring himself further.

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