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[Open - 1] Fresh Blood

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Re: [Open - 1] Fresh Blood

Nïya Kaminski | Vampire; Classic

Posted on Thu Sep 24, 2015 1:11 pm

I liked to play the fool but I was certainly anything but. I knew exactly what she was talking about  but I did like to hear it straight from her mouth. Glad to see her finally cave at least a little, I decided that her description of a Vampire without necessarily saying the words out loud was good enough for me. Oh.. I pursed my lips together, nodding now, figuring we both had enough of the back and forth. A regular ole' bloodsucker. There were far more hilarious names that perhaps I could have chosen but bloodsucker had to be one of my favourites. Nothing really described us better than the obvious and I for one didn't find the term offensive in the slightest. I wouldn't worry too much about his bite. If she was familiar with my kind then she should have been aware that humans like her could be easily persuaded by just a few simple tugs on her thoughts. There are things far more dangerous than two little marks on your neck.  If she didn't think that way yet, I was sure that she would come to think of it soon. There was nothing worse in my opinion than lacking control of self.

Admittedly, I hadn't played with my food in some time. Back in London food was provided by Vox, and we - being me and the bitch who thought could share my place - were under strict orders and even more so a stricter diet. Vox liked to play the role of the father, and the bringer of food like he was our meal ticket. He only brought over the finest, researching bloodlines and DNA to find those of the purest breeds but I had to say, I never could taste much difference between a girl who's lineage never left african soil to the others who had dabs of other nationalities - then again I wasn't as fussy as his first progeny was. I figured that he did it all for her and more. My requests were usually ignored, and I was commanded to sink my fangs into the 'chef's special' whether I wanted to or not. It was probably why I hunted on my own when ever Vox would go away on business, I didn't want my food simply handed to me, there was no fun in that. I liked the chase, the suspense, and the exhilarating moment when I tucked into their warm juicy veins, knowing that every single drop was meant for me, and only me.

Having the complete freedom to do as I pleased in this foreign place was a blessing in disguise and frankly the silver lining to what was supposed to be a shitty fucking cloud looming over my head, and now I wanted to commemorate this with Michelle. I watched her intently as she tasted the champagne, eying her as she sat there staring practically into space. She had practically finished her drink and the effects of taking in a little of my blood were most probably hitting her now. I wondered exactly what her mind was conjuring up. In fact, I wanted her to tell me, right here, right now. What's on your mind Michelle? My words were slow and seductive, almost as if I was undressing her mind with each syllable to reveal her naked thoughts. I want to know exactly what you are thinking. Like I said, I liked to play with my food. The kind of play depended on the conversation I struck up with them, and the mood that I was in. Needless to say right now my eyes were very much enjoying the view before them, and my thirst was for more than just blood.

I could only take her word for it about Poison. Being new and all meant that of course, I myself could only speculate the things that went on behind closed doors but given the fact that this seemed to be a Vampire hotspot, I assumed that things of that nature most certainly occurred in this establishment, if not worse. I had to say the idea of it intrigued me and I had the urge to explore just how much I could get out of this place but maybe I would leave that until once I was done implementing myself as the new bartender. By that smirk on your face I can only imagine the things that must go down here. I grinned back, enjoying the exchanges of glances we were sharing before Rick had rudely interrupted. I wasn't surprised he refused to share his proposition with the rest of the room, and even less surprised of my reaction to his unwanted company. I was a selfish and possessive woman after all, and he was cramping my style. I did weigh in the possibilities of a fight ensuing but it seemed I didn't need to prepare for that, besides, between him and I, I reckon I would have slaughtered him. I sniffed in Michelle's direction at the mention of dog and realised that he was right, maybe she had been mingling with those pesky little wolves. Nevertheless if that was a deterrent for him, it sure as hell wasn't for me. I didn't like the little shits, but I was partial to the blood. The thought alone had me hoping she might want to introduce me to her friends. He's very...interesting. I shared my thoughts once he had walked away far enough to not listen in.  I hope his proposition wasn't something ridiculous. Maybe he wanted to share her around with his bandmates? No. Scratch that, he seemed a little too all over her to want to share her with his little bandmates.

Once his presence had left the vicinity, we thankfully got back to where we were and I was giddy with excitement as I listened in to her ever racing pulse. Something about her awkwardness and the way she stumbled on her words almost was enjoyable, and I yearned to discover what else I could pull out of her if I tried hard enough. My eyes darted down to the hand that was placed on my thigh and I bit down on my lip as I glanced back up at her, flashing her the tips of my fangs in response to her words, running my tongue along them. I liked that she was so blunt. I would say biting is one of my specialties. Leaning towards her, I reached over and lightly ran the tips of my fingers down the curve of her neck, bringing my lips to her ear and whispering gently, returning her question with one of my own. Tell me, Michelle, Would you like me to bite you?  Her skin was soft, warm and incredibly inviting. It was a struggle not to have my way with her right then and there but I revelled in the game we were playing. I lightly tugged on her earlobe with that thought in mind, moaning just lightly as my teeth let go of her skin and sat back on my stool, picking up my champagne glass and sipping thoughtfully, resisting the urge to have allowed my lips to travel straight to her mouth just yet. Because I have a feeling you would. I licked away the droplet of champagne that had found its way down the corner of my lip and let my eyes travel down to hers, thinking about how her lips would taste if I had kissed her just then. Your skin feels deliciously soft, by the way. I smirked. Makes me wonder if your lips could compare.

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Re: [Open - 1] Fresh Blood

Michelle Hawke | Human; Citizen

Posted on Thu Sep 24, 2015 6:15 pm

It was the first cute thing about her. And I didn’t mean that as an insult. I meant in general, she was fierce, but there was something kind of adorable about the nickname, like.. instead of being an insult, it was just like the common name for a species of snake or something. I grinned and shrugged, happy that the cat was finally more or less out of the bag. Oh, don’t worry, I’m not. He hasn’t gone there yet. And I’d prefer he not. Honestly, I wasn’t sure why he hadn’t, but I didn’t want to press the issue. There had to be a reason, and I wasn’t sure I wanted the answer. And as for Niya, I knew she was right, but I knew she had something specific in mind. Did I need to be afraid of her? Was my lack of fear something I needed to be concerned with? Maybe I did have some sort of fucking death wish, or else I wouldn’t be here, parading myself in my little black dress where I knew I was pushing it.

No, it wasn’t a death wish. It was boredom, bored with normal people and their typical shit and curiosity for those who had something else fueling their lives. And it was me daring myself to see just how deep into the circle I could get without becoming a meal. It couldn’t be that abnormal, could it? People jumped off of bridges hoping some stupid rope would keep them safe, people jumped out of airplanes counting on nothing but a glorified curtain. How was this any different?

I pulled my attention away from Niya for a brief moment, though it was as long as I could, and I looked ridiculously longingly at my now empty glass, tempted to suck whatever I could from the remaining ice cubes. Shit, that hadn’t been the best drink I’d had, for sure, I made them so much better at home, but there was just something that had me needing more, and feeling… invincible. The fuck? And my god, it was like life went from analog to fucking Bluray. I didn’t know what the hell I was even hearing, but it was almost overwhelming. But even still, my focus couldn’t be torn away from Niya for long. My eyes caught hers, or was it the other way around? And I felt a tingle down my spine. I felt a ripple of energy through me, and a tingle in my lips as I remembered the version of Niya that I’d seen removing her shirt and then reaching for me.

You, Niya. My chest rose and then fell as I inhaled sharply. I felt consumed by something. My gaze darted to her chest, but was transfixed and pulled right back up to her eyes. I saw you taking off your shirt. Why the fuck was I telling her this? I didn’t want to tell her, fuck I sounded like some vulnerable… was this me? I didn’t know, but the tingling wasn’t only in my lips anymore. It shot straight down through my torso and right in between my thighs. Maybe.. maybe I fucking liked this. Maybe I was enjoying being mentally fucked.

Not taking my eyes from her, and not even thinking about what I was doing, I finally reached for one of the ice cubes left in my glass. It wasn’t my intention to try for some kind of look, but the tingle I felt as the ice brushed against my lip - I tensed up and slowed down. That feeling, my fucking god. Now if I could just see what it would be like if she would touch me. The chill of the cube almost woke me up, and finally I was able to look away from her. We could find out, don’t you think? I mean, whatever does go on here, it’s got to be something.. wicked, right? I thought wicked was the perfect word, because it was just the right way to say fun, and bad. Like.. the good kind of bad.
And there it was, or should I say they. The fangs. Damn, if only I could actually bet myself twenty bucks and the money would just appear from nowhere. I was right, and yet, I was even more glued to my seat than I’d ever been. What would it feel like? That tingle was back, almost to a painful extent, and now my nails were digging into her thigh, my eyes were closed, and my breath was caught somewhere in my throat. Y-yes.. I said once I finally found the rest of that breath. My lips, god, could she read my mind? I mustered as much “bite” as I had myself, and my eyes shot open and a grin formed. You’re more than welcome to find out.

I wasn’t stressed, but… okay, yes I was fucking stressed, but it was a good kind of stress. But as it turned out, it didn’t matter what kind of stress it took to prompt me to drink alcohol, so I reached for the fresh glass of champagne now in front of me. Sex and champagne. And.. sex and.. my mind just went back to that last drink. Had he fucking laced it with crack?

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Re: [Open - 1] Fresh Blood

Nïya Kaminski | Vampire; Classic

Posted on Fri Sep 25, 2015 8:58 am

There was something in her response that raised my levels of curiosities. Not so much where Michelle was concerned, but more so Rick. As a vampire, I made no preferences for friend or foe, if you were human you were merely a food source - whether I had some kind of relationship with you or not was simply an added bonus and regardless of that, the acquaintances made were solely for my benefit, so I couldn't understand what Rick's game might be - but I was interested in finding out. It wasn't my business and it wouldn't change my life if he had other plans for her but it was a great way to pass the time and find out more about my new-found neighbors, and it was certainly better than sitting around back at the apartment raging over how fucked up my relationship with Vox become.

I knew I shouldn't have let him cross my mind again, but it was difficult not to when he was my maker after all. Sure, he shunned me and he was upset but he never stopped and allowed me to explain why I did what I did, and in my warped mindset I was entirely certain that if he had simply stopped and listened to my explanation then all would have been okay. What could I do? He had made his decision, just as I had made mine. His words rang in an almost continuous loop in my head. This is the end, Niya. This is the end of the road for us. I wished that for his sake those words were true, but I knew better and unlike him I wasn't willing to let bygones be bygones. This was not the end, not for a long shot and as my maker I gathered that if anyone knew me well enough it would have to be him so I didn't understand in what planet he thought forcing me away would make everything right.

I was possessive but what he failed to understand was that also selfish. I liked to control whatever found its way into my life. It was not the end of the road until I deemed it to be and though I had quietly made my way as he so wished, I had no desire to let him have the last word, or laugh as a matter of fact. Perhaps he knew that, perhaps it was the reason why my luggage mysteriously disappeared. I snapped myself out of the cloud of thoughts I'd gathered myself in and returned my attention to my entertainment for the night. It seemed that she was eager for a little more blood by the way she kept glancing back at the empty glass and I was willing to provide her with a little more as long as she provided me with a means of quenching my thirst. The longing look in her eyes reminded me of the nights that led to my own turning, and ultimately back to how I had come to meet Vox. Oddly enough, it made me yearn for a progeny of my own. 

The smirk etched on my face was apparent as she complied with my subtle demand and I wondered just how obscene it might be if I put on a show for her then and there? Maybe the idea alone would have her imagination running rampant. I decided to share my thoughts. You’d like that wouldn’t you?  My brows raised in suggestion. If I undid my shirt for you, right here. Heck even I liked that idea, but I wasn’t sure if that would gel well with the other patrons at the bar.  Despite that thought, I taunted her with a little show, popping the first few buttons clear to bare just a hint of my cleavage as if I was feeling a little flustered, though the sight of her melting an ice cube against her mouth made the feeling all too real. 

There's only one way to find out...Licking my lips I had to admit, liked the idea that wicked things happened in these four walls, and even more so that she was willing to explore that with me right now, feeling her nails digging into my thigh was sign enough that she was more than ready. I stood up from my stool and wrapped my fingers around her champagne flute, purposefully tipping it slightly so that the liquid would drip over her lip before taking it away from her. My lips found hers and my tongue glided gracefully across them, cleaning off the champagne. Okay, so she tasted amazing. My fangs dragged ever so faintly over her bottom lip but I resisted the temptation to grant her a full on kiss. Mmmm, it tastes even better when it's on your skin. Taking her hand in mine, I helped her out of her seat and led her away towards the back of the lounge. I clicked my fangs down and bared them to the security guard who stood by the main corridor so he could let us through, turning only to smirk devilishly at Michelle. 

The corridors were decorated in the same fashion as the main lounge, and as we began to walk through them, I could hear the echos of pleasure and pain bouncing off the walls. Through here. I led her into a room that was vacant and shut the door behind us, taking a moment to admire the interior before us. There was a sole leather and mahogany love-seat in the middle of the room with one of those fancy chandeliers hanging directly over it. Mirrors decorated the opposing walls and to the back of the room there was a cabinet matching the love-seat, filled with glasses and different kinds of alcohol. I noticed the cabinet was filled with an assortment of objects and from what I could see there were ropes, cuffs and chains even. Kinky. It was as if we had our own VIP area. Turning to Michelle, I wondered what was going through her mind and whether she was looking at that cabinet in awe or in horror. Looks like they try to serve all kinds of fantasies. I bit my lip, taking her hips in my hands and turning her so that her face was towards the mirror. 

Could you imagine if this is a one way mirror? I mused as my hands crawled their way up her sides painfully slow. I reckon they'd be in for a treat right now. I liked the thought that maybe this was true, that maybe someone was sitting on the adjacent room, watching us through the one way mirror and getting off at the sight of Michelle being explored. My fingertips laced around the straps of her dress and I tugged them down slightly, letting my lips follow suit. I wasted no time in digging right in and pierced my fangs through the delicate skin on her shoulder. The moment her blood began to pool into my mouth I found myself moaning in  pure ecstasy. It was nothing short of ravishing and once I had a taste all I could think about was more.

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Re: [Open - 1] Fresh Blood

Michelle Hawke | Human; Citizen

Posted on Sat Sep 26, 2015 12:42 am

She was fucking with my head, right? I wasn't going to say no, but was she really going to take off her shirt? I knew some crazy shit went down in Poison and well, probably any club, but I still didn't think it was normal to strip down in front of everyone and have a go at it right there. I wanted desperately to already be somewhere else, with her, in private, where it wouldn't matter. Couldn't we just leave already? Or maybe it would be cool if I wasn't flipping shit over some chick I'd just met. God, had one taste of the vajayjay gotten me so hooked already? 

And why the fuck was I letting her talk to me like some kid? But no, man, I was digging it. There was a part in the back of my mind hating myself for my constant fucking inferiority complex, but if that was the thing fueling this weird sub-dom shit going on, then who was I to complain? Yes, master, show me your tits. I nodded, and it was all I could do. I swallowed what was left of the chunk of ice and my teeth scraped against my bottom lip. Had she not stood up right then, I might have helped her continue. But mother fucking god she was owning me, and god I wanted to be owned. I wouldn't have complained, either, if the champagne had drenched me. But the lips, oh, I shivered, even whimpered a little once I felt her lips and tongue against my own. It wasn't kissing that got me off so hard, or at least some kind of battle of the tongues. It was this - the tease, the brush. Treating my lips as a piece of me to be touched rather than just some gateway to my mouth hole. And she was doing just that. I didn't dare stand up, not just yet. My knees were weak. And the tease of her dangerous part was only fueling that feeling. 

I'd felt stupefied, dumbstruck, even, maybe shocked into submission, but now I needed more - if she would give it to me. But just as I reached to touch her, not even sure where, she'd pulled me away and now I was crushed, but I was shaking in anticipation, disbelief, and a splash of fear. The voices I heard as we made our way through the back hallway really begin to set in the reality of it. Sure, I'd heard the moans before, shit, I'd sounded like that before. But in the others I could hear real pain. It was much uglier, unsettling, even, than in movies. But my feet still went one in front of the other, only slightly slowing down once I'd heard that clear sound of agony. 

The door closed behind me, and if I ever feared the unknown, it was now. What the fuck had I gotten myself into? Like, maybe I was sobering up, but this was a fucking brothel where people probably died. My heart was pounding and my head was racing with the strange, random thought that I'd be lucky to have like, two people, tops, come to my fucking funeral. No, wait, no one would have the fucking money to have a goddamn funeral for me. I was that fucking person. God, did they know? I was the perfect target. Well, fuck it, if I was going to die, I was going to die in style, at least.

I looked around, the same cabinet catching my eyes that had caught hers, and oh, wow. That was enough to put the grin back on my face. Do you think they sanitize that shit between uses? I know you probably couldn't give a fuck about diseases, but I sure as hell do. Maybe if I was funny enough, she'd keep me alive after she had her fun.

Her hands on my hips brought any coherent thoughts to a screeching halt, and that vulnerable little girl was back. I stared at my reflection, my chest pounding at the idea. I felt exposed, used, and... almost painfully turned on. I bit at my lip as she began to pull away at my dress straps, leaning my head back and almost resting my body against hers. Why is her shirt still on? was my last thought before the piercing pain brought forth a loud whimper from between my lips. My knees almost buckled, but I held myself up. The whimper turned into a growl as I forced myself to endure the pain. Goddammit, I didn't even get to see her tits before she started to kill me. No, no, I was okay, I think, with dying, but in my mind I was insisting on my end of some bargain we'd never even made. My eyes opened wide with some form of resolve and I ducked from her grip and turned around. My eyes darted down to my shoulder, blood oozing and running down my arm. I looked back to Niya, and reached out for the next button of her shirt waiting to be undone. What? No foreplay? I asked as I began my attempt to unbutton, but my hands were trembling. So much for my little attempt at taking over.

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Re: [Open - 1] Fresh Blood

Nïya Kaminski | Vampire; Classic

Posted on Sat Sep 26, 2015 8:05 am

OOC Message

This was quickly evolving into something that perhaps neither of us had bargained for when we stepped into the doors of Poison, but I was beginning to think that this was some kind of blessing in disguise, like I had just found the needle in a haystack. There was no doubt in my mind that there was potential for this to develop into a beneficial acquaintance of sorts but I couldn't be sure until I pushed her to her limits, and she pushed me to mine. Though, I was curious as to whether I could be tested to such limits without losing my cool and tearing her head from her body out of sheer frustration.

I sensed the slight hesitation in her as she slowed down, hearing the screams that echoed through the walls of the corridors but still she kept moving. I took that as a sign that her desire for this was more than her fear of it and in some screwed up way, I admired her for that. It reminded me so much of myself in the days where I too was just as human as she was. Eager to dive into the dark and mysterious sea not knowing whether I would swim, or drown trying.

My hand had held hers as I led her through, so it was no surprise that I could feel her blood pumping faster once we stepped inside. Maybe it was finally hitting her that we were really going to do this. I should have been at least a little concerned, but I enjoyed seeing the effects a little bit of fear had on her. Vox would have been ashamed of my actions, toying with a human in such a way was never his kind of game, he preferred to compel them to submission and be done with it. He'd only ever kill them if he brought them home for 'dinner' but for the most part he was a 'gentleman'. This was where we began to differ. I didn't see a problem in warming up your food before taking a bite, and while he would never mingle with a Human romantically or otherwise, I sure as hell wouldn't say no to a little bit of fun. Just because we fucked didn't mean I thought highly of you, and if you got on my nerves, I didn't have a problem getting rid of you.

Maybe he should have payed a little more attention to me than his fucking favourite, maybe then he would have 'taught me his ways' instead of leaving me to learn and fend for myself.

Returning her grin at the sight of the cabinet, I couldn't help but find what she had said funny. Did she really think that just because I was a Vampire, I didn't appreciate cleanliness? I would believe so. I flashed her a grin. They wouldn't be able to keep the establishment running if they didn't have at least some degree of discreetness and hygiene. Why? Do you want to play with what's in the cabinet? I was game for it if she was into that, but only when I was ready for us to progress.

Right now I was hungry, and the urgency to have my fill was only increasing. I had to admit it, I enjoyed the feeling of her warm body against mine, and even more so the noises that seemed to pour out from her lips once my fangs had punctured her skin. It was turning me on and though I had no plans to kill her in the near future, I couldn't help but let my imagination run wild at the thought of just how beautiful she would look, if her blood was dripping down the length of her body.

My fangs detached reluctantly from her shoulder as I felt her body move and I allowed her to turn around to face me, appreciating the sight that was Michelle with her blood running down her arm much like in my imagination only moments ago - except of course I had imagined the blood coming from her neck and finding its way around the curves of her breasts. I let her reach for the button on my shirt and wondered if she would have the guts to try to gain some control back. If she thought this was supposed to be some fair exchange of goods.

Pardon my formidable nature, I typically get to pleasantries after a bite to eat. My fingers steadied her trembling hands and I helped her unbutton the remainder of my top, letting her sights fall upon my bra and the piercings that were practically tearing through the incredibly thin lace fabric. Before allowing her the pleasure of touching me however, or the pleasure of my touch, I decided I wanted to see more of her. My hands came to her face and I gently brushed back the strands of her hair that were in her face, lightly running my fingers through them as I had earlier on. I want you to take off your dress for me Michelle, nice and slow. I murmured, wanting her to put on a delightful little show for me for my pleasure. In turn I would assure her insurmountable pleasure of her own.

I walked over to the cabinet and grabbed a bottle of jack and poured some into two separate glasses, tearing into the corner of my wrist and letting another few droplets of blood mix in with the liquor. Maybe if she had some liquid courage with an extra kick in it she wouldn't be so nervous. Here, drink this. I handed over her glass and took a sip of my own, eying her carefully as I waited for her to do as she was told. It will make you relax a little. Not that I minded her nervousness at all, but I would rather she feel a little more at ease and enjoy herself if we were really going to have a 'pleasurable' experience that benefited the both of us.

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