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[Private] Peroxide

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Re: [Private] Peroxide

Noelle Faye Benson | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Fri Oct 16, 2015 9:04 pm

Well that made me sound like a trap, didn't it? It wasn't offensive, or at least, I wasn't offended. In fact I took pride in the fact that it made me sound like a trap. As if I needed any more reasons to feel pride tonight. I can always release you, if that's what you'd prefer. I grinned, knowing that even if that was what he wanted, it would never happen. I could never do that. Just the idea of Gayle doing the same to me was a terrifyingly lonely feeling.

No one can escape them it seems. Was it obvious I didn't care to talk about it either? Probably. I wasn't bored of Benjamin, but more bored of politics all together. My time with Ursula was by choice, all so I could retrieve my gift for Gayle, but that didn't mean I enjoyed her supreme lessons. In fact, I only pretended to give a damn because I wanted her to believe we were pals, but frankly she bored me to tears most of the time. I didn't give a fuck about hierarchy, why should I when my maker, progenies, and myself were at the top of the food chain?

Wait are you serious? I laughed, and I shouldn't have. I wasn't laughing at the fact that Ben was an abandoned baby, but more at the fact his father wanted him dead. That's just rich Benjamin. And I'm sorry, I'm not laughing at the situation- I- I'm just laughing. Admitting the truth would come out wrong, and we'd already made so much progress. I was in no mood to spoil it. I don't believe it. And I'm not saying that as some shitty way to explain my shock. I mean I literally don't believe it. Why the hell would Gayle assume some human is a threat? Is she worried he's gonna intrigue you with some tale about what might have been? -I don't get it. A religious army. God this was just gold.

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Re: [Private] Peroxide

Benjamin Reese | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Sat Oct 17, 2015 7:47 pm

Release me? Did she mean... Something about it sounded familiar; maybe she'd told me about it before, and while I didn't know the extent of it, I was smart enough to get the general gist of what that meant. No, no, that's not at all what I want. Was it, thought? Would that bond actually prevent me from wanting it? Or knowing that was actually what I wanted? I tried to think that way, but as much as our connection pained me, even the simple thought of it breaking hurt more. It actually nauseated me. 

I shook my head, not sure at all how to take her laughter, until it was explained. Yeah, it sounds absurd, but ask G- Wait... wait... I had an idea, and maybe it would work out for me in more ways than one. Why don't you ask her? Why don't you find out for me? And uh... I'll owe you a favor in return. Maybe I would come to regret this, and really, it didn't make sense, anyway. She should know already that keeping a tally of favors between us was beyond unnecessary. I'd do anything she asked. And Noelle got what she wanted, right? So if there was something she needed as a favor from me, just how bad would it be? 

I allowed some silence, after that particular topic, mostly because my mind had already wondered back to her words, her... possible offer. I began to worry, what if she would release me? Not on my request, but because I'd become... not at all what she'd hoped, or she didn't like what I was now that she'd turned me. Maybe she wanted that confidence back in me, and I would have it. But for now, I needed one last thing - I needed just a little reassurance. I moved, quickly so that I was right beside her, my hand resting on her cheek and turning her head to me. 

Just.. tell me, Noelle, that you won't do that. Don't ever release me.

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