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[Private] Ingrid Tupman

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Re: [Private] Ingrid Tupman

Kyle Merrick | Vampire; Classic

Posted on Mon Oct 12, 2015 9:56 pm

I wasn't going to lie, I was very much enjoying the touch of her fingers dancing across my physique. Sure, it probably meant nothing. If anything, this was all part of her mischevious plan to either get something out of me, or get me out of the picture. Neither of those were going to happen. But I couldn't remember the last time I allowed a woman to get this close to me, even touch me. I was allowing her to play with me. Then again, women were the least of my worries since I turned. There was a bigger prize at the end of the tunnel. 

My hands clasped together behind my back as I turned to face her, my eyes fixed on hers. It was not my intention to toy with her back. I actually didn't know what I intended to do with her, or to her. I guess we'll see how the night falls. 

But I furrowed my eyebrows when she pressed herself against me, taking her movements to the next level. Something was wrong. Her touch. Before her touch moved freely and gracefully, but now her touch moved firmly, as if it had a destination. Then look in her eyes had changed, it's a look I've grown familiar too. I've seen this look many times. A moment ago her lips over mine would've had a different effect on me, but they meant nothing now. She was not pleased. My words rubbed her the wrong way. Yet this brought me amusement. What could she possibly do to me that I hadn't felt a hundred times, and a hundred times worse. Whatever she had planned, it was going to be child's play.

Then it happened.  

No matter how many times I had my chest crushed open, every time it hurt like fucking hell. I grunted out loud as I felt the delicate fingers I grew found of grip my very core, my immortal being in the palm of her hand. But I didn't flinch, this pain was nothing compared to what I had felt. My lips set in a firm line as my eyes burned through hers. What I would do for power, control. If only they had granted me what we agreed on before my departure, this situation would have unfolded differently. She was going to wish she never laid her eyes on me, let alone a finger. But for now, I'll have to settle for different technique of enforcement. 

Oh I'm dead alright. Very dead inside.  I coughed out. It didn't take long to catch my breath once she released me from her grasp. But I wasted no time forcibly gripping my hand around her neck. I'm never wrong. My hold around her neck tightened as my body quivered to quickly heal my chest wall. Even though I do not have my wish, she will soon realize that I am much stronger, and much faster, than any normal vampire. 

But you, are a very, very stupid girl.  As I hissed each word I lifted her a little further from the dock. My strength had regenerated and I was wasting no time. With my free hand I take the forearm that was lodged inside my chest, and I broke both the ulna and radius swiftly in half to the point where the bones penetrated through her radiant skin, feeling her blood drip down the back of my hand. I then moved my fingers to her elbow, and just like snapping a twig, I snapped her elbow backward. At that moment I felt her entire arm go limp. 

Had enough yet? Because I could go on all night, sweetheart. With all my strength and speed, I launched her clear to the opposite side of the dock. I smirked slyly at the echo sound of her body landing on the wood planks. She wanted to play dirty, well I played deadly.

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Re: [Private] Ingrid Tupman

Noelle Faye Benson | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Tue Oct 13, 2015 12:31 pm

My curious attachment to the heart, both beating and not, had never put me in harms way. My tactics were expected considering my age, but unexpected considering my pregame. Men were my usual prospects, and really all it took was a little attention to the flesh between their legs and they were butter. It was always the perfect setup. It was always the perfect plan. However retaliation never came after because I usually finished the job, and rarely attempted it on those older than myself. However, this time I didn't finish the job. I knew he was probably going to retaliate, but the problem was, I didn't fear his wrath. He was the one that should have feared the wrath of another.

His hand around my neck didn't frighten me. But I still wiggled and painted on the most worried and terrified expression I could manage. I even forced some crimson tears for dramatic effect. Don't kill me. I pleaded, struggling to fight back the smile that was threatening to appear. When he finally took his revenge, I cried out, and it was probably the only authentic thing I'd managed since he'd started his little game of scare tactics.

And here I was, I found myself at the other end of the dock, horizontal and the only thing I could think about was how pissed I was that he probably ruined my dress. My hair was out of place, chunks of it loosely hanging over my eyes and clinging to my lips as I reached over to pop my arm back into place so it could heal properly, and another cry of genuine pain accompanied it, and I pushed myself up with my hands and looked at him with pleading eyes. More red slid down my cheeks and at this point they were real tears from the pain. But then I smiled a fanged grin and the laughter started. It didn't stop, in fact it only increased.

You're truly terrifying. I managed to speak around the laughter but it just kept coming and I fell to my back, gripping my stomach and completely unable to stop laughing. I laughed so hard sound was no longer escaping me. In a blur of speed I was upright, straightening out my dress, my hair, and wiping the blood from my cheeks as I tried to catch my breath. There is a fine line between stupid and confident. I finally managed to speak. And unfortunately for you, I'm never confident without a reason. I spoke to him like I was trying to console a child with sympathetic expressions and gentle tones.

I can't blame you, you poor thing. I took a step forward, but cut the bullshit and appeared right in front of him. Maybe he'd think I was coming back for more, but I saw it differently. Your ignorance will be your undoing. My eyebrows curled up, as if the thought of his death was truly painful. I ran my hands through his hair, intimately gripping his head and letting them slide down to the back of his neck, where they met and clasped together. I don't give second chances. I don't give free passes. And all of this is for one simple reason, one I couldn't expect you to realize. I released my hands from him and let them drop to my sides. They're not mine to give. Maybe I overused the maker card, but unfortunately, her power empowered me. And it was just too fun to resist.

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Re: [Private] Ingrid Tupman

Gayle Shaffer | Vampire; Ancient

Posted on Thu Oct 15, 2015 7:31 pm

OOC Message
Look. Hair.

I hadn’t expected that spoiled child to break her end of the deal so quickly, but when I felt it, I just knew Sophia was behind it. Whether I’d made it clear or not, she should have known that so much as looking at Noelle would warrant her death. Now that I’d sensed Noelle’s pain, I was ready. I couldn’t help but to grin at the surprise lying on my end table - the pure silver knife that would do nothing to hurt me, oh, how I would savor the look in her eyes when I’d finally defeated her with it. I finally stopped myself from imagining that precious look, burning it to my memory so I could compare it with the real moment that was to come. Finally, I took hold of the knife and bolted from my door.

I was fast, but not as fast as the helicopter which was ready only minutes after my text was sent. And while the ride wasn’t all that long, it felt like eons. But Noelle’s location hadn’t changed, I could tell that much. Sophia wanted me there. She would think it some sort of trap. It was a shame, I thought, as I sliced open the tip of my index finger with the silver knife and watched it instantaneously heal without difficulty. Yes, this was finally the moment. She’d had plenty enough chances, I’d apologized enough. Her vendetta was childish, and she would never not be a child. So really, this was mercy, wasn’t it?

The vehicle landed in the empty parking lot nearest the lake, and I waved my hand, signaling for the engine to shut off as soon as possible. I couldn’t help but to be a little vain, and I wanted to make sure Sophia’s last memory included me at my very best. Not a hair out of place. I straightened my hair, and peon number twenty two handed me my knife, and I sped toward my child - only to drop the knife when I saw him.

My eyes widened, and I looked at the two. Had I not been so stunned, I would have laughed. It was just like siblings to fight, wasn’t it? But something was off. I couldn’t feel him. Why hadn’t I felt him? All these years, he was dead, right? I’d never learned what happened to him, but that moment he disappeared from my senses, well.. I’ve never been naive. And I couldn’t let my foolish hopes bring out such a weak trait now.

You’re not him. Who are you? My expression hardened, even if it was a painful front to put on. It was a lie. I wanted to cry, I wanted to run to him, to hold him and my Noelle and never let go of either, but I couldn’t fall prey to such a trap. Sophia was smart, but she couldn’t hold a candle to me.

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Re: [Private] Ingrid Tupman

Kyle Merrick | Vampire; Classic

Posted on Thu Oct 15, 2015 9:16 pm

You are such a brat.  She was really beginning to irritate the shit out of me. This must be what it felt like to have an annoying sibling, taking however they want to you, never shutting the hell up, just going on and on and on. Now that I think about it, I wished instead of breaking her arm in half, I should have just broken her jaw. At least that would have shut her up, even for a little bit. But it was her laughing after what I had done to her that didn't set in right for me. I wanted her to experience just an ounce of what I felt, and she turned it into a mockery.

I was probably a fool for letting her even touch me after her little stunt, but she would be the fool for thinking she could get away with it again. Because just as before, I enjoyed her touch, just not when it is lodged inside my chest. When I finally tuned her in, she was still talking. But when she pulled her hands away, I rolled my eyes and gripped her jaw, slowly pressing my fingertips into her cheekbones.  You talk a big game. But where's your - I stopped speaking once I heard the blade of a knife fall against the wooden planks, but I immediately froze when I heard her voice.

This was not happening, she wasn't here. It was impossible for her to know of my presence in Index already, or even my existence. They assured me she would not be able to sense me anymore, nor would I. Did they release the spell after my departure? If they had I would have sensed her nearing the lake, and I felt absolutely nothing. Could it be pure coincidence? She came armed, though. Was she expecting someone else? Whatever the reason, here she was. After one long decade, she was here. I released my grasp from the brat's jaw and appeared several feet from her, and I was taken back... She was absolutely beautiful.

But I am. I spoke softly, and it felt as if it were just her and I in the entire universe. I walked to her, absorbing her beauty that I had longed for, until the space between us was barely existent. Every square inch of my body was trembling, I honestly thought I would never live to see the day where her and I would be reunited. There were sleepless nights where I wanted nothing but to hear her voice, feel her touch. They tried to convince me that she was the enemy all along, at times I believed them, but every night I would go to sleep knowing that I didn't, that I could never hate her. She may have not been the first, but she was one of the reasons I kept pursuing what they wanted out of me. I would have done anything to see her again. 

I slowly raised my hand to her face, but stopped, thinking it was a bad idea and just stepping away from her. But no, I wanted to do this, I needed to do this. Even though it wasn't necessary, I inhaled sharply as I delicately brushed my fingers along her cheek. I'm home.

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Re: [Private] Ingrid Tupman

Noelle Faye Benson | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Thu Oct 15, 2015 10:04 pm

My expression faltered, only for a moment. I'd gone from confident to just blatantly confused. I hadn't been called a brat since I was a child. I tried to shake of the eerie yet nostalgic feeling that word gave me by lightly shaking my head. The act put my expression back to what it was before, but it did nothing to get rid of that strange feeling that word gave me. It wasn't quite an insult, but it wasn't nice either.

This game of cat and mouse was more like a game of cat and cat. His touch was so forceful, and mine so gentle. God damnit, was I still attracted to him? Oh for fucks sake Noelle... I couldn't get past the idea of how hot it would be to battle each other for dominance in the bedroom, all the while it was blatantly obvious that neither one of us cared for the others personality. I guess in the end it didn't matter, like I said before, I never cared much for what was in a mans head.

When he gripped my jaw I felt like my face was being mushed up into something less than attractive, and that alone was why I didn't like it. But he stopped mid-sentence, and I smiled as I could sense her presence. I wouldn't call myself cocky, just... More enthralled by the idea of him getting what he deserved. I wanted to see him cower, but more importantly, I wanted him to treat me like royalty. I wanted him to bow when I walked by, and I wanted him to despise every second of it. And then, when he least expected it, I would make him need me.

My smirk slowly fell flat, and I turned to watch both of them. I had no idea what Gayle was talking about, and I had no idea what he was talking about. I didn't even realize that my expression had gone from flat to a look of disgust as I tried to figure out what was even happening. Why wasn't she threatening him? Why wasn't he begging for a pardon? What the fuck was happening?!

Uh... I didn't move towards them, I just leaned to the side to try and catch their focus. What the hell is happening? I straightened out and crossed my arms. Hello? Jesus, I couldn't remember the last time I'd felt more like a third wheel in my life, and all of this was happening instead of him getting a lesson in manners. Was this shit for real?

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