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 [Closed] Specimen Number Fifteen

[Closed] Specimen Number Fifteen

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[Closed] Specimen Number Fifteen

Gayle Shaffer | Vampire; Ancient

Posted on Wed Sep 16, 2015 10:25 am

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Ogma Industries, Seattle | cool | some time at night

Lilah, you know this isn’t necessary, I argued as we stepped into the elevator.
”I don’t trust her, Gayle, I think she’s more powerful than she’s letting on. I also think she would be resilient enough to escape.”
If she does, then we choose another, or we get her back. With our efforts now focused.. elsewhere.. I don’t think it would prove to be as difficult as it was before.
”Either way, I’m going to be there.”  Lilah knew just when to be assertive; over the years she had learned me, and taken a great deal of care to do it. Only just recently did she admit to me that her maker was gone, and I felt as though she had adopted me as a replacement. I was honored, flattered, and grateful. I still had yet to introduce her to Noelle; I wasn’t sure it was the right time, I wasn’t sure how Noelle would feel about having a “sister” of sorts. I wanted her to feel accepted as my own first, and.. well I wasn’t even ready for that yet. I wanted everything to be perfect.

We stepped off of the elevator into the familiar glass enclosed foyer area. One man sitting in a chair, waiting for the receptionist to end her phone call. I knew, I could hear; there was no phone call. I glanced back at the man; one of my researchers. What was he doing on this side of the glass? Why wasn’t he.. Oh, right, I’d ordered a halt on the daylight research. And that was all that he did. He looked for a brief moment as if he was going to speak to me, but Lilah and I continued through the door after a brief retina scan. Once we passed, Lilah and I shared a brief knowing grin.
”You or me?” she asked.
He’s all yours, love.

We found the corridor that lead to our destination, Specimen number 15. We performed another retina scan that admitted us to a small room, not unlike the places where visitors went to see their family in prisons, only it was much smaller. And there were two layers of glass, separated by small, thin bars of silver. Beyond that, there was an apartment. Rather luxurious considering the living quarters of my other specimens. Plush couches and a bed, television but no internet, no phone. And an every day supply of fresh warm blood - in the form of an actual living, walking person. The security was high, any attempt to break walls or any barriers would trigger an alarm and a silver mist would spray into the apartment.

I took a seat, and Lilah sat in a chair beside me. I pressed a button, basically a doorbell. I heard the ring, and the girl appeared quickly. She had brown hair, and her youthful appearance, as with many of us, defied her age. However, she was still but a child, turned at fifteen to be exact. A very familiar set of features. She looked angry, but I could see the sparkle of hope in her eyes.

Do you ever get tired of the number fifteen, Trist? As expected, and as usual, she didn’t speak.
Don’t worry, it won’t be much longer. I’d like for you to meet my progeny, at some point, but I’m not sure that will be feasible. I’d rather just have all of the cards in place, and hopefully, if everything goes as planned, that would mean you would be free and I would have what I want.

”What is it that you want?”

You don’t need to know that. You will know only what you need to know. Are you comfortable? Again, she didn’t reply.

Soon, Trist, soon. It won’t be long before I contact your sister. I do believe things will go more in your favor if you tell her that you’ve been kept comfortably.

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