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 [Closed] This one is never going away.

[Closed] This one is never going away.

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[Closed] This one is never going away.

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Fri Oct 09, 2015 9:51 pm

OOC Message
Part 1 of possibly 3. [Or this might be it. Depends.]

''Where are we going?'' Logan looked up at me as I tossed his jacket in his lap and passed the couch. My hand reached for the doorknob and I already had one foot out the door when I finally looked back. You'll see. I moved to my truck and got in the drivers seat, and didn't even wait a second before honking the horn. I didn't stop pressing it until I saw his ugly face in doorway, and I watched as he zipped up his jacket and closed the door.

''Someones gonna file a noise complaint, idiot.'' he muttered as he got in and slammed the door. It's barely after ten, no ones even asleep yet around here. What, you paranoid the potheads to our left are gonna call the cops, or the eighty year old woman on the right that can't even hear her own damn phone ring? Man up. I began pulling out, and started driving towards the dirt road that lead through the woods. ''I just don't wanna go anywhere dude. I wanna stay home.'' I looked at him, I couldn't see his face, except for the reflection of it in the window. He looked fucking down, really down. I'd said it before, but Logan being anything but happy and frankly, annoying was just uncomfortable. That's exactly why we're going somewhere. I don't give a fuck how gay it is, how lame it is, and it sure as fuck isn't for your benefit, it's for mine. You need to start talking, and I'm not gonna stop this car until you spill everything. You moping around the house is just fucking depressing.

''No.'' That's all he said before opening the door. I didn't even have a chance to stop the fucking car, and honestly, I didn't think he'd do it. But he actually threw himself out of a damn moving vehicle and I slammed on my breaks, checking my mirror and watching as he rolled. And once his body stopped, he immediately got to his feet and started walking back towards home. Fucking dramatic. I started to put the truck in reverse, and reached over to close the passenger door before catching up to him, and rolled down the window. Get back in the fucking truck. - ''Fuck you.'' He shoved his hands into his pockets, but his eyes shifted over in my direction, and that was all I needed.

My eyes lit up, Stop walking. I voiced my command and he slowly came to a stop, unable to even blink. Now get in the fucking truck, and stay there until I say otherwise. I didn't want to have to do it, but I had no choice. Something about using my gift on friends and family felt wrong, every damn time it felt wrong, but that didn't mean it wasn't useful.

Once he was inside I started driving again, and I didn't doubt my gift, but I locked the doors anyway. You remember that family reunion. Fuck where was it... Up in Lake Chelan? Papa Gene rented that boat, and we found uncle Milo's stash of jello shots. We couldn't have been older than ten, eleven tops. And neither of us even knew they contained booze. We had to have downed at least fifteen of those things, each. And the next morning, I was so fucking sick. I remember waking up and there was mom, dad, Papa Gene, everyone, crossed arms, disappointed looks and frowns staring right at me. They just knew what I'd done. But there you were, passed out, sprawled at the foot of my bed with drool on your fucking pillow and all of these little paper cups scattered around you. I didn't even realize it but I was smiling, and I only realized it because even though he still wasn't looking at me, and he had his elbow propped up on the window with the back of his hand resting over his mouth, he still managed to laugh.

''Yeah, fuck wasn't that the year when our distant cousins tried to get us to go skinny dipping? Fuckin' weirdos man.'' Shit I forgot about that. They were fucking hellions dude. All I remember is how dirty they were and the little one picking her nose and wiping that shit under the table. Ironically, we both made the same exact disgusted sound at the same time, and it turned into laughter, for both of us. But then the truck fell silent, and I had a feeling I was the only one that noticed. He was thinking about something, and I was just hoping he'd fucking say something. Anything. I finally shifted in his seat and sighed. ''So what's the point? To the trip down memory lane I mean.''

Well... I started, only pausing to switch on my blinker and make my turn. Point is, that next day, papa Gene pulled me to the side after breakfast, and I still felt like absolute shit, but mostly because Dad had given me the lecture of a lifetime. But Papa Gene ended up telling me about how when he was a kid, he busted into his parents liquor cabinet and ended up so trashed he woke up on the roof and great grams was so fucking pissed she actually called the police and he was terrified that he was going to be sent to prison. - ''I don't get it.'' - See, it made me feel better. It wasn't even a big deal, especially in hindsight, but I was one upset little shit, and Papa Gene made it better, in his own fucked way. Telling me about his own fuckup and making his crime seem worse made me feel better.

He just looked at me, he actually stared at me for a good minute before moving back to his original position, staring out the window. ''It's because you were a kid Vin. All kids need is a damn hug and a lollipop and they're good to go. We're not kids anymore. Real things happen now, really shitty things that can just be fixed by story telling.'' - Goddamnit Logan, maybe not but I'm fucking trying. I gripped my steering wheel, getting really fucking fed up with his woe is me bullshit. You told me you came up here to help me. And I knew it was bullshit, I knew uncle Phil had called you and probably threatened your life for fucking around in Seattle like it was your own personal playground. And that's fine dude, we bailed each other out, but this isn't some party scene in Seattle, you're fucked up. It's obvious, it's written all over your dark circles and frankly, lack of hygiene. Sorry dude, but you can't pull off brooding as well as you think you can. My voice started vibrating as we hit the dirt road, and I pressed the gas, leaving a dirt funnel behind us.

''Slow the fuck down!'' - Fucking tell me what's going on! I yelled back, nearly slamming on my breaks when I realized I nearly missed my turn. ''Nothing! Nothing fucking going on! Nothing is fucking-'' His hand quickly reached for the door handle and I watched him struggle to get the door open, too consumed by his own rage to even realize the unlock button was the only thing keeping him inside. He struggled so much, too much, and when I heard that snap I took in a deep and slow breath to try and calm myself down. Which wasn't easy, especially when he tossed the broken door handle at my feet and started throwing his body against the door. FUCK! I slammed on my breaks and unlocked the doors, got out, and rushed around to his side of the truck to open the door. You want fuckin' out so bad then get the fuck out! I yelled as I contradicted myself and shoved him deeper into the car.

He just looked at me with wide eyes, the only sound accompanying both of our deep breaths was that of birds in the trees. And then he lost it. He absolutely fucking lost it. He charged out of the car and crashed into me, both of us on the fucking ground, and I wasn't even trying to have a go at him, I was just trying to pull myself back to my feet, but he read it wrong and started fucking hitting me, and I fucking hit back. ''I fucking hate you!'' his voice cracked and he finally shoved me away. I watched as he stumbled to his feet, his own rush causing him to nearly lose his footing and face plant into a tree. But then he was just walking, not fast like he had a place to be, but slow, in the direction we were driving.

I slowly got up, rubbing where he'd landed a punch in my jaw before reaching in to pull out my keys and closed the door. Where the fuck are you going? He didn't say anything, not a fucking word. I checked my phone for the time and shoved it back into my pocket before walking towards him. I reached for his shoulder to turn him around, but he shoved it away and put more distance between us. What the fuck is wrong with you? I glared. He finally spun around with nothing but fury and rage in his expression and posture. I don't know! His tone didn't match his face, his tone was pleading. I don't know... He backed up into a tree and put his face into his hands before finally sitting down, and I moved to sit across from him. This is fucking bullshit you know.

You ask, and I tell. I've always fucking told. But the one time when I can help you mop up one of your messes you hog the fucking mop. His hands slid down his face, just enough to reveal his eyes and he stared at me before starting to laugh. It started out small, but then it got louder and longer. I just fucking scowled at him. What the fuck is so funny? - ''You just suck at metaphors.'' He managed to reply, but I didn't laugh. If insulting me was going to be his way of finally telling me what the hell was going on then I didn't give a fuck to know. His laughter turned into a groan, clearly reading my expression had irritated him.

''I fucked up.'' Was this it? Was he finally gonna fucking tell me- ''I did something bad.'' - What? - ''I can't tell you what. That's why I haven't said anything. Because I can't tell you, and it's not you, I can't say it out loud. To anyone'' - Can't? Or won't?


Okay, well is it gonna go away? I mean fuck I don't like this any more than you do, but I have enough shit going on in my life right now. I can't keep coming home to you acting... I gestured in his general direction. ...Like this.

''No Vin. This one is never going away.''


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Re: [Closed] This one is never going away.

Logan Milo Byrne | Human; Citizen

Posted on Sat Oct 10, 2015 12:34 pm

OOC Message
Part 2 of maybe 3. IDK

There were countless things people feared. Fates worse than death they'd call them. To a mother, the loss of a child. To some men, the inability to provide. So many things fit the bill. I'd like to say I had a fear, a fate worse than death, something that made me feel helpless and weak, but I never did before. After coming to terms with my illness, after acceptance seeped in, there wasn't much left to fear. After spending countless nights wondering if I'd ever get home, if I'd ever see my friends and family again, I'd become numb to loss. But I'd been naive. I'd been blind. There was one thing I feared, and I didn't know it until it was too late.


I hated myself for it. How could I sit here in self pity while I'd brought someone elses fear to life? I'd been the cause, surely she was hurting worse. Surely this would change her forever. But I couldn't remind myself of that. I'd been pretending she'd go on living like nothing had happened, simply to make my pain seem worse, and it was selfish and I knew it.

The fire crackled and popped, illuminating the small area around it in what appeared to be glowing pulses. Hues of red and orange attached themselves to our clothes and faces. Both of us stared intently at the flames, the heat warming my eyes. It'd been quiet. I'd grown used to the groans from the trees, snapping twigs, and wind rattled leaves, and in a way they'd almost become silent. Tuned out.

I didn't want to be here. Not at first, and I took a deep breath, inhaling the smell of burnt oak to prevent myself from complaining about being here again. ''I haven't asked. I've wanted to, but I haven't said anything because I figured... You'd fill me in when you had the time. But we've had nothing but time for the past two hours and you haven't said a word.'' I kept my eyes fixed on the flames, but the knots in my stomach didn't completely leave my expression. ''Where were you?'' I met his eyes with my own and my jaw flinched downward, as if I wanted to speak, but instead I just closed my mouth and exhaled out my nose. Pass the booze. I could see the disappointment in his face when the only thing I could speak was a demand. Regardless of how he felt, he passed me the bottle, and once again it went quiet.

I tried to do the right thing. It was the first thing that had been spoken for at least an hour, and it wasn't even spoken to his face. I wasn't ashamed. I just didn't want to talk about it. I had to say something though, finally the silence was becoming too loud for me, and small talk wasn't going  to cut it. And I don't know why I tried to do the right thing. Maybe it was just right for me, but I was convinced it was right for everyone. I guess I just forgot that it was the wrong thing to do for someone else. ''This family is plagued with selfishness dude. It's a curse to the Byrne name.'' - You don't believe that. And neither do I. Selfishness is learned. Calling it a curse is a copout. Even as I said it, I didn't mean it. Blaming it on a curse sounded so much better. ''And you don't believe that.''

I was dying. It was the first time I'd said it out loud. And it was the first time I realized, before acceptance, there was fear. ''Don't you think that's a little dramatic?'' - I'm not talking figuratively idiot, I mean I was literally dying. He didn't move his eyes away as he moved his bag of jerky off to the side and wiped his hands on his pants. And I could see it slowly being realized in his face. The tension in his eyebrows just got worse and worse. ''You're not serious.'' I didn't say anything, just looked, and his body jerked back and jaw dropped, arms loose at his sides. ''You are serious.'' Realization had finally settled in, completely.

''The C word?'' - Yep, the C word. He just started laughing. ''Wow you are a selfish prick. So what was the plan Logan? Just, die, don't tell anybody, and let them find you in your room like a stiff dead house pet?'' - What would you have done differently Vin? Don't act all high and mighty, you would have done the same fucking thing. I hated when he fucking did this shit. He was a damn hypocrite. ''No, actually, I wouldn't have. I may not have told everyone, but I think my fucking roommate, family might I add, would deserve to know. I mean fuck, we have bills-'' - Really? I just told you I was dying and you're pissed because of the bills? I glared, wondering why I was even surprised. ''Fuck you I didn't mean it like that. If you would have let me finish you would know I was going to give you a long ass list of reasons why you should have fucking said something. That was the least important one moron.''

This is why I didn't want to tell. I didn't want a long ass list of reasons why I should have said something. No doubt some of them would be gay as fuck and I didn't wanna hear it. It was just awkward. Even with him not listing them, knowing there was a list was awkward. ''What do you mean by was dying anyway?'' I wondered how long it would take for him to catch onto that. ''Is that why you left? To find a cure?'' - No. I'd accepted it, so no, I wasn't looking for a cure. I left because I wasn't just an unlucky name drawn out of a hat. Someone caused it. Someone made me sick. I just wanted to make sure they couldn't do it to anyone else, I mean... I sighed, ...That's kind of true, at least a little bit but I don't know anymore. Maybe I just wanted revenge. Having someone to blame makes complicated shit make sense.

''It was that warlock wasn't it? The one... Fuck what was it? Two years ago? The one that I found for you to solve your friends problem? What was his name... J-'' - It doesn't matter. It went silent again, but I knew what he was thinking, or at least, I knew he wasn't thinking anything positive. I'm not sick anymore, that's what matters. Let's just leave it at that. I said before reaching for a stick to poke the fire. I turned over one of the logs and the heat intensified as it stirred up the coals.


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