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 [Event] Bennigan's Annual Halloween Bash 2015 - Page 4

[Event] Bennigan's Annual Halloween Bash 2015

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Re: [Event] Bennigan's Annual Halloween Bash 2015

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Tue Oct 13, 2015 2:32 pm

My good mood was still in tact. But fuck I hated small towns. There was no way to go to something like this without smelling death. Even if both of our kind had laws to prevent us from turning this place into a war zone, it still felt fucked up mingling among fangers. It was instantly harder to smile, to laugh, to relax. Just knowing there was one in here, most likely hunting for someone to drain was a buzzkill. Not to mention my burger was less appetizing considering it smelled like roadkill in this damn place.

I'd started a trend, and happily stared down at my food before wrapping my hands around my burger like it was the fucking tesseract and I refused to let it fall into the hands of the villain. Me? I looked at michelle as my burger took a shit, and some saucy goop fell out the back off it. I don't know if you wanna go there. This might lead into a drinking competition and quite frankly I don't think you've got what it takes to start that war with me. I smiled before taking a fatty bite and smiled again with puffed cheeks. My smile didn't disappear when she scooted closer, but I played it cool. Nothing to see here folks.

I wanted to laugh when she explained her costume. But instead I set my burger down and reached for a napkin to wipe off my fingers. Arden here works at One Shot. Maybe if you suck her dick she'll give you a discount the next time you head there. Yeah, I wasn't asking her to go, I was telling her to go. She'd fit right in with the riff raff.

I took another bite and my eyes wandered to the new chick that appeared and sat right in Michelle's lap and honestly for a minute I wondered who the fuck had the balls to just sit in someones lap like that. But then I saw her face. I knew that face. I immediately started choking on my food for the second time tonight and hit my chest as I managed to actually choke it down and stared at the two of them. By the way... I reached for a fry and plopped it in my mouth, You left your bone- - I mean phone- You left your phone at my place the other night. I smirked and reached for another fry, and for the first time in my life, I managed to cockily eat a fry. How the fuck does one even do that? It didn't matter, I'd done it.

My eyes turned down to my burger, and my smile spread wide across my face, I wanna taste you. I said as I stared at it and reached for it again. So maybe I shouldn't have said it. Maybe I shouldn't have repeated word for word what I'd heard on that video. I shouldn't have made it obvious that I'd snooped. But fuck the temptation was too much. I had to.

Luckily an old face appeared, one that would most likely distract me enough, and maybe Michelle and her pink friend from what I'd just said. Ouray. Nice to see you join the dark side. His costume was cheating, technically. But it made me feel less fucking gay knowing I wasn't the only wolfman that decided to come in costume.

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Re: [Event] Bennigan's Annual Halloween Bash 2015

Arden Rowe | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Thu Oct 15, 2015 2:40 pm

Oh man, I didn't even think about getting cheese fries, but that sounds even better. I said regretfully to Michelle when I heard her order. Ketchup was great and all, but shit, cheese makes everything better. And no, I haven't seen it, but your costume is still rad - even though we're not really into vamps 'round these parts.

I watched the exchange between Onyx and Michelle and considered commenting that I could drink them both under the table, but even if I was joking it didn't seem like a good idea. Plus there was some kind of flirtation going on between Onyx and Michelle and I wasn't trying to get in the way of that. Although it felt a little bit like I was third wheeling to be alone in a booth with two people who were practically screaming, "we want to get drunk and have sex!"

Ah yes, the dick-sucker's discount. It's really popular at One Shot I said, grinning at Michelle.

Fortunately my third-wheeling time didn't last long when we were joined by yet another wolf. I recognized him as a warlord, but we hadn't actually met nor did I know either of his names or really much about him except that he'd been gone for a while and recently returned and maybe some other odds and ends that I wasn't remembering. I gave him a nod, but before I could say anything in greeting or introduction we were joined by yet another person, a non-wolf this time. This chick slid right into Michelle's lap and was also wearing a costume of something I didn't recognize, but she looked pretty good too so I gave her a smile and a wave in greeting.

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Re: [Event] Bennigan's Annual Halloween Bash 2015

Michelle Hawke | Human; Citizen

Posted on Thu Oct 15, 2015 8:49 pm

Meh, it’s a drinking competition. Really, if everyone’s having fun, there’s no losers. So yeah, drinking war it is. I grabbed one of the shots and raised it in a toast before downing it.

Wait, Arden? You have a dick? Fuck.. that’s kinda hot. Why do I think that’s hot? Obviously, I knew he was kidding, but damn, wouldn’t it be kind of fascinating if she was trans? Like, shit, would have fooled anyone. I mean.. I figure you’re joking but with the shit I see on tumblr it’s hard to tell anymore. But um.. shit.. a lot of BJs over at One Shot? I’m gonna assume the party heads there after this place dies out?

I tried sooo fucking hard to fall into the obvious answer, I tried hard not to just say, “yes”, but Adventure Time definitely not just some kids show, and I was a weak piece of shit. I mean, sure, if you only have a kid’s mentality. Shit gets deep, man, I said to the newcomer. Gaddamn, tho, was he a wolf too? What the fuck, did becoming a wolf make you instantaneously hot? Maybe I should join in on the fun. Immediately, my mind went to Gio, wishing he was here so I could poke fun, tell him sorry it didn’t work out for him, although that would be the furthest from the truth. Maybe I saw my memories through rose colored glasses, but he was kinda hot when he was angry. Even before he was a wolf.

I looked around the place, admittedly, I was looking for him. Fuck it, I didn’t even care, I missed him, and hoped that maybe… fuck. I don’t know what I was hoping for. But instead of seeing him, I found another familiar face, and he just happened to be waving in my direction. It was one of those moments where I didn’t want to be that dumbass who waved at the person who was actually waving at someone else, but.. wait.. shit, was that Ru? Damn, maybe he’d heard something about Gabe. I needed to ask. I waved back, smiling widely. I changed the wave to one of invitation, and shrugged. I couldn’t yell over the music, but maybe he’d get it. Like, come on over if you wanna. Damn, if anything else, I wanted to congratulate him on the hot piece of tail he was toting. Shit, maybe there was something in these shots that Vincent gave me, or was it just me? Fucking everyone in Index was hot lately.

OOOoooohhh, I said, as one of my favorite hotties of Index plopped in my lap. I started to feed her one of my french fries, just to play into her flirty vibe. God, sometimes I didn’t get that girl, but it was a good thing. I mean was she just fucking around or really flirting? Most of the time it seemed like the first, but my phone had proof otherwise. Speaking of my phone, I stopped in my tracks and the french fry dropped back onto my plate. My eyes widened, and for a split second I feared the worst. I mean, shit, I didn’t care if Vincent watched the stuff, I just didn’t want Caly to get pissed at me. But shit, honestly, I was proud, and I actually had a feeling she might be too.

Aaaww, whatsamatter, wolfie? Jealous that ‘lil red had some fun? My eyes glared toward him, my grin smirked, and I just knew this was actually a good thing. I just knew it meant I’d be in his fucking head even more than I already had been. But yeah, I’m gonna ask that you wipe your jizz off my phone before you give it back. Don’t even pretend you didn’t go there, Joe.

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Re: [Event] Bennigan's Annual Halloween Bash 2015

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Sat Oct 17, 2015 2:56 pm

True. I muttered, not really interested in starting a drinking competition simply because I knew I'd win. I'd drink with them, if they wanted to see it as a competition fine, but I just saw it as putting me one step closer to getting hammered. As much as I'd been in a good mood and distracted with good company, something was nagging at the back of my mind. Someone was missing from this picture, and had been for quite some time. The only way to not think about her, was to get drunk, and that's what I was gonna do.

I eyed my burger but was suddenly uninterested in it and far more interested in my shots, even if they looked fucked up. I reached across the table to down one then shoved my burger to the center. My scraps are for the taking if anyone wants 'em. The hot lesbian immediately turned her eyes too it and without a word wrapped her hands around my burgers remains and took a fatty bite out of it. ''Thanks bro.'' She winked, but I could barely understand her considering her mouth was full.

I'm contemplating heading there now actually. This place is gettin' sweaty. It was true, as more people started arriving the more cramped it was becoming, and this fucking costume was already clinging to my nuts more than I'd care for it too without sweat making shit feel even tighter.

My eyes turned to Michelle one last time and I smiled, and yeah, maybe I was a little embarrassed but the only way to move on from that was to admit the truth. Don't worry, I used tissues like a normal person. I laughed before scooting out of the booth. I need a smoke ladies and gents. I lied and moved my way through the crowd, heading straight for the mens room. The question was... How the fuck was I going to get this shit off to piss...

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Re: [Event] Bennigan's Annual Halloween Bash 2015

Nïya Kaminski | Vampire; Classic

Posted on Sun Oct 18, 2015 8:14 am

OOC Message
Costume - though bandages are only around her face.

I had told myself that I wouldn't participate in an event that practically ridiculed my kind every year, and every year I found myself dressed up and getting drunk with the same people who thought it was cute to stick some plastic fangs in their gums and pretend to drink blood. I wasn't going to pretend that I didn't find that at least mildly insulting, but the opportunity for some delicious food was too good to pass by. When else would I have the chance to play in plain sight without rousing much suspicion?

Perhaps, that was part of the reason why this years inspiration came from Silent hill. Mostly for the fact that no one would really wonder why my dress was covered in blood. I had already had some fun before making my way to the pub and if I had to say so my self, the additional droplets of blood on my outfit only added to the character I was trying to portray. I waited until the doors swung open again before I made my way inside, heading straight for the bar to grab myself something to drink. I could feel the presence of Michelle and I resisted the urge to search for her, settling on a brain cocktail instead to feast my eyes upon and allowed myself the luxury of mixing in with the crowds, sipping from my drink and making my way around to search for someone mildly intriguing to strike up conversation with.

Where's Felicity? I smirked as I set myself beside the only guy so far to have dressed up as the arrow. Or did you get bored with little miss nice and finish her already? The comment was too good to pass up and I couldn't help myself. Sensing what he was had me feeling all types of excited. I hadn't had much interaction with others of my kind except for the little chat with whatever his name was at Poison, and maybe this could be just the distraction I needed from all this human interaction I had as of late.

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