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 [Event] Bennigan's Annual Halloween Bash 2015 - Page 3

[Event] Bennigan's Annual Halloween Bash 2015

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Re: [Event] Bennigan's Annual Halloween Bash 2015

Arden Rowe | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Sat Oct 10, 2015 3:40 am

Hey can I get a basket of fries, too? I said to the waitress as she was heading off with Onyx's order. I'd already had dinner but if I was going to be doing shots I needed some real food as well. I'd promised myself I wasn't here to get drunk - not that I was a lightweight - but I could handle more if my stomach was full.

I slid in to the booth across from Onyx and the chick who I'd officially confirmed as Michelle. Gio'd said she was crazy, but she didn't seem it so I chalked it up to whatever drama must've been going on between them.

Yeah, who you callin' a monster? I said in mock offense. Was it just me or was this becoming a trend? Gio complaining about his transformation, Michelle calling us monsters. With whatever the fuck was going on with Onyx, this did not feel like a good time to be a wolf. And of course she still didn't know my name. The only reason I knew hers was because of Gio, so I went ahead and gave her mine. I'm Arden by the way, I said, to complete our introductions.

I smiled at her compliment, Back atcha, although I've gotta admit I'm not sure I know who you're supposed to be? It was probably someone super popular that only a weirdo wouldn't know, but I just wasn't that with it. She looked good though, and the costume looked like she'd actually put effort into it, which was awesome. I loved it when people actually tried on Halloween. And this year even Onyx was in the Halloween spirit? That was some serious magic right there.

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Re: [Event] Bennigan's Annual Halloween Bash 2015

Michelle Hawke | Human; Citizen

Posted on Sat Oct 10, 2015 5:36 pm

The appetizers would be more than enough for me, but shit the fries and whatever sounded so good and the appetizers weren't going to last long. Oh, shit yes, can I get fries too? With cheese? 
"Sounds easy enough," the waitress said before jotting down the order and she practically hopped away. So, hold up. You callin' me an alchy? Correct me if I'm wrong, but every time I'm drinking you're right on par. Okay, maybe I had goofed, but personally, I felt like I was the queen of quick saves, and I already had one right up my glove. 

I scooted closer to Vincent, my thigh hitting his and my foot touching his calf. And when did I say that being a monster was an insult? My eyes darted to Vincent suggestively, but only incredibly briefly, before turning back to the girl in front of me. Yeah, I was a little embarrassed about my reaction last year, but god what I watched, wouldn't it fuck up anyone? And contrary to what Gio thought, it wasn't just the whole.. oh em gee a wolf thing - it wasn't cool at all to watch your friend... to watch something like that happen to someone you cared about. Suddenly, as pissed off as I was about how he'd spoken to me, as pissed off as I was about the bullshit drama he put me through, I missed him. I wanted things to be where they were.. I don't know, maybe when we first roomed together. When he could still smile at me and mean it and the other way around. Fuck, I just had to realize it wasn't going to happen. 

Arden? Cool, and I guess you might have figured I'm Michelle. I looked around for Caly. Not that I regretted coming, but I would be a little pissed if Marceline didn't get her Princess Bubblegum. Oh, uh... I don't guess you've ever watched Adventure Time? I'm Marceline... I paused, regretting just a little, my decision to be anything vampire related now that I was sitting with a table of wolves. It was one thing to show up at Vincent's house with vampire teeth - but.. I didn't know just how sensitive this girl was. Worst case scenario? She'd be offended. Best case... well I'd been rewarded rather nicely when I'd showed up at Vin's with fake fangs. She's uh.. the vampire queen, but she doesn't drink blood. Just the color red. God, how much like a kid did I sound right now? I didn't give a fuck, I still looked hot, right? 

I hadn't expected the drinks yet, but there they were and I grinned up at the waitress. Perfect. 
"Food won't be too far from now, you guys beat the rush."

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Re: [Event] Bennigan's Annual Halloween Bash 2015

Caspian Sullivan | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Mon Oct 12, 2015 12:08 pm

OOC Message

Halloween…such the perfect time of the year…Not. I hated this holiday more than I hated Christmas. I always had bad experiences when it came down to it on this god forsaken day. Growing up and being a medium didn’t help either. Seeing spirts and shit all over the place, and thinking I was a fucking nut job because of it. It hadn’t been so bad since becoming a wolf, but I still had the occasions here and there where I’d see things move from the corner of my eye. I was just glad that I didn’t have to deal with it alone. After becoming part of the pack and working my way up to the male warlord I had heaps of help and respect, especially from our current spiritual leader. The woman was amazing, and I had learned quite a bit from her on how to deal with all the retrospect’s we had both shared. It was rare for someone of my type to be turned, but shit happens, people and wolves fuck up and that’s what landed me in becoming one. Not that I was complaining, and I’m sure as hell glad that I seemed to be a better person than whom I originally was.

Upon entering Bennigans my eyes swept over the growing crowd. It was quite obvious everything was just kicking off and I even spotted a few of my fellow pack mates dressed up in bright green attire trying to be ‘army toys’. I can say they weren’t doing their best at it from the way they tried to flop around and move. It looked more like they had sticks shoved so far up their asses they wouldn’t possibly be able to move without shifting it up further, but who am I to judge? I hated dressing up, and in fact the most I did was throw on a fake police uniform and be what I already was for my day job. Creative right? I thought so. Shutting the door behind me my eyes trained on a group at the bar. Seems like they were having a good time. Maybe I should just crash right on in their conversation. Plus, didn’t help that Onyx was a part of this said small group.

Bumping my way through I nuzzled my way over sensing something a bit off, but hell I was use to that feeling by now. The place hummed with other wolves essences, and I’m sure other creatures as well. I had yet to inform Onyx of my endeavors over on the western side, but that could wait for another night I wanted something strong to drink. I could overhear some of their conversation the closer I got to them and raised my eye up a little. Isn’t Adventure Time some kids show? I asked making my way into their conversation. I stroked my chin a little and sat on one of the barstools next to the group. Whiskey. I yelled out to the bartender. 

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OOC Message

NPC Nadine. 5ft, American
Rupert & Nadine costumes

He's so cute. I might actually have to steal him. Nadine laughed and finally passed me 'Delta' again. I held her in one hand and Blue in the other, understanding that bringing all four toys would have been impractical.. even if it would have added punch to my costume. You know I don't love you that much. I joked as we walked through the doors.

The heat of the bar hit us like a wave as we walked in but Nadine sauntered ahead anyway, her head bobbing about as she checked out what the party had to offer - in terms of food. She might have been a tiny five foot nothing with a flat stomach but her stature was deceiving. She was a foodaholic. She was also the best tattoo artist I'd ever met and the ink on me was courtesy of her, and it was how I knew her. My tattoo artist... with benefits.

She held up a Mummy cookie at me over the crowd and I grinned back at her excited face, nodding but making my way to the bar. I didn't have such a sweet tooth, or an affinity for 'cute' things.

I tucked Delta one arm and Blue under the other so they were facing forwards, a head each side of my chest. I chuckled at the sight and leaned on the bar to survey my surroundings while waiting for the queue of people to dissolve, not in a particular rush. I was ridiculously chilled. My gaze scanned the crowds and I stopped when I recognised a familiar face. The hair was different, possibly for her costume, but it still looked like Michelle. I tried to catch her attention and gave a little wave, my elbow stuck at my side to keep the raptor in place.

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Re: [Event] Bennigan's Annual Halloween Bash 2015

Calypso Bea Paxon | Human; Citizen

Posted on Tue Oct 13, 2015 12:52 pm

OOC Message

I was late, I was late, for a very important date damnit. So I wasn't exactly late but I wanted to get to the fun already. There was a moment, a brief one, when I thought about not going at all. I almost gave into the laziness. But considering I'd given Michelle such a hard time about halloween, and our costumes were kind of linked together in a big way, I figured I needed to go, and now that I was on my way, the desire to stay home had completely disappeared.

The second I busted through the doors I heard someone call my name, and damnit this guy, I could never remember his name. I tried, I even wrote it on my arm in sharpie before but it just never stuck. ''Who 'you sposta be?'' - PB bro. I grinned but kept walking. I was on a mission damnit. ''PB?'' He looked confused and I wasn't trying to be rude I just wanted to find Michelle. ''Where you goin'? The groups over he-'' - So sorry dude but my friend has a wardrobe emergency I gotta- I just turned around and kept walking until I spotted her.

I didn't even say hi, I just casually squeezed my fat ass onto her lap and wrapped my arm around her. I had no idea who these people were... Hey bitches.

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