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 [Closed] Nothing More

[Closed] Nothing More

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[Closed] Nothing More

Ebony Reed |

Posted on Wed Sep 23, 2015 1:00 pm

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Ebony's Home | Overcast | 2am

A child…I had a child and it was Ben’s. This just didn’t make any sense, I wanted so much to claw at the top of my head and dig into my brain to see if it would help at all relieve some of this confusion from me. I knew it wouldn’t I had no idea how I could even forget what I had forgotten, and I should have given Ben a big ass hug for opening up what little he had. At least it was something to go on. Then again, it wasn’t the first time I had been pregnant. This time around it wasn’t so bad either right? At least maybe it wasn’t. I didn’t have anyone to judge me like I had when I first got knocked up.

The memory itself was after all what carved me into who I am today. I was thankfully for the most part on everything that had happened to me. Maybe not in such a devastating way, but it was a good out to a place I never wanted to be in the first place. The arranged marriage I had once had with Dimitri. The many reasons for running and coming to the good old United States to begin with. Closing my eyes I let myself think back to a time where I thought everything would just be…normal at least for a little while.
No, no, no, you just don’t understand. I pleaded as thunder clapped in the sky and lightening danced against its dark back drop. My father would kill me…us…if he ever found out. He had no idea how much I had wanted to, and yet no idea how much I wanted to run too. I had tried for the longest time to actually play hard to get, to pretend that I didn’t wonder what his luscious lips tasted like against mine. My knees grew weak thinking of it and he must of sensed this, his lips had instantly connected with mine and I just couldn’t fight anymore. I pushed for more, I needed more, I had wanted this.

I can say I wasn’t disappointed either, I had always had a thing for older men, and something inside of me just would love the look on my father’s and mother’s faces if they ever did find out. It was the thrill of knowing that I wasn’t supposed to do this that drove the urgency to block out all the thoughts of how wrong it was from my mind. It was something of the way he handled my body that just made me twist for more. The pain was amazing, all of it. I craved it even more. Our shadows danced along the wall with each strike of lightning, only adding to our intensity. Which before I knew it, it was done and it was over with. The tangled mess of sheets around our bodies and the heavy breathing colliding with one another.

The night had faded with not much said between us after that. I awoke in his arms and the sweet smell of his skin flushed against my cheek. Biting my lip a little I realized just what I had done, my body ached, but it was well worth it. I slid from his arms planting a light kiss on his cheek before quickly dressing and slipping out of his quarters before anyone else would notice me. The kiss of the sun touched my skin and I looked around quickly noting that no one had noticed me just yet. Throwing the hood over my head I stuffed my hands into my pockets and licked at my chapped lips and promptly returned home. I knew there would be a flood of questions from my mother. What would I tell her? That was something I had to think of before I got there. 

Moya doch'! Where have you been!? Oh…how did I know that she would have one, either waited up, or two be up at the butt crack of dawn to wait for me to come striding through this very door? Right…right… I was with Dimitri. Turning my head I looked away for a moment to bite my lip a little and shrug. He wanted to umm, spend some time to get to know me. You know. The whole…arranged marriage thing mother. I even made sure to use the whole quote mark sign for the word arranged. I hated that fucking asshole with a passion, my mother knew I hated him too. Which probably explained the whole look of surprise on her face.
Look…mother I need a shower, I probably smell like rotten ass. I huffed and hurriedly walked past her and up the stairs. Ignoring the many protests and the importance of protection if I meant that ‘getting’ to know each other. Yes…my mom knew I wasn’t a virgin, my dad didn’t, but she did. So she made it very clear to constantly trying to shove the sex talk down my throat and how condoms prevented more than just getting pregnant. Had she really known whom I was with…well I’m sure that I would have been slapped and had my father on the line in the blink of an eye. Not very many people can say they screw your own father’s Lieutenant. Right….
Of course going behind my parent’s backs went on for some time, too much actually that I can’t even really remember. That was until the dreadful day that I found out I had conceived a baby. That conversation though…it tore my entire heart out. Adam… My lip was once again tucked under the top of my teeth and I looked at him as he watched me pace about the room. I have something…I need to tell you. Hearing him suck in a breath my heart speed up. What Ebony? He didn’t sound happy…in fact he sounded more annoyed.  I clasped my hands behind my back and looked him dead in the eye. I had to tell him, he deserved to know did he not? It’s not like I couldn’t hide it forever right? I’m pregnant. His lips twisted till they flattened out into a thin line. Many emotions flipped across his face till he had nothing but a blank look on his face. That’s nice. That was really all he was going to say? Really!?
I opened my mouth to say something till the sharp scrapping of the chair sliding across the ground echoed off the walls. I watched him get up, and walk right past me without a word. I sucked in a small breath, the obvious pain and confusion across my face. Where are you going? I pleaded him as I reached out towards his arm which he quickly ripped it from my grasp. Ebony, did you really think there was more to us than just sex? The door opened and a swift gust of wind bellowed in tossing my hair into my face. Because you meant nothing to me, and neither does that child. In fact. I highly doubt it is mine you whore.
My mouth dropped open and hot tears ran down my face once the door slammed behind him. I was angry, hurt, I had thought for the longest time we would run off together and get married. That I wouldn’t be forced into a marriage that I didn’t want to be with. This wasn’t fair, I wasn’t a whore. He had been the only man I was sleeping with for the time being. I knew this child was his, and he didn’t even stay to listen to my arguments. I dropped to the ground crying heavily till I wrapped myself into a ball. I would have to hide this pregnancy for as long as I could…what else could I do?  I didn’t want to be shunned, and my parents would know it wasn’t Dimitri’s.
Of course when my family found out, my father pretty much disowned me. Didn’t want anything to do with me. I was surprised that my mother was the one that had stood up for me. Her coming with me was a blessing in disguise almost. I was glad to be off that base, and my mother almost seemed happy herself. My parents had been fighting a lot lately, and I think this was just the push they each needed to just…eventually call it quits. For a while I had fought with myself about how much of a disappointment I was to both of them and to myself. I had vowed to myself that I would never so easily love again. After all it was just jaded anyways. Dimitri even still came by, it wasn’t like we could still get out of the whole arrangement despite my being knocked up by someone else.
The farther along my pregnancy progressed though I could see it in my mother’s eyes of how disappointed she was in me. I was going to have a child out of wedlock, I was the ‘whore’ of the family after all. It was then that I had decided to run away, and the moment in my life that had turned forever. I had it planned out perfectly. I would wait till my mother fell asleep. I had a small pack of clothing shoved under my bed and sat anxiously on my bed, and once I knew she had fallen asleep I would grab that bag and I would run as fast as my fat pregnant self would carry me. I had to keep telling myself it would be alright, and I would find a way to care for both myself and my child. After all there were plenty of ways to make money right?
Peeking my head out between my door and the frame I made note of all the lights off in the house before grabbing my bag and tiptoeing down the steps. Grasping the door knob I turned to take a look of everything that I was planning on leaving behind. Without hesitation the door knob turned in my hand and I was out of it before I could second guess myself. My feet carried me as fast as they could and I almost had a smile on my face thinking of all the possibilities’ I could have. It wasn’t till later that I noticed the voices behind me, and the light footsteps that quickly treaded after me.
Glimpsing behind my shoulder I took notice of three men following me, and my stomach twisted into knots realizing they were walking faster now that I had spotted them. I began to run, my bag dropping from my hands and my mind racing with the hopes of finding another soul on the street. I wasn’t going to be that lucky though. I screamed as loud as I could as I felt hands grasp my shoulders, another wrapped around covering my mouth. Why are you running? We just want to play is all? Panicked my heart raced inside my chest and tears streamed down my face. Hey man, either she’s just fat or she really does have something cooking in there. Another mentioned motioning towards my stomach. Oh god…Hmmm.
I felt their filthy hands on my searching for items or money they could steal. I squealed feeling the rough push from one of them forcing me to the ground. He didn’t say it was going to be this easy. Wait…what? Then again we didn't plan for her to be running away either now did we? He sneered as a large smirk spread across his face. I was confused briefly till I felt a swift punch to the side of my face. I tried my hardest to fight them off, really I did…but they were just to much. I wanted to howl in pain each time they hit me. I wanted to know why it was that I had deserved this to begin with. Hot tears leaked from my eyes and sharp pain exploded throughout my entire body as a blade was repeatedly shoved into my stomach. Not…my baby.

My eyes flew open and I shook my head as I slid my hand down my cheek removing the tears that had formed and fell. That was enough. I wasn’t going to think on it anymore. Was that what happened again? Had Dimitri shown is ugly face and killed this baby again? It couldn’t have been though right? I thought he was gone for good…right?

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