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[Private] Ingrid Tupman

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Re: [Private] Ingrid Tupman

Noelle Faye Benson | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Tue Nov 03, 2015 1:43 pm

This was a sick, cruel joke. I felt I was being punished. Was this how Hollie felt when Colette and I joined the family? Like we were her replacements? Only in this case, I was the egg, and the chicken came first. Yet I still felt like the damn chicken, old news and second place to the blue ribbon egg. Their bonding moment and everything it represented was sickening considering I had become quite content with my relationship with my maker. There was love there, but there was was never much in our months of companionship compared to what was felt during their thirty second shared moment. It screamed of history and tales that I would never grace my ears. I wasn't jealous, I was irritated. Irritated because I believed my relationship with Gayle was just how things were, and I'd grown to appreciate it in all of it's mystery and lack of bonding moments as a result, but it appeared those actually existed between my maker and progeny, they just didn't include me.

I just stared, wide eyed and waited patiently for her to laugh and tell me she was just teasing. That this wasn't true. I was actually angry with her, not nearly as much as I was with the rude attitude of the man I had just sent into the water, but the anger was still there. This was like finding a man, a wealthy man, a charming man, a gorgeous and funny man, and after months of dates and eventually an engagement, he decides to tell you he has kids just as you're walking down the isle. Was this not important information? What on earth made her think this was something she needed to keep from me, aside from the fact that he was clearly intolerable. There was no shame in that, not for her, that was his problem. So why on earth hadn't she shared this news with me?

I felt isolated, alone, and when I found myself in the water instead of rage, I thought of Benjamin. I suppose being submerged would always make me think of him, and luckily it made me feel less alone. This prick was outnumbered, three to two, and while Gayle's vote may count for more than one, I still felt I had allies in this. But that didn't change the fact that my dress, my hand delievered Elie Saab was now ruined. I returned to the surface and climbed onto the end of the dock like a damn seal, already sobbing as my once royal princess appearance was now turned into the look of an undead swamp queen.

I didn't even pull myself to my feet, I just sat on my ankles and looked down at the soaked fabric, my vision becoming a blurry shade of red as my shoulders quivered from each short exhale and inhale of unnecessary air. My sobs were quiet at first until a barely audible squeak escaped me, but it only grew. And in the midst of the noise, my sadness turned to anger, and it only grew louder, until I was screaming with rage. I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU! I practically growled as I stumbled to my feet, failing the first time but managing to get up the second. I was marching towards him, my only mission was simple, I'm going to detach your limbs and shove them so far up your ass you'll be able to feel your own rib cage you weasel faced prick!

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Re: [Private] Ingrid Tupman

Gayle Shaffer | Vampire; Ancient

Posted on Sat Nov 07, 2015 3:57 pm

As flattering as it was having two dazzling creatures vying for my attention and love, it was annoying. It was the kind of thing the younger me would have wanted. Yes, in an earlier life I had pitted sibling against sibling for the simple task of seeing their love for me in action. Seeing their bond with me manifest in rage toward each other. But I had experienced that already and I had experienced the tragic consequences. I didn't like seeing Noelle hurt, and as for Kyle - well I didn't know what he expected when I was to have believed him dead. 

Lilah. I spoke, since I was not going to play babysitter alone. As expected, she appeared at the opening of the small way that had  opened to the dock. I knelt down and tossed her the silver knife that had been dropped on the deck. Kyle, the boy. Was all I needed to speak as I did the same to Noelle, My arms wrapped around her so that her own were pinned to her side. I felt and smelled the cool lake water on her, and for a brief moment felt sorry for her, although some of this had been her own doing. Lilah mirrored my own grip, holding Kyle before me. 

I should not have to explain that having a sibling makes me love neither of you less. However, the two of you will find a way to get along. I pondered letting Noelle go, but I knew I needed to make my point very clear before either of them regained physical freedom. Lilah was older than Kyle, even if it wasn't much - she would have the strength to keep him in check while I made my point. And if my children respected me - they would let me.

I thought he was dead, I whispered to Noelle, although I'd given her more of an explanation than I was required at this point. 

Finally, I realized I couldn't make my point when I was restraining my own child, so I loosened my arms and nodded to Lilah. My gaze darted from one child to the other.

The two of you are my children, but that does not mean you will be permitted to act as such. Our family is bigger than that, and I expect more from the both of you. I have more to offer you than my affection, but you're expected to earn it. If you want to be a part of this life, a part of this family I'm working so hard for, then you will contribute. You will learn our goals, you will learn about the obstacles in front of us and we will face them together. Your life will be more than strutting around in expensive gowns and suits pretending to be important when you have nothing to contribute.

I was not pacing like some military general giving some motivational speech. I stood like a stone, because that's what I was. I was immovable, and only my eyes moved to show just that. 

I love you both, and we will share wonderful things - if you deserve it. But don't think that in two thousand years' time I haven't learned to cut off what I love if it is cancerous.

Did that get the point across? I needed to know, but words were never enough, and I needed to know that my children, long lost or not, would be loyal not just to me but to the family I was creating.

Now, you two will work together - even if I have to treat you like children. I need you to show me that you can. I want to have dinner tomorrow night, and I want wolf. The two of you will bring dinner, and you will work together. I paused. This is not a fucking competition.

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Re: [Private] Ingrid Tupman

Kyle Merrick | Vampire; Classic

Posted on Tue Nov 10, 2015 10:38 pm

Throughout the years, the list of things that once annoyed me started to deteriorate. Yet there were those few that remained, such as suits that were not fitting comfortably in any of the right places, and wailing children. Both of which were occurring at this very moment. Not only was my suit in shreds, thanks to a brat and a lovely lady, but the fabric was not sitting right against my skin. And to make matters even worse, I had a vampire crying her goddamn eyes out right in front of me like someone took candy away from a child. This was definitely not the night I had envisioned for my first time back in town.

I rolled my eyes at the sight of her hunched over with blood trailing down her pale cheeks, followed by the sound of her huffing and puffing. Could she be any more dramatic over a dress? Sure I get it, it was a very pretty dress. But there was no doubt in my mind she had a closet full of very pretty dresses. Her universe isn't going to end just because she'll be minus a dress, although the way she was acting now suggested something different.

But despite how annoying she had been, she threat had me grinning from ear to ear.  Weasel faced prick, huh? That's a new one. I mocked and knelt down, with one hand I swiftly detached a wooden plank from the dock and started towards her. By no means was my intention to drive it through her heart, I saw the connection she and Gayle had, I practically felt it, her and I even had something, but perhaps a quick smack across her pretty little face would do the trick.

I stopped in my tracks when Gayle called upon someone, and that very someone appeared next to her only a few seconds later. I did not recognize the name nor the face of the person who joined the heartwarming family reunion. Was she another one of who Gayle had turned? Or how she likes to refer them as, her children? She couldn't be, I wasn't receiving any sort of connection with her presence like I did with I encountered the brat. What was her name again?

The wooden plank dropped from my grasp when a set of arms wrapped around my build. What the hell? I thought and looked over my shoulder to see it was Lilah who had restrained my arms. Even though I clearly towered over her, her strength made up for it. I was going nowhere. I glanced from Lilah to Gayle, and my eyes instantly narrowed at the sight of her arms around the brat. My main concern know was why did she get Gayle's restraints and I got mystery lady's?! I'm the one that's been gone for ten years. Shit's rigged. Thankfully the resistance didn't last long. I stepped forward and tucked my hands into the pockets of my dress pants as Gayle started to speak. 

I couldn't help but to gaze from Gayle to Noelle a few times while she spoke. I have been isolated for years, thrown around like a goddamn rag doll, like I had no purpose. All I wanted was to have a purpose, to know I mattered. I didn't have that before, and that was when Gayle basically saved me. I owed her my life.  I will fight for this, for us. For family.  I wanted this, I needed this. I would do anything for family. Always and forever.

When I learned of our task, I couldn't think of anything more perfect and more exciting. I glanced at Noelle and smirked mischievously at her.   What do you say, little brat? You down for some wolf huntin'?

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Re: [Private] Ingrid Tupman

Noelle Faye Benson | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Wed Nov 11, 2015 12:20 am

Yes come at me.

It was the only thought in my mind when I saw him kneel down and pick up a wooden plank. I would not fight back, in fact, I would stare my maker in her eyes as he beat me to a bloody pulp. I would heal after every blow, and not a one would go without agony, but I would let our maker watch as he beat me for no reason other than the sick joy of revenge for soaking his suit in swamp water. Gayle would most likely not do a thing as it happened, but she was the queen of lessons and consequences. My lesson would be learned during the beating, and his would be learned after, and it was that lesson she would teach him that I would revel in. I would receive physical pain, because my maker knew how physical I could be, and he would receive mental pain, and watching him squirm would be worth every minute of it.

Unfortunately, my moment of triumph faded out as quickly as I was shoved into those wretched waters. And I of course read the situation entirely wrong. When I felt Gayle's arms around me I smirked, cocky, like I had clearly won, but the words that began escaping her were no where near the mark. In fact, they were incredibly off. I even lovingly sunk into her embrace, which was entirely authentic, and could have potentially worked in my favor, but I knew when it was the right time to suck up, and when it wasn't. And now was definitely not one of those times. Gayle could see right through me, she was the only one who really could, and she'd know it was all just an act to make prince Kyle feel inferior.

When Gayle released me, I kept my eyes on her. Kyle wasn't even there as far as I was concerned, I was too wrapped up in her voice and what she was saying. I'd had moments when I'd agreed, when I opened my mouth to say something but immediately bit my tongue, moments when I was genuinely insulted, and then moments when I knew I couldn't blame her for being blind to everything I had done for her, it was the consequence of wanting to surprise her I suppose, and I also had moments of clarity during her speech. As much as I disliked this man for showing such disrespect to me only seconds into meeting him, I suppose he was nothing more than a fly. I'd put up with worse, for far less.

When she finished, I smiled, It's definitely no competition. I grinned, knowing my confident joke would either make her smile, or infuriate her further, but I was betting on the former. Either way, as I spoke, I took a step forward and wrapped my arm around my dear brother's waist and snuggled up. I was not making fun of what Gayle had said, or the situation, or even pretending. She knew, as much as I disliked admitting it myself, I had a thing for theatrics. I know just the meal that will unite all of us, and I'm sure you'll have no problem stepping up to the plate, right dear brother? I looked up at him with wide eyes and fluttering lashes. I may have looked like a swamp queen, but there was no reason to act like trash even if he'd made me look as such.

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Re: [Private] Ingrid Tupman

Gayle Shaffer | Vampire; Ancient

Posted on Thu Nov 12, 2015 7:01 pm

It was obvious my children had a lot of growing up to do. Later I would need to pick Lilah’s brain for further advice, and maybe even some help. I didn’t pay her to be a babysitter, and I knew she wouldn’t want to be a babysitter, but if I asked, she would in a heartbeat. No, there had to be another way. As far as Noelle went, I would have Benjamin in my fingers soon, and I had no connection to the smug prick. Only that he was a part of Noelle’s happiness. That didn’t mean I wouldn’t use him as punishment. Maybe not necessarily death, no, it would have to be something she could forgive me for. And I wouldn’t be nearly as hospitable to him as I’d been to Trist.

As for my Kyle, well I didn’t know yet, and that made me uncomfortable. I had barely time to register that he was still alive, much less what about him had changed, what he loved, what he wanted. I couldn’t be sure if he even actually still wanted me. Whoever took away my sense of him could have taken away much more than that. But that was something Noelle couldn’t know if I wanted to unite my family.

The plank, the snide comments - I hadn’t expected to have such charisma that they would disappear and everyone would group hug and all would be well. But I wasn’t going to reward it, either.

It’s so painful that you two aren’t getting along. My poor old heart can’t take it. I do hope you grow to appreciate each other more before our dinner.

Before leaving, though, I did take a moment to appreciate both of my children. My oldest, Kyle, so handsome, so wicked, and hot tempered. That much hadn’t changed. I knew he meant it, that he would fight for us. His maliciousness was in fact, a product of his determination. For such a young vampire, I actually found him inspiring.

And my Noelle - as hard on her as I was, her presence alone while it seemed effortless, so natural, I knew wasn’t easy for someone in her place. I knew what she wanted to do for me, what she tried to do for me, but this was my perfect chance to teach her that some things just couldn’t be done alone, and nothing should be done in secret from me. She needed to learn why this family was so important.

I admired my progenies, and I didn’t hide the long stares I took to do so. No matter what, you’re both fierce and amazing. I don’t care about your dress, your suit. Finally, Lilah and I both turned away, but I stopped and turned around for one last statement.

Remember, loves, the higher the rank, the tastier.

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