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 [Closed] Whatever It Takes

[Closed] Whatever It Takes

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[Closed] Whatever It Takes

Erika Richards | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Mon Oct 12, 2015 9:51 am

Thread Details

Seattle | Year 1999

My boots thudded on the pavement when I jumped over the wall. Run! I shouted, doing the same for all I was worth. There was shouting from behind me and I pumped my legs faster, the bag under my arm hitting against my side from the momentum, dodging bystanders and heading for the corner of the road.

Once around it I threw the bag to waiting co-conspirator Cam, who raced off on his pushbike as soon as he'd caught it, discarded my jacket and balaclava in a trash can and grabbed Allen, pulling him against the wall and smashing our mouths together.

Seconds later the overweight, out of breath shopkeeper appeared from round the corner, skidding to a stop when he saw no trace of the thief he'd been following. Where.. I..

I pulled Allen closer to me, sticking my tongue down his throat as grotesquely as possible while watching the shopkeeper through half-lidded eyes. The man wiped at his sweat-ridden brow, looked down the street again and back  to where he'd come from, and continued back on himself.

I pulled back from Allen. Gross, you heard of a toothbrush? Your mouth tastes like shit. I spat on the sidewalk and pushed at him playfully as we began the walk to our meet up.

Back at the orphanage we were huddled in on of the bedrooms, sitting around a bed. 'Hundred and fifteen.. hundred and twenty. Cam said as he finished counting, tossing the bag aside. It's not bad... He took our shared gun out of the bag too and hid it inside the stuffing of his pillow.

I snorted. It's shit.. we're gonna be outta here on our asses soon enough and we need some backup. A hundred bucks here and there isn't gonna cut it either. I took the wad of cash and flipped through it.

Then what'dya say we do? Allen asked. He was big and good for manpower but he was also a stereotypical dumbfuck for his build too. Gangs are always recruiting kids like us. Hey, the jobs might be crap at first but you got to work your way up. It's the same with any career. If they didn't join me I wouldn't give a damn, I could go on my own. I didn't consider Allen or Cam friends. They were kids at the same orphanage who could be useful when I was planning a job.

Allen and Cam looked at each other, then at me. We could try it.. and always back out if it's too dangerous.

I halved the stack of notes and stuffed one part in my pocket, throwing the other to the floor as I stood up. Up to you. I think it sounds exciting. See you guys later, don't want the bitches getting suspicious. I gave a half-assed waved and walked out, rubbing a note in my pocket between a finger and thumb. This was small time and I wanted big time, a proper piece of the action, something to take me away from the dirty streets, handed down clothes and no hope. And I'd do whatever it took to get it.

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