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 [Closed] Where she went

[Closed] Where she went

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[Closed] Where she went

Michelle Hawke | Human; Citizen

Posted on Sat Oct 10, 2015 2:10 pm

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Michelle's Apartment| n/a | 11:30am

There is nowhere for you to hide.
The haunting moon is shining.
I’m running with the wolves tonight I’m running with the wolves.

Trick or treat, what would it be?
I walk alone, I’m everything.
My ears can hear and my mouth can speak.
My spirit talks I know my soul believes,
But we’re running out of time.

Hell, yes, I was being cheesy, but no one had to know, right? Even Caly didn’t know the specifics of what I’d been getting into. Yes, she knew exactly what that smile had meant when I came home, but I had yet to give her any of the juicy details. And while I would stand in the mirror and admire the ever-changing colors on my thighs and even the reddish-purple spots that still lingered on my neck, I quickly developed an affinity for scarves and turtlenecks perhaps a few weeks early. Caly could think they were hickies all she wanted, and when she questioned it, I was a little tempted to show her it was so much more than a high school love bite. Long story short, I was proud of what had happened, and I clung to any reminders I could have.

I’d actually fixed my hair, or, you would say I fought with the flat iron and potentially lost, but the results weren’t too bad. My makeup, at least was banging, and I actually found my nice pair of underwear that wasn’t neon and didn’t have some kind of cartoon all over it. I’d finally managed to wash the black dye from my neck in the shower last night, and I had to admit I was really digging the look. It wasn’t bright, unnatural, and I knew I’d get a surprise expression from Mr. Boudreaux when he saw that my hair was actually a natural color. He actually had loved seeing the new colors in my hair, but this.. this just looked great; raven black if you will.

I moved off the bed and stood up in front of the mirror, sleek black hair, bangin’ makeup, and my favorite hot-as-hell red underwear. Damn, I regretted that I still didn’t have my phone back, although I knew where it would be. I so would have taken a selfie but - Wait - did I still have that old camera? The one from when I first.. dug around in her stuff? I moved across the room and opened the junk drawer of the night stand and there it was. I flipped the on switch and it must have been meant to be, because the screen turned on and I immediately began going through options until I found the timer option. Who the fuck was this for, anyway? Vincent? Caly? Heh.. both. The idea that apparently, contrary to what I’d expected, I was wanted, people could think of me in that way, had really kind of.. woken me up and I wanted more of that attention. Whore? Attention whore? I didn’t care, it felt good. I sat the phone on the dresser and tried to lean over it to look through the viewfinder to make sure I was getting the right stuff in the picture and when I figured it was as good as it could get, I sat the timer and ran to the unmade bed, arching my back and my eyes looking at the camera as if Vincent himself was walking toward me. This was gonna be good. The flash went off, and I ran to the phone; god the picture was perfect, I even almost got a wide-on myself when I looked at it. But I turned the camera off and threw it back in the drawer, knowing that I would have to get to work eventually and I could figure out how to get it off of the camera after I got home. I found a red dress, black stockings, black creepers and a sheer black scarf to wrap around my neck. I grabbed my bag and started out the door, but once I opened it there was a man standing there, perfect ready-to-knock position.

Can I help you? I asked after my confused brain finally registered what was going on.
”Miss Hawke?” He was dressed like a total prep, but I he held up a badge and instantly I was nervous and I scrolled through my mind trying to figure out if I’d even done anything wrong.
Call me Michelle.
”Oh, I was looking for um.. Evange-” I sighed, God, I would eventually have to get that legally changed. It didn’t come up much, but I didn’t want that name to ever come up again.
No, that’s me. I cleared my throat.
”Can I step in?” and he just pushed past me anyway, not even waiting for me to answer, which made me take even longer to speak. Rude, much?
I uh.. yeah, sure, make yourself at home.

He looked around the place, almost like he was searching for something, until he finally turned back to me.
”I know you probably don’t remember me, or at least don’t want to, but I spoke with you a few years ago concerning your parents.” My face hardened into a frown as I finally closed the door behind me. Thank god Caly wasn’t here, I didn’t want her to hear any of this. I didn’t want anymore questions about this bullshit.

Yeah, sorta.
”I hate that it has to be me again, but… I have more bad news for you. You were friends with Maggie Summers, correct?”
I felt my stomach twist. Fuck, man, I’d already convinced myself she had just I don’t know, ran out of money and moved back in with her parents in Oregon. I didn’t want to hear this, as annoying as I’d found her at times, I knew what was coming next and I didn’t like it.
Yes, she..   I felt short of breath and I pulled my hair over my head with my fingers as I went to take a seat. Yes, I needed to be sitting for this, didn’t I? Even if he hadn’t suggested it.
I worked with her. I didn’t think she was really missing. Didn’t she just - I didn’t even finish the question because I knew he wouldn’t be here otherwise.
”She’s been found, and I’m sorry to say she’s dead, Ev-... Michelle. Can you tell me about the last time you saw her?”

No, she wasn’t, she wasn’t, she was just… living with her parents in Oregon.. or was it Idaho? Fuck, I was such a shitty friend, I wasn’t even sure. And now, there was no way for me to make it up to her.

I don’t know, dude? We hung out at the mall a few times about a month ago? Or maybe at work? She.. fuck.
”Did she have any enemies that you know of?” I looked at him, and I don’t know I guess I’d been hoping it was some kind of accident, or something. But fuck she was murdered?

The terrible thing was, I knew the answer to his question, and the shitty thing about me was that had she been alive, I would have been more than ready to gossip about the time she was caught with some chick’s fiance, and how Maggie actually bragged about it. She laughed about the threats she received, but damn, I didn’t think they were serious. Now that Maggie was dead, it was going to be harder to talk about.

I.. I do, but it’s been a really long time. I didn’t think it was a big deal anymore.
”Anything helps, Michelle.”
I don’t remember full names or anything. I just remember she had some fun with this guy named Trevor, and his fiance found out. She wasn’t too happy, and sent some threats, but they eventually stopped. As far as I knew, the engagement ended and that was that. He wrote notes down on a small yellow pad before pulling a card out of his pocket. He handed it to me, but I didn’t look at it. I just squeezed it in my hand.
”If you think of anything else, call the number on that card.” He got up and headed for the door. I heard the beginning of a phone call as he left -

”Hey, can  you get me Detective Khan’s line? Please and -”

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