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 [Closed] Gamechanger #1

[Closed] Gamechanger #1

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[Closed] Gamechanger #1

Gayle Shaffer | Vampire; Ancient

Posted on Fri Oct 02, 2015 2:24 pm

Thread Details

Ogma Industries, Seattle | idk, cold? | Night

"It's not the breakthrough, but.. I would consider this a big deal, Gayle."
"Yes, yes, we absolutely cannot wait to show you. And I think this technology could be adapted in so many different ways."

It was about time. Not that my company had never made any progress at all, but it had been a while and something beneficial was overdue. It was no walk in the sun, but there was something inside me that had more hope than ever that it could be real. There were too many things coming together, too many pieces fitting in, now that I knew it wouldn't happen just the way I wanted it to. It was a sacrifice that made sense. It was one that really was a sacrifice to me, and I didn't like bending my own will, I didn't like bending my values, but other than family, that was the one thing I would bend for, even if only a little bit.

I made a mental note that eventually I might want the walls of some of these labs painted. White was clean, cold, and scientific, and that was okay, but even I myself couldn't stand to be down here for very long periods of time. The moment these white walls were no longer needed the whole lab would be destroyed. And no regrets. I was never reluctant to pat these people on the back, I didn't live millennia only to have no understanding of psychology. But still, there was only one breakthrough I cared about. I didn't care about the numbers of wolves anymore. Even my desire to be known for gifting my own race was beginning to diminish. I wanted a family; me, Noelle, Benjamin... and I wanted us away from our enemies, away from this dungeon of a lab, and together. In the sunlight, in the open. The ability to openly be what we were? If that happened, the icing on the cake, but not required.

Flynn and Lilah stood on either side of me, and in front of me was a very young vampire. Male, no older than 18 when turned. His freckles almost matched his kinky red hair, and he was entirely naked. he stood, taught and firm (except for the little guy) and I could tell he was struggling to remain calm. His front might have fooled the humans who worked here, but not myself and likely not Lilah or Flynn.  

"Who would like to do the honors?" The man in the labcoat, I'd long forgotten his name, asked, looking directly at me. I turned my head to Lilah and nodded. The man in the labcoat handed Lilah a dagger. God, how I wished the boy had a beating heart, even after all these years this kind of fear, that submissive fear, was still absolutely delicious.

"The blade is silver. You don't have to stab him, but touch it to his skin."

She did, happily, and while she didn't stab him as I'd somewhat hoped, she brushed it across his abdomen and you could smell and hear the burn. The boy cried out and my smile widened.

The scientist looked to the younger girl beside him in the labcoat, who had been holding a syringe. She stepped up to him, pulled at his arm and found his antecubital vein and promptly injected the liquid from the syringe. The boy gritted his teeth, fell to his knees and curled up in a ball. Hell, even if there had been no supposed breakthrough, I was enjoying the show. After a minute of us staring at this weak new creature, he reluctantly stood back up, bloody tears slowly creeping down his face. The scientist once again nodded to Lilah, who more than happily drug the blade across his abdomen. Nothing, apart from the boy's reactive cower. Not a singe, his skin was untouched. A cure for silver. Whooooopeee.


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