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 [Closed] Everything that made me pretty

[Closed] Everything that made me pretty

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Donna Chambers

[Closed] Everything that made me pretty

Donna Chambers |

Posted on Fri Oct 09, 2015 6:39 pm

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The Byrne Household | cold? | Middle of the night then early morning

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I didn’t even want to walk into that house afterwards. I remember the day I moved in, how I had this idea that I was basically moving in with family. It didn’t take me long to feel like it was home, and then he disappeared. The only motivation I’d had to finally enter the front door was the scalding shower I was going to take. And I sat, I sat in the shower until the water ran cold, and I sat some more. I didn’t cry, I just stared and sat in my self pity, hating that I’d done probably what every other girl… person in my place had done, thinking that somehow it would wash it all away.

I stared at the ceiling once I’d finally managed to get myself into bed, trying to keep my mind as numb as possible, but once in awhile I would grit my teeth and fight the tears. Eventually, I fell asleep. And now we were here. I pulled the covers away and let my legs fall to the edge of the bed. I forced myself to stand up and I slowly walked to the mirror. The shower hadn’t washed away all of the makeup, and I couldn’t be fucked to get the remover, even still, I was okay with the gray half circles the mascara and liner had left in the bags under my eyes. I didn’t want to be pretty anymore. My eyes kind of widened, as that thought had kind of it me, it kind of stuck, and something about it made sense. It was, what had gotten me in trouble, right? All these years, I’d been gorgeous, at least he thought so. And I wasn’t a man, but I guess guys liked pretty things just as much as girls did. But they didn’t like to just look at pretty things, did they? They had to claim them.

My sweats, my biggest pair of underwear, a sports bra, and an old tee shirt was all I wore as I ran to the garage. No one else was awake, and I glared at the Impala. Had I just… not gotten in. I could have left him there, to sulk in his misery alone, just like I’d thought he probably wanted to do.

I wasn’t going to get revenge. He was Logan. I had trusted him, and I was wrong to, that was the end of it. Instead, I found the gunmetal gray cabinet and tugged at the door. It screeched, it was unhappy about it, but it opened and I found the roll of duct tape, and also… a small pair of gardening shears. I grabbed them both and was happy to get back in the house, to get my bare feet off of the cold concrete floor of the garage. I know I’d only been awake for an hour or so, but it was already so much easier to walk when I knew what I wanted to do. When I had a purpose that wasn’t… reluctantly getting out of bed. I opened the door to the bathroom and locked the door behind me, and stopped briefly in front of the mirror.

My hair was messy, it was bedhead, but it was still clean and shiny. Parts of it were still damp from the shower, but… it was long, healthy blue hair. I sat the duct tape behind the faucet of the sink and just began to cut. I reached behind me, and cut the back, just letting it fall to the floor. I cut the sides, I cut the bangs. Not a straight line. I just.. made the pretty parts go away. When I was finished, the longest bit of my hair wasn’t more than four inches, the shortest part barely an inch. there was no rhyme or reason; but I left the long locks in the floor. Next, I took off my clothing, just long enough to step in the shower and easily wash off the strands that hung on to my arms, my neck, and I turned off the shower and dried off. I shook the clothing loose, ridding it of the last remaining long hairs, and put everything back on except for my shirt. My breasts, they’d always been an asset. They’d always been fucking pretty. I took the duct tape, found the end, tore it loose and began wrapping it tight over top of my sports bra, sloppily but tightly going around and around until they were as hidden as they could possibly be, and then I finally put the shirt back on. I looked in the mirror, ready to destroy anything else that made me pretty.

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