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[Private] Early Bird

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Re: [Private] Early Bird

Caspian Sullivan | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Mon Nov 23, 2015 10:36 am

Ahhh so she was planning on moving a few things around so they wouldn’t get destroyed. Although I really highly doubted that that would even work. I mean yeah sure you push a few things up against the wall it may prevent some damage, but knowing wolves in general I bet there were going to end up being a few wrestling matches here and there. Maybe a body flying about on occasion from being tossed. I could already see a chair being flipped over with someone in it….this place was going to end in disaster. Though I may just be over thinking it too and just making it come out in my mind worse than it will be. You’re welcome, and yeah sure. A beer actually did sound great right about now, but now I kept feeling a bit off more than usual. You know if you need help moving stuff, I can help. I mentioned as I followed her into the kitchen. After all I guess it was the least I could do after just coming right on in.
AH fuck. I muttered out loud before I could stop myself. I had just made a complete fool and ass of myself hadn’t I? I mean I had no intention of showing up this early. I ran my hand down my face and shook my head a little in frustration before taking a quick look at my watch. It was still running, but I must have just accidentally entered the wrong time in on my phone alarm. Good hell. Yeah, I don’t mind helping out, didn’t think I was that early. I probably just put the wrong time in and didn’t realize it. Well at least it wasn’t as bad as I had thought it was right? She did look like she was far behind and for being two hours early I would had thought that more would have been in place.

My bad. I shrugged taking delight in the sip of beer that I kept in my mouth for a brief moment for swallowing it’s bitterness. I raised my eyebrow a little watching something change on Sthira’s face as she seemed to lose herself in thought. Had I said something wrong? Ah shit yeah…I said something wrong. Her explanation was actually kind of sad, but fuck that sucks that she’s not invited out much? Was it really because she was busy? I mean I could see why, but hell I’ve been busy too….but I take more time off work than I should have to go out and about. I’m sure she could get away with it too, but then again her work it a little more important than mine is after all. You’re really not missing out on much. I threw in there even, the nights always tended to end up in with someone fighting or just moving off on our little ways.

I nodded at her question as I thought for a moment on just much I should speak about. I had yet to have a chance to speak with Onyx about it, and afterwards I’m sure it would get out about what I had been doing after all. Yes, Onyx had me out in the more western part of the state helping another group of wolves. They ended up losing their leader. I had to go and train and all that fun stuff. Of course there was more to that, but my investigations had pretty much lead me in a shit ton of circles that stank of rotten berries and fae written all over the place. Things have changed since I’ve been gone too. The pack seemed more organized, but at the same time just as wild as ever. 

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Re: [Private] Early Bird

Rohana Khan | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Wed Nov 25, 2015 2:06 pm

It was judgemental and perhaps wrong of me to have tarred Caspian with the same brush as the rest of the pack, assuming he was going to be rude simply because most of the male wolves were, because to my surprise the longer I spent in his company the more he was turning out quite contrary. I gave him another cursory look as I passed him a beer. Had I stumbled across one of the few male wolves who wasn't, for lack of a more suited word, an asshole? And one in a position of power too. Where had Onyx been keeping this guy? Obviously a more Western part of the state according to Ouray, but he could easily be more needed in Index - if it wasn't simply that he has a false coating of capability to his uselessness rather than displaying it proudly like other wolves.

It seems like an honest mistake, don't worry. Happens to everyone. And at least now you're here to lend a hand? I smirked a little, taking a sip of my own water and then pushing off from where I was leaning against the counter. There's some tables in the hallway, I spoke as I walked, beckoning him with a hand to follow, That just need to be bought into the kitchen and set up, if you wouldn't mind? Here, these ones.

I walked up to the collapsible tables that were covered in a kind of plastic wrap and tapped them with my nails. Maybe I'd get to see firsthand how useful he could be. I hope it was nothing serious. But all that fun stuff, hm? You don't like training? I asked with a smile, but it was a loaded question, whether he'd realise or not. Perhaps this was a flaw starting to poke through. As much as I didn't want to be disappointed, with every wolf I met I hoped I might meet someone likeminded, only for them to be another work-shirking layabout to one extent or another. Things have changed? I speak to some of the pack and it seems like change is the last thing they want, or think will happen, but it has to happen sometime. Don't you agree? I folded my arms. Are you okay carrying the table, or do you want me to..? I gestured to one end of it, hoping he'd offer to carry it himself. He seemed big enough to and if I was honest, I was hoping he could be a useful lackey for the next two hours at least. I hadn't been looking forward to dragging things across the floor by myself.

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