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 [Closed] A 'Little Experiment'

[Closed] A 'Little Experiment'

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[Closed] A 'Little Experiment'

Lenny Tronconi | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Thu Oct 15, 2015 7:04 am

Thread Details

Unknown | Unknown | After dark

I rolled over, stretching and feeling the sheets slide over my bare skin. I glanced to my right and a slow smile came to my face as I took in the man's appearance. The night before began to drift back to me.

Last night was fun... I murmured, not yet fully awake.

There was a dip in the mattress as he moved and I smiled further, expecting a repeat.

It's funny you should say that. He said, the words clipped with his English accent and edged with the smirk I could hear he was wearing. I just smiled sleepily again.

It all stopped when his hand wrapped round my throat. Hey- My protest was cut off when he gripped tighter, my words reduced to a choked sound as he re-positioned himself on my chest, glaring down at me. Smirking down at me. Panic began to build within me and I scratched at his hands but it seemed useless. He just grabbed my jaw in an iron grip and stared me straight in the eyes, his piercing dark blue eyes boring into me.

The memories hit me like a blow to the head and suddenly my air supply was the least of my worries.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - F L A S H B A C K - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Quote Begin "I could be kind and kill you. But that's no fun." Quote End

Quote Begin "Mortals like you..." He said slowly, walking up to me while licking the blood that coated his lips, "Disgust me." Quote End

Quote Begin that's your view on life isn't it..." He locked eye contact with me again, "No respect." Quote End

Quote Begin You're going to regret doing that. Quote End

The cold of his hand against my skin was only more of a shock. I shuddered, trying but unable to back further against the wall, stomach muscles tensing against his touch and twisting with nausea as it reached lower...

Quote Begin "You're a mess. You look beyond the realms of disgusting right now." - "Yet you still insult me, you still bite back." - "You're strong..."Quote End

Quote Begin "C'mon now, could be worse." He smirked. Quote End

Quote Begin The forest is a dangerous place at night. You never know what might be lurking in the shadows. We would be so disappointed if you were hurt. Quote End

Good boy. You obviously don't want your mommy to end up like your friend's. The vampire's smirk made my skin crawl but I handed over the USB device anyway. I had no choice... You left the files behind that I asked you to? He asked, eyeing me with disdain.

I gritted my teeth and nodded, avoiding his gaze, but my heart raced and I glanced to my phone. I'd tried to save some of the files, anything I could that would help Helios take the vampire down instead of deleting the information from within each one as he'd asked me to do with the rest. I couldn't let him win. This couldn't be it.

Give me your phone. His chilling tone cut through my wild thoughts and I stopped, staring up at him. Give it to me. I scrabbled for my phone and tried to delete them but in only seconds he was on me, the phone clattering to the floor as he pinned me to the wall. You need to learn to respect your betters. The vampire hissed, his eyes wild and fangs in place and bared before he seemed to realise and compose himself again. After everything I've done for you... imagine how your life would've been without me. He smirked.

The anger within me welled up and overtook any fear I had. I hated him, hated him so much.. Fuck you! I'll never fucking respect you! My life was fucking perfect without you[/b], you twisted fuck! I wish I'd never met you, that Helios had killed you before I could- I thrashed against him, spitting and cursing and doing everything I could to struggle against his strength. He just pushed closer, close enough to remind me of the time in my trailer and make me squeeze my eyes shut in dreaded anticipation.

But he stayed still against me, the only sound in the room my ragged breathing and the ticking of a clock.

You really think that? I think it's time for a little experiment. He said, my curiosity prompting me to open my eyes. My eyes opened to his piercing gaze just centimeters away. They narrowed before he spoke again, Why don't we see?

And everything went black.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -  E N D   O F   F L A S H B A C K - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The rush of memories stopped and I struggled for breath, this time not from the vampire's hand that had moved, but from shock. I rasped for air. My whole body was shaking. He sat back from my chest and I half fell, half dived to the floor. It felt like all my strength had been sapped from me but fight or flight mode had taken over my mind and all I could think of was escape. I struggled to crawl towards the doorway. Two feet hit the floor behind me and followed me in a slow walk, not stopping my desperate attempt to pull myself away from them. Well, we've seen, haven't we? He taunted from above, not bothering to try and stop me. How your life's gone 'without me'. How's your job? Your friends? My crawl was growing ever slower and suddenly I stopped to retch, the memories of what he'd done to me and what I'd done the night previous plaguing my mind, his current words just an extra kick when I was down. That was exactly what he did next, toeing my stomach so I fell onto my side and leaning down over me. That's right, you don't have them any more, do you? And even after all that.. you still willingly gave yourself to me. He stood back up. Tears were leaking down the sides of my face but I still couldn't process what had happened, what he'd done.. what I'd done.

William... Laurence... whatever the psychotic vampire was pretending to be reached down again and grabbed me by the skin of my chest, eliciting a shriek of pain from me before he threw me against the wall. He moved in front of me and placed a hand on my chest to keep me in place.

I lashed out with my arm as a reaction, tearing and pulling at his wrist in any way I could. The smug expression in his eyes faded. He grabbed my wrist. All this... and you still haven't learned any respect? He hissed, his fangs clicking into place. In one sudden motion he jerked at my arm, twisting it so hard my shoulder came out of its socket and arm fell uselessly against my side. I'll never respect you! I screamed through the pain, through my own terror trying to silence me. What did silence me was the the vampire grabbing my jaw, holding it shut and pushing it upwards, revealing my neck to him. You're so strong.. my grandfather chose well. He said with that familiar mocking note to his voice, and I heard the sickeningly familiar sound of his teeth once again clicking into place. He was crazy. He was completely twisted and kindling my terror was the unknown - whether he really would drink me dry, kill me, worse.. I never knew what he'd do next. Your feistiness won't just be an asset.. it'll also make it even more satisfying when you choose to follow us. I could feel his words against my neck, his mouth was so close. Unless you want your mother to take your place... He mocked, and as my heartbeat escalated from the repeated threat, he bit down.


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