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[Private] Private Party

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Donna Chambers

Re: [Private] Private Party

Donna Chambers |

Posted on Wed Dec 09, 2015 7:05 pm

Had I fucked up? Had it been worth the awkwardness? I could have just faked a nice big O and sent her on her way, had it over with, but that was kind of bullshit, wasn’t it? It wasn’t about anything physical, obviously, even if she hadn’t been creative enough to do anything different than I’d done to her. It’s not what you were doing, it’s not about that, I began to explain, and I turned and climbed over the bed so that my head was actually where it was supposed to be in the bed - on the pillow at the top. I exhaled and looked up at the ceiling.

Like shit, I mean.. It’s what you said. Maybe I was taking it too personally, but women like her were why I rarely fucked around with high maintenance chicks anyway. I folded my arms over my chest and slid my feet under covers. I don’t like feeling like anything but equals. Call me a hippie, call me a feminazi, whatever, I just get the vibe you feel like I’m beneath your standards or some shit, like you’re doing me a favor by coming home with me. I’m not all about that shit, okay? She never said it, and maybe it was my own experience with Robert. Except I was her. That was how I was able to fuck him without being attracted to him, especially later on. I got off on how I felt, not him. I closed my eyes and concentrated on what it felt like, maybe more than a time or two thought of someone else. Fuck… my own guilt was ruining a good time.

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Re: [Private] Private Party

Erika Richards | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Sun Dec 13, 2015 12:57 pm

This was why I didn't do... this. I always felt self-assured, always felt determined, never gave a single fuck about what people thought. Why? Because the second you let that slip, this sort of shit happens. I felt pathetic. Minutes ago I'd been writhing under this lesbian like a bitch in heat and now I was paying for it. I couldn't get a proper read on her. I couldn't believe what she was actually pulling. Was it that the stuff I was doing wasn't good enough? Was she actually telling the truth and some flippant remark I'd made had caused this flip? Either way, she was backing off and getting into the bed. This wasn't how people treated me.

What I said... I shook my head, rolled my eyes, and stood up from off the bed, my grin turning downwards as I listened to her, my annoyance turning into rage. I hated that while I stood tall, I felt embarrassed - not of my body, but of the way it had reacted to Donna. Not that I'd ever admit that.

Look, chick. You don't know who or what the fuck I am, but you're barking up the wrong tree if you were expecting me to lay it on thick and tell you how amazing you were. I was out tonight for an easy fuck and you took me up on that, don't start acting now like you give shit when you can't even remember my name. This was meant to be fun, nothing more. And you don't know my standards. Bitch, if you knew a single thing about me you'd know better than giving me this shit. I sent Donna my best poisonous glare, chin up, arms folded across my chest and hiding all the insecurity I'd felt. No, fuck that. You didn't need insecurities when you could blow a hole in someone's head. This Donna didn't know who she was dealing with. I'd shot people who'd given me less hassle in the past and not spared another thought for them.

Oh, and so you know.. I raised one eyebrow at her, I was doing you a favor. I'm not like you. I'm not some lesbian. Tonight? I was faking all of that, you didn't make me feel anything. I'm not all about this shit, okay? I bit out in a sarcastic mimic, my sneer morphing into a bitter smirk. I turned around and scanned the floor for my dress and underwear, my heart beating angrily in my chest and for the first time in years, my entire being actually rattled.

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