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 [Closed] Frank Coswell

[Closed] Frank Coswell

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[Closed] Frank Coswell

Sigurd Reese | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Thu Sep 24, 2015 9:30 am

Thread Details

Aurora, Colorado | Cool summer night | June, 1985

The little bar right outside of Buckley Air Force Base was frequented by myself and some of the other guys. They called me Hawkeye, which I never understood. I didn't have his sense of humor, and M*A*S*H was about the Army, wasn't it? But until Benjamin was born I did have a way with the ladies, and they seemed to prefer me if they had to go under the knife. So that was as good an explanation as any I guess. It was usually me, "Bobsled", Russel, Yates, and Carl. Our Friday night ritual to go and have a few beers, maybe even get hammered, then we'd all bitch about how bad Saturday morning was when we saw each other around the base on Monday. This Friday started just like any of those other Fridays.

”So when is the infamous Hawkeye gonna go ahead and settle down? That kid of yours, how old is he now? Isn’t Caroline gonna make an honest woman outta ya, yet?”

I shrugged, my gaze fixed on my bottle, my thumb rubbing away the beads of sweat. I was ready for it, and Caroline was, but we’d had different ways of going about it. Caroline wanted us to get out of the Force, so that we could settle. She hated the idea of a kid growing up with both parents in the military. I reassured her that it wouldn’t be a problem, that my position here in Aurora was stable and my rank could assure that hers was as well. Together, here, we made good money. Enough that Benjamin could have anything he needed.

Ben’s two, and I’m not the problem, Carl. Caroline’s let me know she’s not saying yes until she gets what she wants.

”And what’s that?”

I’ll let you know when I find out, I replied before taking a swig of the beer. And I changed the subject. Russel’s lady trouble I.E. one found out about the other two, next up was a small debate on politics. It was all fine and dandy until the guys went to score us a pool table and I stuck around to grab another round of beers.

”Excuse me, sir? Listen, I’m really sorry about this. The guys said you drive a Monte Carlo?”
Yes, sir, I do. Is there a problem?
”I uh,” He looked nervous, was wringing his hands together. I wished that he’d just get to the point, because I knew what was coming next. ”I backed into it, but I think the damage is minimal. Just a scuff on the bumper if you wanna take a look.” I sighed and hopped off of the bar stool and followed him out of the doors to the pub, but we didn’t make it to the car. I didn’t remember much of what happened next. I remember being shoved into the back seat of some kind of European car. Pretty forcefully, and that was saying something. In those days I was a pretty strong fella.

I remembered a room. It smelled of cigarette smoke, and I remember seeing mirrors with what I assumed to be cocaine on a coffee table. Black leather couches. Alcohol? Maybe? Something straight up, pure vodka, I thought. There were about three of them. The guy who had confronted me about my car. He looked like a damn yuppie in a white tailored suit, a brunette who didn’t look a day over fifteen or sixteen, and a twenty something redheaded woman. The girls’ dresses were form-fitting, and the redhead was pretty tuned in to the white lines laid out in front of her on the mirror. The man lead me to the couch, and I remember thinking just how cold he was. I remember I’d felt dead bodies that were warmer than he was.

”Have a seat, man, what’s your name?” I didn’t speak. I didn’t want to talk to these people. Sure, I’d had my party days, but for now the Friday nights at the pub were all the excitement I needed with little Benjamin counting on me. He looked me in the eye, and I had such a weird feeling. A tingle in my spine, and a haze in my mind was all I could use to describe it. ”I said, tell me your name.”

Sigurd Reese. I didn’t want it to come from me, but it came out. Robotically.

”Oh, Sig, that’s um.. what is that? Danish? It’s been a long time since I heard that name. What would you say, Ursula? A hundred years or so?” He laughed, and it was then I saw them. Fangs? Fangs? Back then, costume fangs weren’t anything to write home about. And these were unquestionably not cheap costume fangs. But I still wasn’t registering just what was going on, other than the fact that I had no control over this situation.

”At least, Shawn, at least. Hey, I see those teeth. Wait a minute. I want to play with this one first. He’s kind of handsome, don’t you think?”
”Oh, but he looks straight as an arrow. I bet I could change that. Don’t worry, Sig, you’re gonna like this.”
He caught my eyes again; even though this time I tried to avoid it, his hands were on my head and I felt his strength.
”I want you to kiss me, Sig, and I want to look at your cock. I want to see if you have a nice cock. Kiss me and take off your pants.”

I was naked, covered in blood, but awake. Lethargic, weak, and everything was hazy. I didn’t know what had happened, I couldn’t remember any of it, and maybe that was a good thing. My neck was hurting, but that felt like the least of my troubles as I seemed to be fading in and out of consciousness.

”No, he can be Frank. I think he looks like a Frank.”
”What does Frank do, Shawn? I think he sells hot dogs.”
”Out of a suitcase.” The redhead spat.
”No, no, seriously,” the man said, ”It can’t be too off the wall. That’ll catch attention. Just.. something different than what he is now.”
”Oh, god, Shawn, you’re a scared little maggot,” words from the fifteen year old. Shawn stood up and walked over to me, jerking my arm and stood me up. He caught my eyes again, easily, I might add, since there was absolutely no fight in me.
”Your name is Frank Coswell. You’re from Virginia, and you are… A businessman. You sell uh.. life insurance. You have no wife, no kids. Now put your goddamn clothes on and take a shower, you filthy slut.” The three laughed and I fell to the floor.


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