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 [Event] Bennigan's Annual Halloween Bash 2015 - Page 8

[Event] Bennigan's Annual Halloween Bash 2015

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Emo feelings, or emo music? I asked, raising an eyebrow. It rose further when instead of having the curious influence over Michelle, my little tactic seemed to scare her instead. Hey, no! Nothing bad, don't worry. Just the situation between you, him, and I think some guy... and - I didn't want to make it awkward, but obviously one of the things Gabe mentioned was how hot you are. I looked away, tilting my head down, and then let my gaze drift back to Michelle, a grin covering my face. He might have been full throttle and has some weird ideas about relationship and commitments, but he was right about that fact at least. I smirked at her, openly checking Michelle out. Just leave in there how I did not share Gabe's amusing old timey relationship standards and.. bingo. It felt wrong to be trying it on with the love interest of my missing friend, but it wasn't like I was looking for anything serious.

It seemed she has as many ideas about what to do as I did, which meant most of my hope ended up left in the video producing some sort of reaction. And then it didn't seem like it would either - she didn't act scared, weirded out, and then it all made sense. Suddenly how attractive Michelle was no longer mattered because I was wondering how stupid she might be instead. You know them? Look, I don't want to sound preachy, but either you're okay with some deep shit I'm not really into, or you don't really know these animals. I shook my head at Michelle and the situation. Even if I'd slightly suspected she might have been involved, I'd never have guessed how much.

I reached for my drink and took a few large mouthfuls, suddenly needing to be a lot more drunk to be able to process the conversation. I set the glass down and turned back to her. Maybe they've protected you, but I know what wolves are like. Maybe these ones aren't against humans and they might not just kill you on sight, but they do still kill people. Other.. beings... I still didn't know how much Michelle knew. I don't want to scare you, but they're dangerous. It's not some fairytale like Twilight. If Gabe had this video and they knew about it, that could've been reason enough for some wolves to flip their shit and want to get rid of him. Look, I know personally how crazy they can get. And not the good type of crazy, not in any way. While obviously the tales I'd been told growing up had been from a witch's point of view, it didn't take away from the fact they were dangerous. Shit. I cursed, closing the video on my phone and tucking it back in my pocket. How the fuck Gabe even got himself involved in this shit, I've no clue. Do you.. you don't know if he went after them or.. what he was doing with the video, do you? I didn't think he even knew about this stuff. As far as I'd known, Gabe had been a normal, oblivious human.

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Re: [Event] Bennigan's Annual Halloween Bash 2015

Michelle Hawke | Human; Citizen

Posted on Sat Nov 21, 2015 7:47 pm

Oh, God! Feelings, I can’t stand the music. No offense if that’s you know, your thing. Every emo/screamo band I’d ever heard sounded like some grounded fifteen year old bitching about his whore of an ex. Really, wasn’t too far away from country, was it?

I felt my cheeks warm, and I wasn’t sure if it was the shots I’d had or if it was what he’d basically said. Complimenting me on his behalf and Gabe’s at the same time. I’d never thought of myself as that girl, the one guys wanted. Not that I considered myself ugly but I had always assumed I’d be friendzoned because of my potty mouth. I wasn’t feminine really, or dainty or any of that shit, and yeah I worked hard at makeup but I couldn’t be fucked with my hair usually and I didn’t think guys liked the makeup type chick anyway. So now that I was getting all this attention - I began to wonder if I really was kinda.. hot or if the men of Index were just fucking desperate. All I could do was grin back and realize that my appetite never left for too long because I was grabbing a chili soaked fry before I even realized what I was doing.

I’m pretty sure I know the reason he didn’t talk about you that much with me. Forever awkward I was and realizing that shit, I was always on a different fucking wavelength than everyone else and he might not know the flavor of Kool-aid I was sippin. I mean, yanno, kuz… you’re uh.. Shit, I didn’t even think through how I was going to explain it. I’m just gonna shut up now. And eat more fries.

Just what do you mean by deep shit? It kind of depends, I winked, trying to shrug it off as a joke. The truth was a grey area, and a dark shade of it and FML I just.. we’re not going into the fifty shades shit because it wasn’t like that but… there was something about my night with Vincent that was a little fucked up on my part. Part of the fact that he could give me something that I couldn’t get from just anyone. And it was the same with Niya. Pain felt like home. And fuck, that sounded like the most emo thing anyone had ever said but it wasn’t. I wasn’t sad over some abusive relationship or traumatic event in my past. I considered myself a happy person. In fact I was happy during times when I shouldn’t be, and shit just didn’t bother me like it should. Like Maggie. I had no death wish for her, but I wasn’t sad. Shit just happened and I felt like it might happen to me sooner than later. And I was okay with that.

You forget that they’re people more than they’re animals. Like.. I don’t have any statistics or anything, yanno, but I mean… think about it. Just because they turn into dogs one night out of a month doesn’t mean they don’t have feels and shit.

I listened, thinking that this might actually be what it’s like to have a Mom. To be frustrated when someone tried to give you advice when they were standing on the outside of a situation you were in the middle of. This dude didn’t know everything. You mean vampires? Yeah, I know about them too. And yeah, I felt a little more hesitant to be around them. Probably one of the most amazing fucks I’d had in my life but my apparent death wish would certainly come to pass if made a habit of that. Yeah, I could definitely see staying away from the fangs. I’ve met two, and they’re uh.. well I’m alive but it could very easily be another story.

I paused for a while, and I knew the wolves he met certainly weren’t the ones I knew. The ones I knew - well last year it almost seemed like they didn’t revere their “condition” but they treated it as a disease to protect us from. They shielded me when they could have “silenced” me as he was hinting to.

They didn’t go after Gabe. I know they didn’t. I mean, vamps? Maybe. But why would they go after him and not me? It’s not like they’ve sworn me to secrecy or whatever. There have been no threats. As far as Gabe - that was part of why he left last time. To me he just seemed like he wanted to forget it. We talked about it like the next day, and I’m pretty sure he just wanted to forget it happened. At least that’s the way he came across to me.

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I'm not sure I do... I let my eyes follow Michelle, raising one eyebrow at her reasoning that I wasn't quite following.   I don't know, I like it when you're talking. I said, smirking. I took a fry from in front of her and placed it between my own lips, keeping my eyes on Michelle.

My smirk faded a little at her joke, and I let out a half-hearted laugh. Even that steered off and I smiled for a whole different reason, sitting back. I glanced over my shoulder and then back to Michelle. Yeah, okay, I don't have statistics either and I've not even met one of them anyway. Maybe you're safe. From what I've been told, humans don't have it too bad when it comes to wolves. It's just hard to see them as cute little dogs when someone you know's had their throat ripped out by one. Maybe they're not all bad, I don't know, and I think some can go wolf when they want, not just by the moon, all kinda of crap. Y'know... I don't really give a shit about them or what they do, if I'm honest. Or I didn't, until my friend turns up missing and I find out just before, he crossed paths with him. Fuck, c'mon Michelle, don't tell me that's not a bit suspicious, right? I don't even know... I rubbed the back of my neck and picked up one of the raptor toys, playing about with it. Y'know, even if it is, if one of them's picked off Gabe or something equally as sick, I'm ready to just back off and leave it at that. Wolves or vampires. If you're right, maybe Gabe had the best idea, just forget about it. Like I said, I don't want to get involved with any of that. One second you're buddies maybe, the next you're involved with all the supernatural political shit... no thanks. I've had my fill of that already.

I picked up my drink and shrugged, taking a relaxed sip. Your call if you're into the claws, Michelle, but just remember.. they might look human, but they're not. I took another sip and smirked, Shit, don't get me wrong - if there was some hot wolf chick guaranteed not to get pissed and rip my head off, I'd so be into that. The problem was I knew from my mom that you couldn't trust any of those mutts not to get angry, however hot they might be.

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Re: [Event] Bennigan's Annual Halloween Bash 2015

Nïya Kaminski | Vampire; Classic

Posted on Mon Nov 23, 2015 6:07 am

I let out a string of chuckles as he glanced over to the table where the scent of delectable dessert was strongest. The choice was indeed obvious, and if his mind was thinking exactly what I was thinking, we could be in for a very tasty treat indeed. Have you ever tasted one? Just the thought alone of their blood had my mouth watering once more, and my eyes couldn't help but travel back to the direction of the scent, trying to ignore the fact that Michelle was still in my peripheral vision. If drinking blood from a human was like sipping the freshest of water, then drinking the blood of a wolf was like tasting the deepest of wines, at least, that was how I remembered it.

A vampire who wasn't social? I raised my brow curiously studying him, wondering what brought him to hide under the hole he appeared enjoy crawling under. And what makes you think you have to hide any other night?  He wasn't exactly that much in the open either, he had only just pulled his hood down, but it was only moments ago where he was just as hidden away from the world as he appeared to do on a regular basis. I for one, enjoy to come right out in the open, screw the rules and the repercussions, rules were only made for breaking right? And besides, if I had kept myself in the dark any longer, I reckoned that I would have made myself insane, more than I already was.

Trying to show off? I let out another laugh as he made his wishes known to the bartender, finding it almost endearing that he too was playing the game. We had powers, what was wrong with making the most use out of them? Who says I'm only interested in the pyramid head? Flashing him a mischievous smirk, I let the thought linger for a moment. Let him think whatever he wanted. Sadly, I came alone today, figured I would pick my company right off the street. Or, in the bar it seemed. Well Ben, it is a pleasure to meet you. I'm Nïya. I clinked my glass with his, grinning once more.

To us, and our glorious dinner. I glanced over, eyes locking onto Michelle for just a moment before turning back to Ben. She was not mine, I had yet to claim her - it was something I needed to remember every time she crossed my mind, or my vision it seemed. Downing the remainder of my drink in resolution, I took his hand and pulled him towards the middle of the room where a crowd was dancing along to the music, if we were going to do this, we needed to be stealthy and smart. My lips brushed against his ear though my eyes were locked on the table where the scent was strongest. Lock it in, then we make a move.

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