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 [Closed] Index Bound

[Closed] Index Bound

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[Closed] Index Bound

Lenny Tronconi | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Wed Sep 30, 2015 3:09 am

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The date is 21 October 2012, before Lenny came to Index.

"Expelled - again?! I'm paying to give you the best education possible, why can't you just appreciate it? Why can't you understand that what you do reflects on this family?"

"You've had exactly the same opportunities and treatment as your brother. But look at you, and look at him. He doesn't just excel at everything, but he puts the family first. And you? Even the smallest, most insignificant thing becomes the biggest deal if it means it benefits us. You refuse to do things just to make things more difficult. Maybe you'd get decent grades if you actually tried."

"No Daddy here to work the system for you this time? A night in a jail cell'll do a brat like you good. Time for you to see what it's like for people who don't have fancy lawyers for parents, not that you seem to appreciate it. Trashing your own father's car, that's some level of screwed up. "

"I'm not tolerating your lack of respect or appreciation any longer. I put myself out on a limb to give you a job here, risking my reputation considering your history, considering the fact you're my son and what you do reflects back on me and all you've done - all you've done is throw it all back in my face and act as if I've not done enough. That was your last chance. If you're going to put the firm at risk then you can't work here anymore. Do you have no idea how many problems this could have caused? Did you even pause to think about what you were doing?"

"Your arrest might not have led to anything, but I heard about what you did. We don't stand for violence like that at this garage. Clear out your locker and leave. Now."

"I know you don't want to do what Dad says... but couldn't you try? Not even you can like when they argue with each other, but Lenny.. mom and dad only ever argue about you."

"Get a job, start studying and by all means, I'll give your your allowance back. But if you can't get a job or find something respectable to do, you're not welcome in this house. I'm not enabling you to dirty this family's name any longer."

"Life moves on. That boy killing himself doesn't change what I said before, and neither does you having nowhere to go. The ultimatum still stands. Get a job, or get out."

" If really you cared you'd let let me help so we can get over this -  a priest, a therapist, whatever it takes. But no, even if you're doing this to spite us, I won't tell your father you've been sleeping with other men. I couldn't do that. He's disappointed in you enough already."[/center]

The words resounded in my mind. They were churned up together, none of the memories present and some years old, but the emotions surrounding each one were an intense as ever. They'd never gone away, each one festering and feeding the already plentiful anger I felt.

Rain dashed against the windows, flashes of lightening streaking through the night and illuminating the shattered remains of my fathers office. I let the golf club fall to the floor amidst the debris and leaned against the desk. It wasn't enough any more. With every swoop of the club my stress had fallen away but with everything broken it all just came back. What could I do? I wanted to show my family, show my father what I could do, find some way out and then laugh in his face that he was wrong, but..

I had nowhere to go. I had no job and couldn't find another. I had no money since my father closed my accounts. I had no friends. All I had was an old, bashed up truck named 'Annie' from the last chance I'd had, the chance that had died with the only friend I'd had too. And now I didn't even have any time left either. I was trapped at the mercy of my parents.

I picked up the golf club again only to throw it down in a rage, pacing the room as I desperately tried to think. I couldn't let my father win. Even mom, who was so obviously on his side... disappointed...

A clap of thunder rolled through the sky and I stopped, lifting my glare from the polished wooden floorboards. I stepped towards the landscape painting on the wall, thinking. Yes... it could be a way out. The perfect way out. A way to escape the trap and give my parents what they deserved - not just my father, but mom too. They both deserved it. I could start a new life away from them, without their boundaries and rules and expectations, and I could do it all on my own. I didn't need them.

I yanked the painting off the wall and threw it to the ground, revealing the shiny, modern safe behind it. It was impenetrable.. unless you knew the code, obviously. I jabbed it into the keypad, smirking smugly to myself, and flung the small but heavy door open. Papers swooped to the floor as I threw them out of the safe, scrabbling about for what I was looking for. My fingers came across a ring box and I stopped, eyes widening with the promise that it held for me.

Taking the box, the safe was left open and forgotten as I moved into the light of the windows. When I opened the box the diamond ring glinted in the moonlight. It had a massive diamond, purportedly one of a kind and antique, having belonged to my grandmother who had died when my mom was young. It was one of my mom's most treasured possessions. And that's why it would serve her right. I'd give her a real reason to be disappointed. I didn't think of the deeper repercussions or anything beyond getting out of the house and getting back at my parents. I wanted them to feel as bad as they'd made me feel, even my mom who'd pretended to be on my side for so long. She'd be sorry. It struck me that maybe the best way to get back at my father and make him hurt too was to upset my mom, the thing he cared the most about. It was perfect. Hurt them both and use the object of my attack to fund my escape, just in case they tried to send someone after me. I shut the box with a snap of the lid and shoved it deep into my pocket.

For the first time since I could remember, when I left my father's study I was actually smiling.

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