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 [Closed] Believe

[Closed] Believe

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[Closed] Believe

Lenny Tronconi | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Thu Oct 15, 2015 11:54 am

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Index Hospital | Showers | After Dark

Faint, repetitive sounds hit my consciousness as I awoke and before I blearily opened my eyes I could guess where I was. My eyes opened to the faded, white ceiling tiles of the hospital and how sick what it that I recognized them? I let out a tired sigh, closing my eyes again momentarily. I wishfully thought it could all have been a dream, knowing deep down it wasn't. It still felt like a dream. Blurred, hazed, too shocking to be true. Too much to process. So I screwed my eyes shut when the memories came to mind and decided not to.

As my mind shed its sleepiness a sense of urgency slowly built up within me and I knew I had to do something. Not just to keep my mind's mental turmoil at bay, but for a more physical danger as well. I sat up as quickly as I could, noting my right arm was in a sling but not a cast. A twinge of pain spread out from my shoulder and my neck, which I felt at with my left hand and then eased myself feet off the edge of the bed. There was a square, padded bandage over my neck. I ran my hand over the rest of my body checking for any more injuries, gently prodding and letting myself feel the pain of the bruises where there were any. I bit at the IV line to pull it from my left arm so I could stand up.

I glanced towards the door of the room, feeling a bead of nervous sweat roll down my neck. I didn't know how I'd ended up at the hospital this time but I could guess, and that's what instilled the physical fear in me. The very first time he'd injured me he'd also personally bought me here and there was no reason this time might be any different. He could have been in the building right there and then, or about the show up. There was no telling anything except I had to get out because beside from my hating the hospital, it wasn't safe.

I stumbled away from the bed, my footsteps wobbly at first. I found my shoes under it and picked them up, wincing when bending down made all my muscles ache. It didn't matter how injured I was though, how much pain I was in - I wasn't staying. I held my hospital gown around me and looked round for my clothes. There was nothing else or around the hospital bed and the cabinet next to it was locked shut when I tried it.

I shuffled  to the door of the private room, looked down the eerily empty hallways and walked out, still clutching my boots to my chest and my gown closed. I tried to move as fast as I could to avoid being seen by the staff, even though I didn't know where I was going. I crossed the hall and dipped into an unlocked supply closet.

A light blinked on as I entered it, revealing rows of metal shelves. I needed something to wear.. anything.. I scrabbled at the items on the shelves with my left hand, desperately trying to find something but coming up empty. There were only boxes of gloves and various dressings and bandages. My journey along the shelves bought me to the end of the small room where a laundry bin stood,  a piece of blue material hanging out of it catching my eye. The contents was dirty and the thought of putting on a pair of used scrubs was disgusting, but it didn't seem I had any choice. I rifled through the bin to find some that weren't obviously soiled and pulled them out. Finding something to wear apparently hadn't been the difficult part. Even after removing and discarding my sling I couldn't get my right arm through one of the sleeves so I'd given up on that, keeping it underneath instead, but it was still a task pulling the clothes on one-handed and with different parts of my body twinging whichever way I moved. The scrubs were still much better than the hospital gown though, and with them on and my shoes they were the best I could manage as an outfit.

I opened the door and sneaked back out into the hallway, moving as quickly as I could and not making eye contact with anyone I passed. Those I did seemed busy enough not to notice me too much but wearing what was basically a doctor's uniform made me nervous. It was with relief when I neared through a small waiting area and noticed a coat left abandoned on the back of a chair. I grabbed it, slipping my left arm through and pulling the other half over my right shoulder, holding it closed the best I could as I continued walking through. It rendered me invisible enough to reach the stairwell and outside without any complications.

I stepped out of the doors into the night air, my breath visible in the coldness, and stopped, my heart racing. I looked to each side of the hospital and then down at my feet, thinking. I had no idea where to go. I had no phone to ring a taxi and no wallet containing anything to pay for one anyway. It wasn't only the vampire that I had to fear either, but his threat... I needed help and I needed it urgently. It was almost enough to make me wonder if I should go back, wait for him.. comply with what he wanted - almost. I stared at the people around me, walking in and out, getting on with their lives, one brushing past me a bit too close and catching my right shoulder. I stumbled forward, grabbing my arm and holding it to me, gritting my teeth in pain. No. No, I couldn't bow to what he wanted, whatever he threatened. I had to believe there was still hope. I had to believe I could still do something.

I stood, shivering and slightly numb for a second, before I started walking. I just hoped that what seemed like my last option would give me one more chance.

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