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 [Closed] Ease my Mind

[Closed] Ease my Mind

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[Closed] Ease my Mind

Mekhi Ward |

Posted on Fri Sep 25, 2015 2:59 pm

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Mekhi's Apartment | Windy | 11:30pm

I hated…HATED fucking train rides. There was nothing like a trip, short or not, that left the lingering smell of ass and body odor clinging to the inside of your nostrils and clothing. Not to mention the woman I had gotten stuck by who was crying her eyes out and kept looking at me with those big blue crystalized eyes and streaks down her cheeks from the tears that poured out. What did she expect me to do? I hated it when people cried, was I supposed to pat their head and tell them it was okay? Or was I supposed to touch their butt and get them thinking what the hell? I don’t know. I kept clearing my throat and scooting as much as I possibly could next to a woman that looked like she was smuggling sausages in her leggings. Which might I add was a terrible idea, because I’m pretty sure she thought that I was trying to get close to her for other reasons. How did I know that? Her little fingers slid her numer into my hand before she vacated the train. Yeah not in a million lightyears from earth would that happen…don’t even think I could…right…right not even going to continue that thought. My mother had taught me to think better of people, but come on?
I had been glad to get off that train, and well needless to say when I saw my apartment…I wasn’t all that happy. I had gotten use to my high end loft in a nice complex. This…this was just like something I would find underneath my shoe. Right…can’t…complain. I had after all grown up worse when I was younger. There were times my mother and I would even sleep in a train station bathroom from time to time if she couldn’t make ends meet to keep a roof under our heads. How I grew up to be such an outstanding citizen was beyond me. Okay. Maybe I was just shitting myself with the outstanding citizen part, but I tried not to be the everyday scum of life. This place would do for now, it wasn’t terrible, and at least it didn’t stink or anything. Most of my things had arrived before I had, boxes had been shoved every which way and I wasn’t in the mood to start sorting through everything.
Plopping on the old couch with a heavy sigh I ran my hand down my face. I had to keep telling myself I was the one whom had done this to myself. I kept thinking back on everything wondering just what it was that I could do differently. Each and every single time it was nothing but a blank canvas that was waiting to be painted all over again, and each though I would splatter the same colors, the same design, and the same process was used each and every single time. What was a man to do? All of it had been my fault, least I could have sworn it was. Right…now where the hell was all my gaming systems and computer? I bolted up wanting to just forget just for a little while and focus on something that would divulge me into a new world.

I would call Richard tomorrow. I was supposed to call him tonight, but fuck that. He was the one that picked this place out and after all the one that had put me in this situation. I should be more forgiving because he was the one that pulled me out before my ass was lighten on fire from staying over the heat to long. Had I not been stupid it wouldn’t have happened. See…there I go thinking about it all over again when all I wanted to do was just have some piece for a moment. Right…there’s my computer…and there’s my Xbox One…now how to set it up. Stepping over boxes and moving over to the TV I tripped over the rug and cussed under my breath. Fucking clumsy ass mother fucker. Hooking it up I waited till it connected and frowned seeing the connection I had…mother…fucking….internet….it was going to be a long night. 

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