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 [Event] Bennigan's Annual Halloween Bash 2015 - Page 7

[Event] Bennigan's Annual Halloween Bash 2015

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I didn't know too much about Michelle beyond the fact her and Gabriel had been.. something. But the fact he liked her should have alerted me as to what type of person she was, that she might be a bit crazy. I had no idea whether Michelle really was a 'party' but from the small amount of time I'd spent with her.. maybe she was.

Either way it seemed pretty fun, however wild she might be. It was something I'd always liked about Gabe, his unpredictability. From the 'store'? I queried, reaching forward to pluck out a fry from the bowl. I felt a wave of relief that she left the figures alone when admitting she was clumsy, which passed when she soon picked them up again. I shrugged it off. Even if they did get scratched, I wasn't pressed for money and it was no big deal, especially in the name of a party. Sure, I'll try get one's attention. And.. I took a sip, savoring the taste of my drink on my tongue. It was... unusual. it's a little sweet, wanna try? I passed over my drink.

Yeah... it's weird. I said, letting out a hollow chuckle. I didn't want to admit how worried I was about him. And not really like him, he even missed his last tattoo appointment. I just hope the dude's okay, wherever he is. I glanced to Michelle, my heart thudding in my chest. I had suspicions what might have happened to the girl that went missing from the way Michelle's mood suddenly flipped, but I couldn't stop myself. I couldn't stop the morbid curiosity, encouraged by the horrible thought I'd pushed to the back of my mind since Gabe had apparently vanished. I wasn't one to stress, but didn't everyone's mind flash to the worst possible scenario when something unsettling happened? The video of his I'd accidentally transferred onto my computer didn't help quell that storm of suspicion either. Sorry, I know how much that sucks. What happened to her? Was it recent? I asked, my eyes only on Michelle.

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Re: [Event] Bennigan's Annual Halloween Bash 2015

Michelle Hawke | Human; Citizen

Posted on Tue Nov 10, 2015 8:44 pm

Oh, shit, I thought he’d told you that I work at The Mad Platter. So yeah, I have access to the coolest guitars and stuff. I explained. I took another fry, like… a perfect specimen of a fry. Crinkle cut, kinda long but not “giant fucking potato” long, and crispy but not burned. Perfect amount of cheese sauce and chili… Man, seriously, I wasn’t like lusting over the damn fry but if it was going to make you fat at least make it worth it, right? Yeah, sure, I’ll give it a shot, but maybe I should just go with the Jack and Coke I know. I tried the drink, and well, yeah, it wasn’t too sweet but I still would rather just have something I was used to. I scooted the glass back to Ru. Your drink is safe for now. I’ma just get my Jack and Coke though, old habits are hard to break. Fuck, did that make me sound like an alcoholic?

Wait, he missed a tattoo appointment? Shit.. My finger was now on the tail end of the next fry, but my stomach was kind of sinking. But I was me, and not much kept me from eating, so I eventually stuffed the fry in my face, but I was silent for a few moments.

It’s been um.. I don’t know when it actually happened, but it’s been recent that they found her. And no one is really saying what happened to her, other than they suspect murder or uh… well like maybe an animal attack? Which you know, how the fuck do you confuse- And I stopped in my tracks. Fuck, why was I so thick that I had to say this shit out loud to connect the dots. Animals. Of course, Vincent had left for the bathroom. And I don’t know if it was that fucking suit he was wearing or what, but it seemed like something had kinda snapped his mood. Was it just the whole.. crowd of people thing? Or was it something.. or someone specific?

I’ll ask around, I mean.. I’ll start looking. I was sorta thinking this was just in his personality to be kind of a.. jet setter, but shit isn’t adding up, you know? Have you talked to um.. I forgot her name but wasn’t there some red-headed chick he was friends with?

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Re: [Event] Bennigan's Annual Halloween Bash 2015

Arden Rowe | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Wed Nov 11, 2015 7:48 am

Yet another friend of Michelle's arrived just in time to hear me announce that I didn't have a dick, which was definitely better than if I'd said that I did. He was actually kind of hot but definitely more interested in Michelle than anything. Damn, that girl got around. I had to wonder how many of our tablemates she'd fucked. Definitely Onyx and from the previous conversation maybe the blonde chick too.

I smiled at Ouray to show that him ordering food wasn't a problem, No worries man, I understand completely. The fries were delicious - hot and salty. I squirted a glob of ketchup into the basket and proceeded to dip some fries into the fresh ketchup.

I laughed lightly at his mistake, relieved that there was at least one person who was less with it than I was... or maybe not. Hadn't he known what Adventure Time was? Well, in any event I was still in the loop about something that he wasn't. Close - I'm Black Widow from the Avengers.

I'm gonna make a wild guess and say... you're a police officer? It was obvious what the costume was supposed to be in general, but I didn't know if there was more of a story there. Like, if he was a cop from a specific movie or if there was some other reason why he'd chosen that costume. It was at least something to talk about.

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I raised my eyebrows. Sweet! You're a musician, then? He didn't tell me much about you... apart from how you are, and that that situation was complicated. Let me put it this way - Gabriel.. whenever he was interested in anyone, he always kept it on the down low until he was sure, and by sure I mean practically engaged. His relationships always seemed to go very fast, very intense. 'Scared enough chicks off. I laughed, grinning with my teeth showing and wonder how she'd take the compliment I'd slipped in. If he suddenly turns up with a wife it wouldn't surprise me in some ways - oh, shit, sorry. I stopped, pretending to remember who I was talking, but I knew. I didn't mean to... I got that you guys were kinda a thing, didn't mean to offend. I blame the pumpkin punch. I held up my glass and smiled apologetically, on the outside acting as if it was a mistake, all the while calculating how she'd respond to my planned 'mistake' on the inside. I had a sense that something had happened between the two but as Gabriel hadn't told me much, I was left to try and dig.

Yeah, he booked a tattoo each year, as away of remembering his mom's death. It was what made me really think he was missing, not just partying somewhere. He took his family shit seriously. But... who knows... My glass balanced between my fingers and I stared down at the table, giving a slow shake of my head. Who knew? I'd been searching or clues to Gabe's whereabouts and I sure as hell didn't, but somebody had to know something.

An animal attack. Suddenly all I could hear over the loudness of the party was the beating of my own heart - thud, thud, thud - in my chest, in my throat, as the innocent words Michelle had spoken bought back to my mind the video of Gabe's I'd found and with it my fears. Animal attacks on human were rare though not unheard of, but with the video it could easily have been a wolf. Not the type you found in zoos either. Shit. I'm sorry... Maybe Gabe had done a runner? Seen the potential danger and got out while he could? He might have been crazy but he wasn't an idiot. I could hope that was the case, hope it as much I could that he was safe somewhere and hadn't got himself caught up in trouble.

And yet my doubts kept coming back to the front of my mind. The video... I had a copy on my phone. I pulled it out, holding it in my hands, tapping the screen as I debated. I zoned out, then glanced back up to Michelle with a start. A red-headed chick? Yeah, I met with this couple he was friends with, he introduced me when I stayed at his but they haven't heard from him either. I glanced back down to my phone. Michelle could be totally innocent, oblivious, even if she had been in the video. Then again there could be more to her than met the eye too. I'd been told those creatures had their ways of 'sorting things out' but I wasn't ever going to find out if she knew anything if I didn't just bite the bullet and ask. Even if the guy she'd been sitting with at the party previously was one of wolves and dangerous, with him temporarily out of the picture wherever he'd gone it was the perfect opportunity.

Look... I leaned a little closer, my eyes sliding to those around us before focusing again on Michelle, It's probably just nothing, but when I was staying at Gabe's some of the stuff on his laptop transferred to mine and in it, there was this video... I held her gaze, my eyes piercing, waiting to see if there was any recognition in her eyes.

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Re: [Event] Bennigan's Annual Halloween Bash 2015

Michelle Hawke | Human; Citizen

Posted on Sun Nov 15, 2015 3:05 pm

Yeah, I mean.. sort of. It’s kind of an emo topic for me, I answered, specifically speaking about music. It was an untapped talent that out of sheer stubbornness I refused to delve into. But it was what he said next that had me alarmed and very confused. What situation? What do you mean how I am? Wait, what exactly did he know about me? Of course there were a number of things he could be talking about, but the wording seemed just right for… well for him to know about Eva, and Claire and.. Man I really needed a codename for that whole fiasco in my past.

Oh, yeah.. I got that a little from him, I kinda felt bad. I’ve always been hesitant with commitments. I never wanted to lie about that, but sometimes I dreaded what came next. I didn’t want any lectures, and I sure didn’t want it to turn to some fight or argument where I sounded a lot more feminist than I was. I mean, I wouldn’t say I was passionate about feminist rights - but I certainly wasn’t going to put up with any misogynistic shit, either. If guys could put notches on their belts, I sure as fuck wasn’t going to let anyone insult me for having fun. But I had a feeling this dude would be alright in that sense. At least, from earlier conversations. I guess I was just used to typical small town conservative shit.

No, man, I would love for that to be what it is. I mean don’t get me wrong. I got flirty with him, but I was worried about well… leading him on. I’m kind of an asshole but he deserves someone who wants the same thing. The waitress popped back in to check on us, and I asked her for a Jack and coke. If it’s really strong, my tip will match. I grinned. She nodded in understanding and hopped off with any other orders and I was back to Ru.

It’s oh.. well no it’s okay isn’t necessarily the right thing to say. I feel like kind of an ass, I didn’t really like the girl, but it still sucks it happened. I don’t know. I guess I just kinda.. I mean I don’t know what to do. If you have any ideas, I’m really willing.

I scooted closer so that I could watch his phone, almost kind of hoping it was something with Gabe that was recent, but I was wrong. My stomach kind of sank once I realized what it was. I knew that Gabe knew about the wolves, and I hadn’t said a damn word to Vincent or anyone, but shit, what if Gabe himself had spread it or Ru. I thought we’d kind of agreed it was safer that way. But then again, I’d never seen any of the wolves do anything.. Well I mean Vincent gave Rick a run for his money, but even then he was protecting me. That’s all they’d ever done. It was almost like they were dealing with a disease, something they just had to deal with and they did what they could. Why else would they have drug Gio away from everyone?

I uh.. yeah I know about that. I slumped down into my chair. And so did Gabe, and I know what it looks like, but I know those people. They’ve done nothing but protect me. I can’t imagine…

But God, what if this was a wolf? Maybe it wasn’t intentional. Maybe something happened and there were no others around like Vincent or Arden to help? I mean, I’m not saying it’s not… well.. a creature. But it can’t be one of these guys. It can’t.

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