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 [Event] Bennigan's Annual Halloween Bash 2015 - Page 2

[Event] Bennigan's Annual Halloween Bash 2015

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Re: [Event] Bennigan's Annual Halloween Bash 2015

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Mon Oct 05, 2015 10:06 pm

Don't get excited. I lived with a kid for a while. I know everyone at this point. Gumball, Ice King, Clarence- I took another bite and my eyes rolled into the back of my head as my knees bent and arms flopped loosely at my sides. Jesus I've never tasted something so good. Except her. Yeah so, I couldn't not think about it. She was my most recent lay, it'd take a minute before those memories were replaced with new images.

Even if I've seen you dressed as my archenemy more times than I'd care to. My eyes moved down, but unfortunately they couldn't move past her tits, where they stayed, for a minute, probably a minute too long before they moved back up to her face. Yep, still hot. Why was the fire still there anyway? Wasn't it supposed to go away after fucking? I knew what she had to offer, she'd offered it, and I'd taken it, but I still felt like there was more to explore in there.

I moved out of the way of bugs, not before grabbing a plate and piling whatever I could grab onto it. Shit if I was moving away from the food, then I was taking some of it with me. But fuck, she was asking for it. I exhaled out my mouth and cocked my head. Don't tempt the beast. I knew exactly what she was doing.

I grabbed my drink when it arrived and set the plate of food down, glaring at bugs as they eyed it when they passed by. Yeah, get your own. And when I brought my glass up to my mouth for a sip, eyes widening when I watched her go for fucking glory. Yeah yer gonna be real sober later. I laughed, only then realizing Logan had picked up one of the weird finger things from my plate and had been reaching around to rub my nipples with it. I didn't even know how long he'd been there doing that bullshit. Fucking hell. I swatted his hand away without even looking at him a second time and noticed a familiar face at the bar.

I need to go say hi to someone, and when I come back, we're doin' shots. I looked her right in her eyes before looking at my plate of food. Where was my burger? Shit. I gave her a wink, And yes, I am trying to get you drunk. I answered before she could even ask and turned around to head towards the bar. I saw the face from a distance, but I didn't see the body until I passed the crowd. We need shots- I held up three fingers to the bartender, Fuck it, make it one of your uh, Halloween specials, something good. For her, not for me. I could man up through a couple cheesy shots, shit.

My eyes finally turned to the person I'd come to say ''hi'' to. And now that I was here, I didn't know what to say. The last time we talked didn't exactly make us best buds, but I did feel different around her. Less annoyed, then again maybe that had something to do with Michelle. That chick put me in a good goddamn mood.

I couldn't help but look at her outfit, more specifically, all of the places it clung to. What the fuck was with women dressing hot as fuck for Halloween, and why the fuck didn't I appreciate it more. You live up to your name, Black Widow? I smiled as the shot glasses were placed in front of me and started being filled. I passed one to Olympia, and grabbed the other two in my free hand. If you're not meeting anyone- I nodded my head in the direction I was heading, letting her know she could come if she wanted to, but I left it open for her to decide and made my way back to Michelle.

I have no fucking idea what this is, so, I hope you like to live dangerously. I passed the glass to her and watched closely. Her reaction would determine if I should give mine away, or down it.

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Re: [Event] Bennigan's Annual Halloween Bash 2015

Arden Rowe | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Tue Oct 06, 2015 9:51 am

I actually liked the drink and Halloween was in the air. The spooky decorations and music and snacks and all the costumed bodies moving about put me in some kind of good mood. I had one arm resting on the bar but I couldn't resist shaking my hips a bit, and I was so focused on the music and the atmosphere that I jumped when I heard Onyx speak to me. I hadn't really noticed his presence. I mean, I could smell his distinct scent intermingling with all the others in the room, but just because we were in the same room did not mean that I had expected him to approach me.

My surprise rendered me momentarily speechless and I missed returning his comment with a witty quip. I took the shot that he passed to me and returned his smile with a small mystified one of my own. I didn't hate the guy anymore, but we weren't buddies or anything. It was an unexpected gesture, but also a nice one. There wasn't really any reason to say no, and I was in such a good mood that nothing could really bring me down.

I glanced to where he had indicated and saw him with a chick with black hair who looked really familiar. Like, fuck where had I seen this chick before? I started in their direction until I picked up her scent, and that was when I remembered. This was the girl who'd been there when Gio turned. He'd mentioned her to me, shit, what was her name? Michelle, I think. It was kind of weird to think how much had changed in a year. If you'd told me last year that I was going to, I dunno, do shots with Onyx last year I would have laughed until I cried.

I walked up to them and gave Onyx a nod and then hesitated for a moment before giving the Chick Who I Think Is Michelle a smile. It occurred to me that it might be a little weird for her to see me like this when the last time we'd been together was when she thought Gio was dying and I was just some random bitch who was trying to prevent her from giving him any help.

Put your best foot forward though, right? Hey, Michelle right? I think we met, uh, last year.

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Re: [Event] Bennigan's Annual Halloween Bash 2015

Michelle Hawke | Human; Citizen

Posted on Fri Oct 09, 2015 8:10 am

Time had been my only buffer, the only thing to keep me at least a little on the sane side seeing him. I didn't want to be that girl, so I wasn't you know, sending him texts and shit the next day. But yes, the bruises on my hips weren't completely gone yet, and every time I saw them I had flashes and I kind of wanted more. But I had to wipe it out of my fucking mind, and these drinks were going to help. I was going to be chill as fuck, right? 

Maybe I just like to provoke a little fight in you. Fuck, stop talking about it, Shells. I grabbed a plate, grabbing random appetizers and finally getting out of the way, since a line was starting to form. Does anyone come here with the intention of being sober later? I grinned, and caught a glance of someone else with Vincent. Well, I didn't know if they were there together, but they had to know each other, and I even snickered at what his friend was doing until I saw his face. Even then, it took me a moment to register who he was, but it was faster than that that I'd felt a strange sense of.. dread? Confusion? And when I finally remembered who he was, the confusion over my feelings didn't leave. My past with him was to say the least fucked up. In a way, really, he'd helped me, I guess. But remembering the ways he'd reacted to seeing me, expecting me to be her was just.. a lot more than inconvenient. I realized I was still looking at him, and finally I shook my head and went to find a seat. Picking at my food, worried now what even the hell this year was going to bring. Hopefully nothing too eventful, shit, I liked a good time but I was over drama. 

My ass plopped into the booth and I started eating, but also downed the rest of that zombie shit before Vincent even made his way back. Once he was there with the shot, my hand met his halfway and grabbed the glass, taking the shot and downing it before he could even finish offering it. That all you brought? I winked, and looked up as we were joined by a third party. I was actually relieved, thinking that maybe I could chill out on the flashbacks, and not to mention maybe even hide from Logan. Maybe seeing him wouldn't actually be fucked up or anything, but I wasn't ready for the possibility. 

Yeah, sorry, I can't say I ever knew your name. I was kind of busy watching my friend turn into a monster. Wow, did that make me sound like an asshole? I didn't mean for it to. And I was all out of alcohol already. So, I've gotta say, your costume is hot as fuck.

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Re: [Event] Bennigan's Annual Halloween Bash 2015

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Fri Oct 09, 2015 1:33 pm

I'd already taken note, not intentionally, just instinctively of several attractive women I'd passed. None worth mentioning individually really, but I couldn't help but let my eye stare across the room at some cleavage that was pushed up so high it looked like her neck came out of her tits. Weird, but strangely hot at the same time. I wasn't exactly looking for someone to take home, I wasn't even really looking to get laid really, to be honest I was quite sated in that area of my life. But looking wasn't a crime? Was it? Just like any ''crime'', it wasn't one unless you got caught.

That was when I turned my attention back to my own company, feeling oddly happy that Olympia decided to follow. I couldn't put my finger on it, but it was a good thing. There was no way her and Michelle wouldn't hit it off. I was even about to introduce them when it was made clear they'd already met. And then it hit me, where and how they met. Yeah alchy, but I can order some more. I turned just in time to retrieve my burger, and even more importantly, order more shots. Can we get more shots, for the three of us, double it this time, and I don't know what they're called but one of the specials... Put it on... My eyes scanned the crowd for Logan, and when I spotted him I pointed in his direction, Batman's bill. I turned and took a seat beside Michelle, practically salivating at my burger before removing the top bun to load it up with fries too.

Just as I was going in to take a gnarly bite that's when she said it. I coughed as a chunk went down the wrong pipe, before finally managing to fucking swallow the goddamn thing. Monster... Says the vampire. - I forgot you two met... Under weird circumstances. Or, weird for the human at least. She'd come a long way. From losing her mind over watching Gio turn to practically begging me to hurt her at my place. I was so proud.

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Re: [Event] Bennigan's Annual Halloween Bash 2015

Benjamin Reese | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Fri Oct 09, 2015 7:24 pm

How this town had these events so often without legit massacres I had no idea. Was there a pact or a treaty I didn’t know about? I knew that before I even walked into the building I could sense at least one wolf. I’d never tasted wolf, but there was a first for everything, right?

My hood shadowed my face, I wasn’t sure I wanted to be recognized by anyone, and I was, fairly often in the community. By sick people, by people who had been injured, but mostly it was people who frequented the ER and they were certainly people I never wanted to see again. I wasn’t completely masked, but I wasn’t obvious, either. What I hadn’t counted on, was the popularity of my character.

”Oh, my god, look at you!” the waitress said, and at least she was the first to greet me. At least it was someone who could actually do something for me. ”God, the arrow is so hot. Why don’t you take off that hood and I can see if you’re as hot as Oliver Queen under there.” I simply shook my head with a grin. Not yet, but maybe if you get a strong enough drink in me, I might be willing to reveal a little more of myself. Bourbon, neat, please. God, these people were ridiculous, and nobody seemed to give a fuck whether or not their skin tight costumes made them look like lumps of lard. I almost envied the ignorance, the carelessness. But it didn’t matter, for the most part, they would taste the same no matter how disgusting they looked.

There was a slight twinge of resentment, the fact that my next meal had preoccupied my mind rather than what kind of mischief I could get into. I could have both, but I couldn’t think about one until I got the other, and that would have to be addressed. I stepped further into the crowd, basically scanning the place for someone I knew. The wolf - I knew now who the wolf was, and and I smiled, I grinned. I’d never forgotten him, even as long ago as it was. That punch he had thrown that night I met Noelle. Oh, how things had come full circle. I could do so much more to him now, if I wanted. But not tonight. I wasn’t above my own ignorance when it came to my capabilities, so for tonight, I would stick to something fun and scantily-clad.

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