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 [Closed] Madonna Chambers

[Closed] Madonna Chambers

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[Closed] Madonna Chambers

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Wed Oct 14, 2015 10:49 pm

The fog had consumed the trees in the distance, and I ran quickly through the them, as if I was trying to escape before I too would be swallowed by it's thick presence. But I was not running from the fog, I was running to the cave. The purpose of the cave for this kind of ritual was not just for dramatic effect. It was used for the rain water that built up in it's rocky floor. The water needed to come from the earth, she said. Untouched by human, vampire, witch or wolf kind. It needed to be pure.

The fog is rolling in, and as much confidence as I have in my sense of hearing, I'd hate to have to rely on that alone this late at night. Not seeing fangers gives them an advantage... So how long is it gonna take? I spoke through heavy breath when I arrived at the entrance. Ghost was already inside, eyes closed, head tipped back, and hands gently clasped in her lap. ''Only a moment, Onyx. Shall we begin?'' She extended her hand towards me and I reached out to grab it, instantly feeling a sense of calm wash over me. But this wasn't just a feeling her character brought out, it was her ability as spiritual leader. I felt bonded, and my eyes began to glow as she leaned forward to look into the water. I saw nothing, but the things her glowing eyes could see were a power only granted to a spiritual leader.

Her other hand, fingers covered in a black substance I could only assume was charcoal hovered over a stone at her side. ''The water will show me the face, the hand will write out the name.'' She spoke calmly. And then I felt it. It was a small sensation. The feeling you get when you're cold. Like every hair on my arms were standing on end. Her fingers began moving over the surface of the rock, and she leaned back, moving her eyes away from the water. Her head tipped back and she released my hand with a gasp of air. My eyes flickered out, as did hers. Is that... Is that it? She took a deep breath through her nose, and exhaled the same way before turning to look at me. ''I told you it wouldn't take long.'' she smiled and pulled herself to her feet, bringing the stone up with her in her hands. It was large, very large actually. What is the point of the rock? - ''The point, my sweet alpha, is that I didn't bring a pen and paper with me.'' She laughed as she spun the rock around so I could read the name of our newest recruit written across it's surface.

Madonna Chambers.

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